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Angelic Forecast from Volcano ~ November 11, 2013

Weekly Angelic Forecast from Volcano 

Straight from the Carnal Cherub himself...

Angelic Forecast ~ #271

***From Angelic Forecast ~ #253 on July 7, 2013***

Winds of Change ~ Waters of Change ~ Fires of Change ~ And Land Changes

These are the themes for the latter half of the year, 2013. For now, what has been called the Quickening, goes full blast across the planet. Get ready.  

At this time, these 'forces of change' will continue to Quicken -- with catastrophic events rising around the world. Prepare.

On the land changes front, the sun, the Great Lion Star, continues to take center stage this week.

HEADLINES: 28 Solar Flares Erupted from Sun in a Week, More on the Way 'and' Video: Strongest solar flare of 2013 erupts from Sun — 'and' X3 Solar Flare Causes Rare 'Magnetic Crochet'

From a previous forecast: "the uprising of the sun is here. Weather goes ultra-wonky -- superstorms, flooding, roaring winds, severe variations in temperature. Volcanoes continue to wake up and activate. Earthquakes swarm across the planet, rippling and tearing at the crust."

And... from a prior forecast: "Meanwhile, the sun, the Great Lion Star, goes into vibrational chaos, snaking 'coronal mass ejections'. Essentially the sun has been poisoned by cosmic-particle events far, far away... and by the transit of several celestial bodies that are currently being hidden from the public.

This solar chaos is being mitigated by the Benevolent Force. However, if the sun's energies become too unbalanced, the Earth 'could' be hit by dangerous CMEs. One forewarning would be the gov-elite evacuation of D.C., and another vacation far from the white house."

On the magickal, mystical front, this week the 'Mages of Ages Lost' fiercely blast their light power across Mother Earth exposing the 'real truth' of humanity's past. For, the dark cabal's carefully constructed lies are unraveling faster than Superman.

As well, the POWERFUL MAGICIANS among us emerge more and more to cast their mighty energies against the dark-side Vipers. Their bold intent is to magickally form a GOOD future for one and ALL.

On the personal front, this will be a major up and down, carousel-spinning week. Good things will be intermingled with significant challenges.

Keep on trucking... keep muddling through, and pressing forward. Most of all keep an eye on your financial situation. Further, it is important to remain constantly aware, even hyper vigilant about your surroundings -- and who is around you, at this point in history.

On the paranormal front, likely there will be more significant news about Big Foot, as well as other legendary cryptids. With all the land changes and energy changes happening, these hidden creatures are being revealed to the whole of humanity.

UFOs continue to swamp the skies, and individual contact is still on the upswing. Several benevolent races are trying to make their presence known, and are fighting off the advanced tech of 'military industrial complex'.

But beware! On the dark 'be very afraid' side, several malevolent races who masquerade as GOOD GUYS are attempting to make contact.

On the economic front, disaster after scandalous disaster worldwide, rules this week, and likely the rest of the year, 2013. Tax revolts go mega-savage in several European countries. This will cause a tsunami of uncertainty in the stock markets.

Out of this, and the groundswell of rising liberty, the Money Vipers panic. They now ramp up their brutal crackdowns on the people, using law enforcement like a hundred-pound hammer to beat down any attempt at economic freedom.

China, even as the new kings of gold, are facing a resistant population that will no longer bow down. Currently this Asian civilization is imploding-exploding internally. while sending their troops worldwide to protect the government's financial interests. This level of military deployment will backfire, and soon.

Now ECONOMIC FREEDOM becomes the battle cry of many. They will stop at nothing to prevail, to win a new life.

Meanwhile, the economy slowly, slowly crashes down around everyone's ears. Do whatever you can to protect yourself, and your loved ones.

On the truth front, TRUTH wings skyward like a fire-breathing battle dragon. For, more of us now ravenously hunger to know what is the true, true reality. That is, what is 'truth' beyond the orchestrated show that has been labeled as 'truth'.

As the dark-side's manufactured chaos consumes more of the population by destroying their lives, this hunger for TRUTH will only spread and become a firestorm. In the end these 'evil ones' will lose.

On the war front, the march toward a major world war goes tyrannically insane this week, as several 'world leaders' use every propaganda trick to get their populations onboard. That is, rah-rah rallied up for war -- for exterminating others who are the alleged enemy.

Countering these diabolicalmoves will be the continued rise in the Aquarian Age energies. For, peace lives as a reality within the hearts of many. Peace not as slaves to a spy-grid, brutal system. But peace, as free societies agreeing to cooperate with one another for the benefit of ALL.

On the tyranny-at-work front, mad-dog rabid is an understatement. From a prior forecast: "Danger Will Robinson ... There are rabid, dark-side forces who want to trigger an all-out civil war. They are using the now militarized police and SWAT teams to deliberately 'egg' the people on. Insane, brutal tactics is the name of their endgame. So beware and take care."

On the AWAKENING front, a new type of AWAKENING begins this week. This will be an escalation of living from the heart -- and understanding from the heart center. However, this will be living from the WISE HEART not the foolish heart.

On the communication front, major glitches in electronic communication devices will likely continue. This will be partly due to heightened solar activity.

Also, the epic battle increases. Cyber hackers on the good side and on the viper-bad side fire pulse-streams at one another. Meanwhile, those known as Benevolents intervene on behalf of humanity, where they are able to assist.

Be careful of your words this week. What you say could come back to haunt you in a big bad way.

On the home front, times toughen -- the people battle back to keep what belongs to them, and to simply survive.  At times, this will look like clashes in the streets. It will also look like mass rallies.

As well, it will be the people turning their backs on the establishment, and making their own way. Remember from a previous forecast: The Rise of Cowgirl and Cowboy Defiance Sweeps Across the Country

On the food front, there will be a giant spotlight on the chemicals ruining the food supply in the coming weeks. This will push even more of the population into growing their own, and buying food locally.

Meanwhile, using the strong-arm agencies of the gov, the 'corporate giants' will persecute anyone and everyone they can get their bully-cruel mitts on. Anything to stop food self-sufficiency from taking root, and spreading.

On the energy front, HEADLINE: IRS Advises of Power Outage Ahead of Grid Ex Electricity Drill: 'This service will be unavailable'

REMEMBER !!! The Power-Grid-Down Drill "GridEx II" on Nov 13-14, 2013. In the recent past drills have been used to *cover up* all sorts of sinister crimes against the people.

On the really bad news front, from this point forward, police-state tactics will increase dramatically. Push back against this loss of rights will erupt like a super volcano, and not stop.

On the good news front, innovation and inventiveness continues to surge. The underground renaissance takes shape, and the people discover new ways of living that will, in the long run, be far superior to current times.

In the near future likely a sinister leader will fall to his disgrace. This will open up a better pathway toward GOOD, toward ridding the world of the dark-side serpent masters.

On the global mafia cabal front, two kingpin bankster gangsters on the dark-side duke it out for all the marbles, while putting humanity in the crossfire, and keeping the economy on temporary life support.

On the heroine front, SHERRY PEEL JACKSON joins The Power Hour to discuss the illegalities of the IRS. Sherry is a former IRS employee who discovered the truth about the income tax. She began speaking out, sharing her knowledge with people. She was arrested for a non-crime and sentenced to 4 years in prison. Her story is a travesty and more people should know about it.

On the hero front, whistleblower, William Robert “Tosh” Plumlee, a former CIA contract pilot. From Coast to Coast am: John B. Wells was joined by Robert Plumlee, who worked as a pilot for clandestine CIA flights, transporting arms to Cuba before Castro took power. He discussed how scandals from Iran-Contra to the failed presidential bid of Senator Gary Hart all tie-in to breaking international stories in the news today.

On the freedom front, the fight for freedom scores another victory this week or into next week. However, now there are major moves to coopt alternative media with Big Corp money. As always, discernment and your inner truth meter, are your best friends when ferreting out the truth.

Trendwise, the Quickening becomes front and center as the Aquarian Age asserts itself and demands change after change. 'What was' slips away to be replaced by new and incredible 'possibilities' for the future.

As well, time itself feels different for many of us, even wonky -- out of kilter. Now this 'feeling' will grow among the general population, causing the faster UNRAVELING of established but crumbling society.

Now, as time hurtles forward, there will be those who resonate spiritually while others emotionally tumble and stumble. The wisest strategy is to come together, work together, and stand together.

This week is for new dreams, new visions, or glimpses of what life can truly be during the Aquarian Age -- that is, if we are brave enough to pursue these sparkling visions.

Angelic blessings from Volcano & Sedona

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