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Angelic Forecast from Volcano ~ November 4, 2013

Weekly Angelic Forecast from Volcano 

Straight from the Carnal Cherub himself...

Angelic Forecast ~ #270 

The Rise of Cowgirl and Cowboy Defiance Sweeps Across the Country

At this turn in history/herstory, those with the spirit of liberty beating in their breasts now spread out on the land, and form their independent communities. Many will also go outlaw as in the DIVINE OUTLAW. They will consciously ignore the demands of the criminal establishment, and live by this creed: do what is right and true and sacred.

For, they have embraced the SPIRIT ENERGY of freedom for All humanity. This Aquarian Age frequency now encompasses the entire planet.

On the AWAKENING front, as the AWAKENING nova-bursts across the world, every form of tyranny will be less and less tolerated by the people. Massive uprisings, riots, and protests will likely become commonplace during the year, 2014.

In opposition, to crush this spirit of true freedom, the dark-side disguises their evil by putting on the 'green mask', and pretending to be the saviors of Mother Earth. Nothing could be further from the truth.

On the personal front, this is a good week to assess your situation in the world, and to realistically plan for the future. Also, cleaning up areas in your home that haven't been touched in awhile, will prove to be beneficial. For, you could discover much-needed items or information.

This is also a wonderful week to express your love for those you care most about. Wrap your precious heart energy around them. Feel your bond deepen and become richer, then make plans to celebrate the holiday season.

On the magickal, mystical front, this week the 'Mages of Ages Lost' slice their lightblades through the various masks worn by the Viper warlocks. Out of this is revealed the 'true' nature of those who are called 'our' leaders.

Worldwide, now the black-masked emperors fall faster from grace. Collectively, the world turns their back, while prayers pour forth like a mighty divine river asking to be saved from this pit of soulless vipers. The prayers are working.

On the paranormal front, bigger than ever, look for UFO vehicles, and fleets, to make themselves known worldwide. 'Sighting reports' may even be forced into the brain-drain media. However, metaphorically pull back the curtain, and check alternative news if you want to know what's really going on.

And, wow! The closet door on the paranormal has been blasted open, at this time, freeing all sorts of supernatural creatures and phenomena. Beware! Be very AWARE.

On the land changes front, acceleration is the key word. And the sun, the Great Lion Star, takes center stage.

HEADLINE-SNIPPET: 28 Solar Flares in Seven Days ~ More than two dozen M- and X-class flares have erupted from the sun over the past week, blasting radiation into space. NASA's Solar Dynamics Observatory captured the rapid-fire explosions between Oct. 23 and Oct. 30, signaling an increase in activity over what has been a rather mellow solar maximum. Several flares emerged from an active region of the sun currently facing Earth known as sunspot AR1884.

From the previous forecast: "the uprising of the sun is here. Weather goes ultra-wonky -- superstorms, flooding, roaring winds, severe variations in temperature. Volcanoes continue to wake up and activate. Earthquakes swarm across the planet, rippling and tearing at the crust."

And... from a prior forecast: "Meanwhile, the sun, the Great Lion Star, goes into vibrational chaos, snaking 'coronal mass ejections'. Essentially the sun has been poisoned by cosmic-particle events far, far away... and by the transit of several celestial bodies that are currently being hidden from the public.

This solar chaos is being mitigated by the Benevolent Force. However, if the sun's energies become too unbalanced, the Earth 'could' be hit by dangerous CMEs. One forewarning would be the gov-elite evacuation of D.C., and another vacation far from the white house."

On the economic front, this week the big, bad financial realm dishes out a mishmash of nastiness, cruelty, and massive deception. In essence, the bankster gangsters lie about anything and everything in a 'final' bid to dominate every world resource.

This takeover move will be countered by Benevolents on the side of humanity. There will likely be a continuing *glitch cyber war* between the dark-side controllers and those who don't want a global monetary collapse. This 'could' cause stock markets to dance like crazed marionettes as their strings are pulled from nearly every direction.

In the meantime, gold prices will be used as a CIRCUS CIRCUS distraction. Also, during 2014, the confiscation of gold and any precious metal will likely begin. Take precautions.

As always, keep an eagle eye on your financial concerns, especially when using the Big Banks. Some people are having their accounts unceremoniously closed without a warning.

On the truth front, a colossal week ahead as new, greater magnitudes of TRUTH volcanically erupt throughout the worldwide population. In part, this means more of us WAKE UP to the fact that we've been swimming through a sea of intentionally created evil. That the world is not as advertized and sold to us.

Also, there will be more 'truths' revealed around what actually occurred during the Benghazi incident. This is important because it sends another ripple of 'real truth' through the matrix of lies and deception, thus, breaking it apart.

On the war front, a beyond-complex week and month ahead. The brushfire wars happening in several war theaters will flare up viciously. For, the dark-side Vipers throw tons of fuel on these Machiavellian-manufactured conflicts.

Because of this, more of the world's population will become anti-war, and resist the idea of another World War. Likely, in the very near future, there will be two 'events' in the Middle East that will cause another huge AWAKENING against the dark-side establishment.

On the tyranny-at-work front, while every vile and sinister crime now boomerangs bigtime against the Viper global elite -- still, these dark-side fools reign down their terror upon humankind.

Martial law will be their favored weapon to crush the people's spirit. They plan on relishing as they watch their jackbooted troops stomp humanity into the proverbial dust.

On the communication front, now cyber glitches become more frequent as the battle for control of the internet ensues. Also, the serpent-lashing activity of the sun will affect communications systems worldwide -- how much these systems are affected will be covered up, per usual.

As humanity moves toward a more heart-centered communication with each other, goodness and good actions will rise among certain groups of people. From a recent forecast: "The spiritual nature of humankind soars exponentially during the remaining months of 2013, and into 2014. However, the Great Divide deepens into a chasm that can no longer be breached. For, the zombies -- those who have had their minds and souls destroyed by the system -- now stalk those of us who remain gloriously, fully human."

On the home front, the times become extra dicey with constant changes overwhelming many of us, at this point in time. Come together, work together with others of like mind. Good relationships make all the difference.

Also, as stated about the Divine Outlaws in a prior forecast: "...the time of the DIVINE OUTLAW has arrived. That is, those who are inspired by sacred truths rise against tyranny by creating their own communities, occupying the land, and taking back their futures. As well, the idea of 'don't comply' becomes their mantra."

And... from a past forecast: " ~Don't buy, don't comply~ becomes the rallying point for many more of us in the coming months. Also, the great revolt against 'being licensed' begins. This will only go NOVA as small business are killed off by the endless rules and regulations of the system."

On the food front, all heck is about to rock the country. That is, protest against poisonous-toxic foods, riots against the establishment's use of food as a weapon, will go rabid in the coming months, especially as the year 2014 progresses. Stock up as much as you can!

HEADLINE-SNIPPET: Los Angeles GMO-Free Shift Signifies 'No-Surrender' Revolt Against Monsanto ~ Your activism is working! Los Angeles, CA is trying to ban the growth and proliferation of GMO seeds.

Across the world, the rebellion now ramps up. HEADLINE-SNIPPET: Cannabis Plants Pop up All over Germany as Form of Protest ~ In a small town in Germany, activists planted cannabis seeds as an act of defiance against the ‘demonization’ of the healing plant.

On the energy front, as spoken about in prior forecasts, there will be many innovative energy devices that use a variety of fuels. Many of these handmade/small shop devices will be available underground, and run by alcohol, or white lightning.

Setting up an alcohol still at this time could be a very wise move, given how many vehicles and other machines will run on alcohol. That is, with simple changes made to the engine.

On the really bad news front, as starvation becomes more widespread, as the job hours are cut, as life becomes unaffordable for many more, crimes will increase. This will be especially true in the major cities.

Help out where you can, but hunker bunker down with family, with those who are on your same wavelength. It's time to protect each other, care for each other. Do not make the mistake of relying on the system. Also, watch out for the betrayal of others.

On the good news front, at this time, pulling together as a community is exactly what human beings need most. That is, to evolve spiritually, and thus, to create the Aquarian Age renaissance.

The ability to live creatively, as stated before, will expand as a chosen lifestyle, and is the gift we all give to each other. From a previous forecast: "At this time, the creativity of humankind begins to usurp greed as the prime motivator. A groundswell of artists will trade on their ability to be creative. Innovation becomes the middle name of many as they alter society toward the GOOD."

On the global mafia cabal front, not a pretty picture as the various factions strive to prove they are the biggest, the baddest, and deserve to rule over the people.

In the upcoming weeks, a backstabbing campaign will begin, targeting one group of tyrants. This will result in a major whistleblower coming forth.

Al the while, character assassinations ramp up with the mudslinging coming fast and furious. As well, the behind-the-scenes assassinations mount up, and coup is counted.

On the heroine and hero front, the *JURY* who acquitted Sheriff Nick Finch, who stood tall for the second amendment. HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "UPDATE!!! Sheriff Nick Finch Reinstated After Jury Acquits ~ WCTV - It took a jury less than an hour-and-a-half to come back with a verdict in the official misconduct trial of the former Liberty County sheriff. That verdict was not guilty; and Nick Finch has already been reinstated as sheriff."

On the freedom front, this week will be pivotal in turning the tide against the enemies of freedom. Much of what occurs will remain behind the scenes. However, look for evidence of another false flag event meant to distract and break the spirit of the people.

From the previous forecast: "At this time, the ruthless rattlesnake of liberty strikes, poisoning those in opposition to the spiritual birthright of every human being on this planet. For the remaining months of 2013, watch these enemies fall off the world stage."

Trendwise, interest in the planet, Mars, continues to trend upwards. This appetite for the latest info will be fed by carefully planted news stories. However, the 'real scoop' about Mars will continue to surface for those who are looking -- for those who are tuned in, and willing to know the truth.

With soul-destroying decadence making a bid to overtake humanity... with a mindless ignorance eating away all that is GOOD about living on Earth... now rises a soul-building way of life that goes hand-in-hand with the rise of the cowgirl and cowboy culture.

For, this is the crossroads choice facing each one of us, and facing humankind as a whole. Will you choose living on the land *or* within the imprisoning confines of concrete?

From the *October 6, 2013 Angelic Forecast ~ #266* ... "as the desire for liberty roars into an all-consuming fire, the police state tightens its grip, using the current gov-shutdown as an excuse. Out of this there will be more heinous, horrendous acts against the people.

Currently, the 'dark-side powers that be' are in a major panic. Thus, it is wise, at this time in our history, to stay as far away as possible from any type of police/military checkpoint and any manner of official gov drill. Keep tabs on these drills because they are all over the country and popping up like mushrooms."

This week will be perfect for dreaming up practical ways to improve your life... for dreaming up sweet ways to show your loved ones how much you care about them. Smile as much as possible at those who are part of your life's routine because everyone is in need.

Angelic blessings from Volcano & Sedona

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