Thursday, February 20, 2014

Catching My Breath

Good day, eh? And welcome to the Great White Northeast. This week we’re enjoying a break in the action, with temps in the 40s and set to hit 50 this weekend. Now we’re keeping an eye on the rivers and streams because if all that snow melts too fast we could be stuck with flooding. If it’s not one thing …

This warm-up is only temporary, alas. Another blast of cold air is headed our way, and we could be entering March on waves of more of the white stuff. March isn’t coming in like a lion; this year it’s a snow leopard. If it doesn’t warm up soon we’ll still be skiing in June. Dog sleds, anybody?

For those ticked off at the meteorologists forecasting all this crap, take heart: God is just. The Lancaster TV station had to evacuate when the weight of the snow caused their studio’s roof to collapse. Nobody was hurt, but they were off the air for two days. They were only running the Olympics anyway. Philadelphia’s NBC affiliate picked up the slack until Channel 8 got the roof fixed. Bet they can’t wait for spring either.

# # #

Last week, while stocking my fridge in anticipation of the nor’easter, I got wondering what I’d pick for my last meal if I knew for sure the world was ending. Pizza? Spaghetti? Beef and broccoli? There’s so much good stuff out there. After much deliberation, I decided I’d cheat and hit a buffet, probably Chinese. We’ve got a really great Chinese buffet out on Route 30 with a varied menu and delicious food. They even have a few American items so little kids (and their parents) intimidated by foreign foods don’t have to go hungry. I doubt if I’d try sushi, though. Why face Armageddon eating something I’m not even sure I’d like? The whole point is to go out on a high note, which is why I’d probably pick up a Snickers bar or Reese’s on the way home. Then a cup of tea and something junky as the lights go out. That’s how I want to go to my reward.

Besides, with a buffet you don’t have to cook. There’s nothing worse than going to your doom with dirty dishes in the sink. An unmade bed or dirty toilet, eh. I can die with a messy toilet on my conscience. Chances are excellent I’ll be on the toilet when the end arrives. It all depends on what and how much I eat.

# # #

And yes, Stray Kitty’s still kicking. Those of us on the block putting plates out have kept him and the neighborhood’s other strays fed through every storm. SK’s even gotten fat. And spoiled. He’ll sit and wait for the moist stuff out of the can even when there’s dry food in the bowl. I hate to put out canned stuff in this weather because it’s wet and therefore freezes. SK doesn’t like leftovers, either. Luckily for my wallet, there’s a big gray tabby from across the street who’s still desperate enough to eat anything. He shows up every now and then and cleans out the bowl.

You’d think a cat living out on the streets wouldn’t be so picky. Maybe we ought to name him Morris.

# # #

I’m still struggling with a massive case of writer’s block, but I’ve managed to make some progress. I’ve got my list of possibles narrowed down to three. Mostly I’ve been working on the fourth one, the free read I’m posting over on Shapeshifter Seductions ( I’m about three chapters ahead on that one. Too bad I don’t consider my blog posts as part of my daily writing requirements. If anybody has any tricks for dealing with procrastination, please let me know. I’ve already stopped doing housework.

# # #

I have one other thing to look forward to besides spring. Supernatural's been renewed for a tenth season. Another year of Sam and Dean! And Cas? Dunno yet. I'll keep watching the spoiler sites and let you know when I hear something.

Still no female regulars on that show, but I don't care. A pretty girl would just eat up screen time better used on the pretty boys. Yes, I'm shallow. Now if you'll excuse me, I'm off to eat Chinese.


Pat C. said...

That's an actual shot of an actual street in Lancaster, PA. Days like that are the reason I won't live anywhere that doesn't have off-street parking.

Savanna Kougar said...

Smart about not living where cars are parked on the street... in my case, it's that I won't make it down to the mailbox, about half a mile away.

Glad the kitties are kicking through the storms and cold!

Gosh, I'd love some good Chinese buffet food, just good Chinese food. Nowhere near a place and I doubt they'd deliver out here, which I couldn't afford anyway.