Monday, October 28, 2013

Angelic Forecast from Volcano ~ October 28, 2013

Weekly Angelic Forecast from Volcano 

Straight from the Carnal Cherub himself...

Angelic Forecast ~ #269

Now Comes the Worldwide Rise of the Woman Warrior, the Warrioress

From a previous forecast: "The Goddess Arrives, dancing and spinning among the economic turmoil and war-chaos of our current world. She brings her sacred heart for the sake of humanity, to heal Mother Earth.

The Goddess Arrives once again, her heart shining with love, her spirit offering the gift of soul healing. She asks that you accept her love, her nurturing hand upon you -- that you receive her healing energies.

The Goddess Arrives as warrioress, radiant battle sword in hand. She is ready to strike down her enemies. She is prepared to help humanity rise toward their destiny, living and flying among the stars."

On the AWAKENING front, now two women leaders come into prominence upon the world's stage. One brings the light of the Divine. The other brings the cruel crushing fist of the dark-side.

Each one of us will choose. Humanity as a whole will choose. AWAKEN to a  Divine dance with the Sacred Heart. Or descend into a brutal, impoverished existence where the dark-siders rule and dominate without compassion.

On the magickal, mystical front, this week, All Hallow's Eve craziness ensues, both good and bad. This will be centered around the Sacred Feminine as She asserts Herself more powerfully. For now, more of humanity honors Her presence, and knows her true Way upon the Earth.

For the next several weeks, the 'Mages of Ages Lost' cast their bright-light magick breaking apart waves of evil sorcery that have been keeping humankind blinded to the 'reality' of the world. Meanwhile, the Viper warlocks panic and do all in their lessening power to blast the people with black sorcery, and spread their smoke of deception. Their goal is to cause a mayhem of distraction and disaster.

On the personal front, a spooky week of possible financial problems. Continue to monitor your finances carefully, while preparing for the upcoming superstorms of life.

This is also a wonderful week to re-establish relationships, and make your good relationships even stronger. For the heart soars at this time, and minds meet. Souls come together. We are ready.

On the paranormal front, this week the *past* returns -- the ancestors of humanity rise in spirit. For, the time of Great Warning is here. With the dimensional boundaries nearly transparent during this All Hallow's Eve, 'those' who love humanity come forth in assistance. They come forth to save what humankind has built as a life-monument to All That is Good upon Earth.

Also, likely there will be more dragon sightings in the near future. This is because the deep caves of Earth are being affected by land changes and the inter-dimensional wall is continuing to thin.

On the economic front, disasters to the right of you, disasters to the left of you. Pay no attention to the puny guy behind the curtain running the worldwide economy into the ground.

This week one bankster-gangster hand will be promising a better economic future. While the other hand of the super robber-barons will be wholesale stealing everything you've got -- everything you and your family worked hard for.

Remember, the banks are not your friend. And, only CHUMPS play the stock markets in these times.

To protect yourself continue to get involved with your local economy and buy from each other. Stay away, as much as you can, from the big box stores. As has been stated often, do all you can to stock up with necessities, and barter items.

On the truth front, TRUTH firestorms across the world burning the dark-side controllers in its blazing, blasting wake. Their horrific wrongdoings, their heinous murderous misdeeds will continue to be EXPOSED on a massive scale -- beneath the spotlight of the Great Divine.

Watch for 'explosive' scandal after 'colossal' scandal as the year comes to a close, especially in the financial realm. Most of this 'truth' will be kept on the back pages of the paper -- so to speak -- while the media lap dogs lie by omission, or minimize -- or explain away this Machiavellian evil.

On the war front, a beyond-crazed week of war and more war in several theaters of conflict -- the Middle East, Africa, and on the Asian continent. Also, China and Japan continue to go at each other.

Meanwhile, Russia establishes a dominant position on the war chessboard. Also Eastern Europe rises as a new player in world affairs. Brazil and the BRIC nations battle to establish autonomy from the Western powers.

At this point in time, Britain down-slides into a much lesser power. And the revolution-evolution against war begins full force, crisscrossing the planet.

On the tyranny-at-work front, now Nazi-like checkpoints pop up like poisonous mushrooms. Instead of 'papers, please', it will be papers or be tortured with tasers.

SWAT raids will continue to assault and murder the innocent. And if you dare smoke in public, you are now subject to arrest. For, the nationwide sting has begun for any petty misdemeanor. Because the undercover, dark-side agents of death are coming for the people. All to break our spirit and our will.

However, likely this week there will be a major incident which further infuriates the people, and causes activism against the police state to hyper-leap forward.

On the communication front, a bad week for communication in general. Hacking goes quantum against the establishment at this point in history.

Even though the surveillance grid strengthens against the people, the battle is joined, and will be metaphorically burned down by the cyber renegades.

At this critical juncture for humanity, the BRAVE ONES create an underground *Paul Revere* communications system that is immune to the NSA. As well, part of the 'secret' SKY NET system will be compromised, and taken over by the WHITE HATS.

On the home front, coup and counter-coup, the hidden civil war continues, but spills out into the public awareness. To repeat from a prior forecast: the secret civil war between several factions goes hot and heavy. This will be reflected by the ongoing purge of America's top military brass, and by the administrations demand for the complete *belly-up* surrender of congress."


On the food front, now the GMO Industrial Complex is being overrun with 'just say no' activism. However, the GMO BIG BOYS will counter with acts of economic terrorism, and worse -- using their billions of dollars.

However, the people battle back vigorously, fiercely. In the end, there can be only ONE winner. CHOOSE: Life thriving on planet Earth or the Grim Reaper's arrival to claim his own.

As always, keep on stocking up on good food!

On the land changes front, a meteoric barrage is in the offing, and 'could' cause some significant damage.

From last week's forecast: "likely there will be more early snowstorms. The sinkholes 'quicken' at this time. The ocean temperatures vary beyond expectation, causing great fluctuations in weather and other key atmospheric changes.

From the prior forecast: "the uprising of the sun is here. Weather goes ultra-wonky -- superstorms, flooding, roaring winds, severe variations in temperature. Volcanoes continue to wake up and activate. Earthquakes swarm across the planet, rippling and tearing at the crust."

On the energy front, now the energy of the sun changes dramatically. This new white-hot light BLASTS, warming Mother Earth, helping her with needed land changes.

Also, this change is a spiritually igniting light for humanity. For now, what is called the third eye is being activated according to each individuals need, and level of 'knowing'.

Many of us will now leap forward in our paranormal abilities, in our ability to know certain future events. This will be especially true when we need to know how to protect ourselves and our loved ones.

On the really bad news front, the long dark night of confiscation is here. Beware, prepare, and take care. *BREAKING* HEADLINE-SNIPPET: Leaked Video: FEMA Preparing Military Police For Gun Confiscations and Martial Law ~ Kit Daniels | U.S. Army MP told Constitution may be suspended by Homeland Security.

On the good news front, the CHAMPIONS of the people arrive as never before. This is because each one of is a champion for others in our own individual way.

To repeat from a prior forecast: "the inner Warrioress and the inner Warrior rises to a whole new level within many of us. For, now is the time. We are being activated by the Divine Realm to be champions for the people, and champions for Mother Earth."

On the global mafia cabal front, the factional war winds down with two remaining combatants. One of these factions has been covertly infiltrated by several WHITE HATS. This means at every opportunity THOSE ON THE GOOD SIDE are using one dark-side faction to stop, then destroy the other faction.

Likely this will look like volatile, strange-acting stock markets, yo-yo jumps in the price of gold. There will also be 'key' documents released to the alternative press.

Plus, beware! One top minion leader of the 'not-infiltrated' faction will attempt to look like a good guy who is saving the people, this upcoming week.

On the heroine and hero front, HEADLINE-SNIPPET: Thousands March in D.C. Against NSA Domestic Surveillance ~ Kit Daniels | Petition against NSA spying has over 570,000 signatures.

On the freedom front, in the next two week's time, there will be a MAJOR VICTORY for liberty. *Those* on the dark side who are anti-freedom and anti-humanity will use every viper-foul trick in their book of evil, thus, to make this victory appear like a defeat instead.

Likely this will include using celebrities in a huge campaign to fool and influence those with little knowledge, with weak minds and weak spines. When confronted with this propaganda barrage, it is wise to check in with your inner 'knowing', with the part of you that always knows *the truth*.

At this time, the ruthless rattlesnake of liberty strikes, poisoning those in opposition to the spiritual birthright of every human being on this planet. For the remaining months of 2013, watch these enemies fall off the world stage.

Trendwise, this trend, begun in October 2011, intensifies and accelerates at this time:

"Now begins the Rise of the Warrioress. As we move toward the year, 2012, the inner warrioress will make herself known, and women will take on leadership roles as never before in recorded history. Most of these roles will not be establishment, but anti-establishment.

At this time, the spirit of the Amazon warrioress has arrived from the mists of that lost age to live once again on Earth. Women warriors, and those Souls who have lived previous lives as Amazon warriors, will be shifting into that mind set, and bringing it forth to the world.

Of course, ‘those’ on the dark side who control the system, will continue to present their FALSE women warriors in the hopes that they will lead us all astray. Discernment between the real warrioress and the imitator will become invaluable.

During the latter part of the week a series of rapid-fire events will occur. These mostly staged events are designed to cause humanity to fall into a state of despair. While this result will be achieved to a certain degree, in the end it will backfire in a spectacular way." ~Further note: at this time, there will also be a series of rapid-fire events meant to intimidate humanity into total surrender --  to begin the public reign of the Viper Globalists.~

This week is about dancing with the sacred etheric energies. Let yourself tune into this force by daydreaming the sweetest dreams you can imagine.

Angelic blessings from Volcano & Sedona

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Savanna Kougar ~ Run on the Wild Side of Romance ~


Savanna Kougar said...

The Halloween flash scene came first this week. ~smiles~

Pat C. said...

I don't know about dragons, but how about those "sea serpents" (oarfish? Is that what they're called?) washing up in California?

On the home front, a stray cat I didn't even know about gave birth to two kittens under some neighbor's shed. They're cute little puffballs. I actually got to touch them! The adults are still too skittish.

Savanna Kougar said...

Yeah, that oarfish was amazing... saw a small pic of that thing. They washed up before the earthquake-tsunami that hit Fukushima nuke plant.

Kittens are so adorable... if you want to tame them... gotta catch 'em young... about six weeks or so, I think. Years and years ago, we found some young feral kittens, mostly weaned though... and gosh those things were hissing and spitting and scratching... too cute!

Savanna Kougar said...

Oh, forgot to say, there have been some dragon sightings... but it never makes the US presstitute news. One was in Britain. Don't know for certain, of course, and like one person said, it looked somewhat mechanical... but it wasn't CGI, or photo-shopped. The pic of this dark creature flying in the sky... yep, it sure looked a real dragon...but it could have been mechanical... like a drone dragon.