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Angelic Forecast from Volcano ~ November 18, 2013

Weekly Angelic Forecast from Volcano 

Straight from the Carnal Cherub himself...

Angelic Forecast ~ #272

Now... Great White Whirlpools of Good Are Transversing the Planet

The time has come to tornadically destroy the black-shrouding sorcery of the evil ones -- once and for all. And so it begins, the final battle between the GOOD forces and the dark-side forces. This chaos-fierce crescendo will likely last through the year, 2014.

Prepare mentally and physically.

On the land changes front, amidst this cosmic epic battle, Earth shudders time and time again. Volcanic activity only increases, and 'unknown' volcanoes awaken -- 'possibly' two in Arkansas.

HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "Scientists find new volcano rumbling under Antarctica ice: 1,370 tremors: 'It may blow or it may not. We don’t know.'"

Huge earthquake swarms continue, and become bigger and badder -- with major earthquakes likely happening within the next few months. More killer superstorms will rage over the surface of the planet, while ferocious windstorms sweep across Mother Earth ravaging population centers as never before.

This week, the Great Lion Star, the sun, blasts out new forms of particle energy. This is meant to help Earth in her transformation, to assist humanity in transforming into new AWAKE beings -- as well as transform the animals and plants into greater beings.

From a prior forecast: "Meanwhile, the sun, the Great Lion Star, goes into vibrational chaos, snaking 'coronal mass ejections'. Essentially the sun has been poisoned by cosmic-particle events far, far away... and by the transit of several celestial bodies that are currently being hidden from the public.

This solar chaos is being mitigated by the Benevolent Force. However, if the sun's energies become too unbalanced, the Earth 'could' be hit by dangerous CMEs. One forewarning would be the gov-elite evacuation of D.C., and another vacation far from the white house."

On the magickal, mystical front, this week the 'Mages of Ages Lost' brighten their lightblades, then swing like terrible whirlwinds through the black evil clouds of sorcery. With ever more force, they cut away the diabolical horror that has enslaved humankind for centuries.

Notice too, the magic moments appearing like diamonds during the course of your week. They might be only tiny glints, but keep an eye out. This is the emergence of a new way of life for humanity.

On the personal front, this week could be a tough one in several ways. However, whatever occurs will likely dissipate quickly. Use the wisdom learned and earned during your life to overcome, or work your way through.

Also, out-of-the-box career/business opportunities will surface at this time. As the old ways of earning a living crash, seek out the emerging, community-based opportunities that will bypass the establishment. Whenever possible.

On the paranormal front, another big week for UFOs sightings. That is, for those who are avidly paying attention to the crowded skies. Plus, 'contact' of various types, grows -- with many more talking about their years of contact, or their recent contact, that has occurred with otherworldly beings, extraterrestrials, and supernaturals.

As well, the Big Foot clans keep offering more clues as to who they are, and why they now 'expose' their presence. Also, in the near future: representatives of the advanced, ancient remnant populations on Earth will slowly come out of hiding. However, they will only make contact with those who welcome them, and who are able to emotionally accept this type of reality.

Also this week, look out for some *high strangeness* happenings!

On the economic front, a disaster of a week and month ahead for many. Banking glitches will likely continue as the dark-side elite attempt to force the people toward a cashless, one-world, we-own-your-account system.

Meanwhile, the 'casino' stock markets don't play fair with anyone except the bankster gangsters. While this has been the rule for the last two decades, at least, now it becomes transparent-apparent to the general population.

As well, likely the bottom will drop out of many major stocks. That is, those that are 'not' being artificially propped up. Yes, the time has come to 'stick a fork in the stock market-driven economy'. However, there will be no 'visible' total crash of the market, and there could be a computer-manufactured upswing.

On the truth front, only the *real* TRUTH about the past -- the deep, dark and wide past -- will feed humankind's starving soul at this point in time. Now, more enormous revelations come forth.

For, what has been nefariously kept hidden bursts forth like the most wondrous springtime. Such truth is the nourishment the people truly need in order to move into the 'possibilities' of the future.

On the war front, the war drums pound -- the staccato louder, faster, demanding. During the next three weeks, there will be several brutally insane incidents in the various war theaters. This is designed to force 'the people' into accepting a worldwide state of war.

Thus, to accept an authoritarian regime. Thus, to always obey without question.

However, resistance continues to flare up -- fires that cannot be stamped out. For, the people, in their worldwide heart, do not want war. They want real community with each other, where the heart is free to live and love.

On the tyranny-at-work front, look for the ranks of the TSA to explode in the coming weeks. They will be weaponized and used as mere fodder. For, their job is to wring the last vestiges of liberty and free will out of the people.

Or, to ignite a civil war -- a conflict of slaughter and mayhem that will be cheered on by the dark-side controllers. They will watch from their front-row seats, and constantly fuel the bloody ruinous battles.

Because, above all else, these soulless elites want power. They want to watch humanity tear itself apart. Like ravenous hideous beasts, their psychopathic addiction to pain and suffering must be fed.

On the AWAKENING front, quantum leaps in AWARENESS continue firestorming across the world. This will be seen in the rise of spiritual communities. In the rise of the people who take to the streets. And, in the rise of the independent cowgirl-cowboy culture.

On the communication front, the turning point has arrived. Now, it becomes all about the messages delivered by the people from the grassroots. That, instead of the rules and dictates delivered, forced upon humanity, from the pyramidal top down.

Amplifying this change, there will be endless dictates from the dark-side that will crash down like storm-angry rivers. Endless efforts will be made to crush, extinguish the messages of the rising-toward-the-renaissance people.

On the home front, mass confusion, mass deception, a mass uprising... so ends the year, 2013. Also, traditions of celebration fall away in the face of reality -- in the face of a new spiritual 'knowing'.

At this time, mass consumption comes to the halt amid a rabid rush to consume everything in sight by some in the population. For, now comes the Age of the Artisan.

On the food front, like pit vipers, the Big-Corp GMO makers attack viciously. They beat down the people with their monstrous bags of money, their ill-gotten gains... earned only because of their leviathan lies and deception.

Meanwhile, the people battle back with the sharp shining blade of truth... with a nobleness of purpose that cuts through the big-fist, pummeling propaganda.

As always, keep stocking up on as much good food as you can find, and store.

On the energy front, the white-blazing light of the 'good force' now super-storms, spinning around the capital centers of the dark-side, powerful elite. This good-side spiritual attack will be ongoing, relentless.

Now, wave after wave of cleansing LIGHT seeks out the deepest, the darkest nest-lairs of evil. Given the magnitude of their age-upon-age, black arts' sorcery, the battle against this unnatural corruption will be long and fierce.

As well, watch out for, and prepare for massive failures in the power grid.

On the really bad news front, with the acceleration of time, the hits keep on coming against humanity. As stated before: "Now Comes the Great Unraveling of Worldwide Society"

This week, the focus will not only be on the tornado-ravaged areas of the country, but on those unjustly ravaged by the failing economy.

HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "TAKE IT TO THE BANK: Banking industry profits reached a record level of $141 billion in 2012 as more vacancy signs appeared on Main Street. Now that the Wall Street cabal have syphoned every ounce of blood from their customers/victims through ATM fees..."

On the good news front, the people continue wising up, and many are on the fast track to a new clarity of vision. To a new strength of purpose. They are the real leaders of the future... and yet each one of us is a leader. That is the gift and challenge of the Aquarian Age.

In the near future, look for the demise and downfall of several corrupt politicians, as well as other world-stage players. For, they now gradually fall like a complex pattern of dominoes.

On the global mafia cabal front, cornered on several fronts now, the Viper elite strike en masse on every front possible. They are well aware they need to beat the *AWAKENING* people back.

From a previous forecast: "while every vile and sinister crime now boomerangs bigtime against the Viper global elite -- still, these dark-side fools reign down their terror upon humankind."

On the heroine and hero front, the late Robert Ghost Wolf, and the Hopi Elders -- grandfather one, grandfather two, and Hopi grandmother -- who came on with Art Bell ~ June 16, 1998~ to deliver a warning about the endtimes -- or, the transition into the Aquarian Age. As a side note, much of what they spoke about has come to pass.

On the freedom front, as stated before: Liberty is rising like an unstoppable tide. Increasingly, the desire for freedom burns -- a diamond-brilliant flame in the hearts of many now.

From a prior forecast: "At this critical juncture for humanity, the BRAVE ONES create an underground *Paul Revere* communications system that is immune to the NSA. As well, part of the 'secret' SKY NET system will be compromised, and taken over by the WHITE HATS."

Trendwise, everything goes *extreme* at this point in history. Extreme kindness toward others versus extreme cruelty... this is merely one example that will be seen and experienced as you go about your daily business.

Sadly, many people now fall into the depths of decadence, and go zombie-mad with the times. In several respects, society turns in on itself, rending and tearing like a maddened beast.

Smaller communities, shared with others of good heart, is one shield against this global 'maddening'. And LOVE, always love straight from the heart. Yet, only offered to those who are able to receive. This is critical.

This trend continues full blast... "HEADS UP! Those of you who love freedom, and are actively dedicated to liberty will be *targeted* as an enemy of the state. While this has always happened, now the PURGE goes extreme. Watch your sixes, and be wary of any fed-run drills."

Also, from a past forecast: "At this time, the purge of the military continues with firings, resignations, and assassinations. This will heighten the factional conflict already taking place, and hidden from the public at large. However, news of these battles leaks out, especially on the alternative news sites of 'we the people' journalists-reporters."

This week is for a deep yet soft reflection on your life in these times. Take long moments to be alone with yourself.  Also, a leisurely walk in Nature with a good friend, a loved one, a beloved pet, could be just what you need.

Angelic blessings from Volcano & Sedona

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