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Angelic Forecast from Volcano ~ February 24, 2014

Weekly Angelic Forecast from Volcano 

Straight from the Carnal Cherub himself...

Angelic Forecast ~ #286  

Explosive changes continue worldwide. Now, the revolution-evolution of humanity firestorms ever fiercer, ever wider across the blue marble planet, Earth. For, the flames of freedom will not, cannot be contained.

This, despite the many diabolical setbacks.

FROM: June 16, 2013 ~ Angelic Forecast ~ #250 ~ "On the AWAKENING front, The Titanic Shift Is Upon Us... the colossal plates of time, Aquarian age energy, and several dimensions are shifting, colliding... separating, then coming together. Boom, bam, bang!

As stated at the beginning, these are explosive times on all levels, from physical explosions around the world to massive explosive changes in society, with the main spotlight on religion for right now. Now, in general, governmental structures explode apart -- some of it slow motion, but a whole lot it flash-bang rapidly.

Also, the sands of time are running out for the dark-side global controllers. In the grand cosmic scheme, they must either conquer humanity or become the conquered." 

On the good news front, this week heralds a bright new beginning. For now, religion dies by its own corrupt, decadent hand -- all while its serpent servants brutally attempt to subjugate the people with tyranny, and a grand deception.

Watch out for the alien god.   

From a prior forecast: "On the good news front, the CHAMPIONS of the people arrive as never before. This is because each one of is a champion for others in our own individual way.

To repeat from a previous forecast: "the inner Warrioress and the inner Warrior rises to a whole new level within many of us. For, now is the time. We are being activated by the Divine Realm to be champions for the people, and champions for Mother Earth." 

On the magickal, mystical front, this week the 'Mages of Ages Lost' prepare to make an appearance before humankind. For some, this will look like a grand destiny playing itself out behind the scenes, as well as on the world stage.

For others, this will be a leap in their psychic powers and abilities. Mentors will appear, either as spiritual guides, or as the right teacher at the right time. For, the Great Magick of humanity awakens, rises, and generates life anew.

This CHANGE to psychic awareness, to the artful use of energies, will occur in fits and spurts. Imagination is also a huge key in bringing about this 'magickal' life.

On the land changes front, SUPERSTORMS, more on the way... prepare! This is global, and is a combination of cyclic Earth Changes, Weather Wars Manipulation, and the chaos-consciousness of humanity.

HEADLINE: "Meteor Strike Over England! Huge Daytime Fireball Brighter Than The Sun Lights Up England Skies" 

HEADLINE: "Recent Caribbean Earthquakes Spark Concern" 

THIS CONTINUES: "the sun, the Great Lion Star, will likely awaken more, and become more explosive, lashing out with a cascade of CMEs." 

From a previous forecast: "more SUPERSTORMS, and there could major rumblings on the New Madrid fault line during the coming month. However, the Benevolents are gentling Mother Earth in that area. This does not mean there is no danger, only that a cataclysmic event is 'not' on the near horizon." 

Likely, earthquake swarms will continue along the California coastline, and 'could' hit the northwestern states -- along with volcanic activity. Quakes, large and small, will shake, rattle, and roll the planet non-stop.

Two devastating earthquakes 'could' strike in early and late summer. Prepare, especially if you live in quake zones." 

On the personal front, upheaval, good and bad, will likely be the order of the day for many of us during the next two weeks. Ride out the storm, and look for the golden opportunity within.

For, there will be that moment of recognition. Realize, this moment of ah-ha will move you forward in a much better direction.

Also, singing and listening to others sing the songs you love, will assist you in living, in walking the wiser path during these tumultuous times. For, music resonates and re-calibrates your soul and spirit. 

On the paranormal front, another monstrously big week for discovering the paranormal-supernatural realm. Be prepared. As they say, there be dragons.

Further, an influx of ghosts has been reported at Fukushima, site of the tsunami and radiation disaster. As well, encounters with angels and demons will increase dramatically.

Cryptids will keep showing themselves off.  Likely more Thunderbirds will be seen and reported in the near future. And, the true past of humanity continues to reveal itself.

HEADLINE: "Man dead for 45 minutes says he awoke after seeing afterlife" —

HEADLINE-SNIPPET: Why Does Ancient Art Contain Depictions Of Flying Aircraft, Helicopters And Dinosaurs?  Michael Snyder | The history of our planet is far more complex than most people would dare to imagine.

On the home front, a pivotal week ahead. As the Depression deepens in some areas of the country, as the food supply shrinks, activism against the 'system' grows in giant leaps and bounds. Warning: violence likely as the year progresses.

Meanwhile, more of the people return to the land despite constant harassment and SWAT team raids by the establishment's bureaucratic minions -- all designed to get rid of small farms and ranches.

Because, you are to subsist on GMO-BIG AGRA Frankenfoods only -- by decree of the dark-side controllers.

On the economic front, worldwide chaos is the watchword at this point in history. In the financial arena, the petro dollar is swinging wild, and almost down for the count. However, the bankster gangsters and the oil cartels still have a few diabolical tricks up their sleeve.

Meanwhile, from COAST TO COAST AM "In the first half, former commodities trader and "guerrilla economist," V, talked about the recent mysterious deaths of bankers, including three who worked at JPMorgan. According to his sources, there are some 20 dead bankers, and some of the deaths appear to be connected. Two of the JPMorgan bankers that recently died (Gabriel Magee, 39, and Ryan Henry Crane, 37) had similar executive positions, and may have been looking at the same spreadsheets, V conjectured. "They uncovered something that was so heinous, so incredible, that if it were to get out, you would see a massive amount of reprisals...and people getting arrested or thrown in jail...So this is a 'clean house' method being perpetrated before our eyes," he continued."

This week, look for the best ways to protect your monies, and your individual financial situation.

On the truth front, TRUTH is a big player this coming week. For, cunning and outrageous deception is the only winning hand of the Viper elite class. That is, if they are to ruthlessly remain in power, and keep riding roughshod and ruthless over the people.

To assist humanity in discerning the real truth, the angelic realm is spreading a new truth frequency. However, it is up to each one of us to accept this gift, and utilize it to the best of our ability.

On the war front, another unholy mess in the making. At this juncture, every Machiavellian action taken by the dark-side controllers in the war arena, now whips around and takes a leviathan bite out of their hides.

This will result in more desperation, and more factional infighting. Given, the main battleground is the worldwide economy, this is where the most damage occurs. Beware.

Why the economy? Humanity has been trained to lose their souls over the acquisition of wealth, over money. For, collecting souls is the real prize in the war between good and evil.

On the tyranny-at-work front, Begins Now the Worldwide Downfall of Tyrants
HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "House fit for a tyrant: Protestors storm the sprawling, luxury estate of Ukraine's fugitive president which has its own private zoo, golf course and is half the size of Monaco" 

On the communication front, more cyber glitches are in the works. Also, with an onslaught of superstorms likely, communication 'could' be significantly shut down in the affected areas. Be prepared.

Also, the authorities want to shut down your cell phone at will. HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "Cell Phone Kill Switches Are A Slippery Slope For Abusive Governments ~ Tech Dirt | Privacy concerns are part of the reason cell carriers oppose kill switch legislation."

On the food front, given the upcoming confluence of events and conditions, it becomes ever more imperative to stock up on good food, and to grow as much food as possible. Look for innovative ways to accomplish this, and if you don't have a green thumb or are limited in other ways, join with others who are growing food, and help them out.

Remember too, seeds, especially heirloom seeds, are trade/bartering items.

On the energy front, the planned obsolescence of Big Corp Industry is now obsolete, so said someone in the 'know'. 

Further, this tip from an insider: search out info on what is called the Faraday Disk Generator It is much more powerful as far as an energy device, than how it has been described.

On the really bad news front, violence escalates around the globe, and keeps on escalating over the next three to four months. Every strata of society will be affected. For, the pressure cooker boiling the frog of humanity is about to boil over and go explosive.

This tide of rage, this desire for true justice, this demand for liberty, becomes the anthem of the beginning times for the Aquarian Age.

Use your wisdom and common sense to stay safe. Herd together with those of like mind, and take care of each other.

On the global mafia cabal front, let the weirdness mafia games begin as the younger generation of the dark-side elite confronts their elders in a bid for more power. This 'could' get real ugly, real fast.

*Or* a compromise could be reached that would solidify factions and goals. However, even if an agreement is reached, there is always the 'stab the competition in the back' option clause.

On the heroine front, HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "Heat-Packing Detroit Mom Shoots At, Scatters Home Invaders: Video ~ By Nick Gillespie On February 20, 2014 ~ Via the Twitter feed of Reason Foundation’s Adrian Moore comes this news story from Detroit’s WXYZ. After three people try to break into her house, a mother of two breaks out a gun, starts shooting, and scatters the home invaders. Well worth watching (hat tip: Independent Review Journal)." 

On the hero front, Wolfgang Halbig, using his law enforcement background, he questions the many inconsistencies regarding Sandy Hook. HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "School Shooting Expert Threatened Over Sandy Hook Investigation ~ Adan Salazar | Was told if he didn’t back off "bad things are going to happen."

On the freedom front, a tricky sticky time now, as the forces of destiny twine together to form the upcoming, incendiary events. The push-pull of those who love liberty as opposed to those determined to destroy them, will escalate into open conflict.

Given this is a fluid, ever-changing scenario, these large and small 'conflicts' could begin from this point forward, or charge onto the scene like an angry stallion at some near-future date -- likely within the next three months.

Already, behind the scenes, the civil war for the destiny of America rages. As well, most of these battles go unreported by the state-run presstitute media, all while the sad, crazed antics of celebrities provide tabloid-shallow cover.

Rear up, and seize the day! This will be the meme-motto of those who stand up for the right to freedom, for those who stand down and refuse the beast-system -- and, for all those who stand tall against the dark-side establishment, saying NO... no more.

Trendwise, looking into the deep future... now begins an unusual blending of significant historical timelines for the world, and for America in particular.
Meaning, for example the Wild West meets Buck Rogers meets the Victorian-Age exploration and enterprise -- then meets the Renaissance combined with the sixties Love Generation. Also, the dynamic revelations and science of Tesla leaps into the humanities' collective awareness.

It's a wild, wild ride over the roughest terrain for those who want to take up the challenges and opportunities.

THIS WEEK, go stargazing. Enjoy the night sky and ask yourself: what put's the stars in your eyes?

Angelic blessings from Volcano & Sedona

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