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Angelic Forecast from Volcano ~ October 21, 2013

Weekly Angelic Forecast from Volcano 

Straight from the Carnal Cherub himself...

Angelic Forecast ~ #268

The Rise of People Power ... Now, the *power of the people* goes nova-bursting extreme across the planet.

From this point forward, humanity as a whole, WAKES UP to their true strength, to their real potential. And, individual, inner wisdom rules more and more.

On the AWAKENING front, at this point in history, many realize governmental restrictions are now obsolete in the face of the Aquarian Conspiracy -- or the ability of humanity to live and love from their spiritual center, from their caring hearts.

The spiritual nature of humankind soars exponentially during the remaining months of 2013, and into 2014. However, the Great Divide deepens into a chasm that can no longer be breached. For, the zombies -- those who have had their minds and souls destroyed by the system -- now stalk those of us who remain gloriously, fully human.

On the magickal, mystical front, this week the 'Mages of Ages Lost' use their light blades to slash through the black-sorcery blanket smothering the spirit of humanity. For, the viper magicians have been slaughtering the human potential  for age upon age.

Also, this week initiates a new level of AWARENESS for those who are the upcoming generation of the MAGICKAL ONES -- however, only for those who are dedicated to the GOOD SIDE of life.

On the personal front, financial concerns are front and center for many this week, and for the next month. This means keeping a close eye on all of your financial concerns, and being one step ahead of the upcoming glitches that are likely to continue through the end of the year.

As well, this is a perfect week to finish projects most in need of completion. There is also a good financial opportunity on the way. It could be small, but this opportunity will prove invaluable.

As always, stock up on necessities and prepare for emergency situations as best as you are able. Make a list of what you need most.

On the paranormal front, another HUGE WEEK for the supernatural side of life. The cryptids continue revealing their presence -- both the cryptid creatures here, and those on the other side of dimensional curtain. This knowledge, whether accepted by science or not, sweeps across the world, and lifts humankind into a new reality.

In the near future, look for more revelations around mermaid-humans. Bigfoot-Sasquatch will continue to make minimal contact with selected individuals who are spiritually ready. And the UFOs fly, buzzing larger segments of Earth's population.

On the economic front, the bankster gangsters take a tiny step back from brutalizing the economy with the intent to bring the people to their knees. This is because too many of us are looking behind the curtain and calling these criminals out.

Even so, the economic woes continue worldwide, and the people scramble to take control of their local economies. This will manifest in uprisings, riots, and an enormous rise in the underground economy.

Now begins a major activist push to *stop* the cashless society, and to refuse any manner of chip/electronic ID system. Rebellion is in the air, and the air eventually spins into a tornado of resistance.

This week gold will likely rise. If this upturn is dramatic it means the stock markets have been taken over *temporarily* by the White Hat forces. If not, the dark-side force will keep the commodities from exploding in value.

On the truth front, as never before our souls are laid bare beneath the storm of new cosmic energies. As well, TRUTH shines like a glorious sunrise across the world.

At the same time, despite the extensive damage that has been done to the human psyche during this Piscean Age by the 'hidden' Viper Priests of Terror -- now each and every 'soul' has the opportunity to shine through the heavy clouds of oppression, lies, and diabolical deceit. For, humanity is ready to be free.

On the war front, an ugly, more-than-insane week where move and countermove on the war chessboard will look like a ping-pong game. China will make some of the major moves. Russia works behind the scenes to undercut their enemies.

Meanwhile, the Middle East burns by Machiavellian design of the dark-side controllers. However, those on the wrong side of justice will be feeling this ruthless heat instead. For, the firestorm-tide they have conjured turns against them.

Out of this, there will be factions who 'attempt' false flags to force the people into a world war. Once again, Syria 'could be' targeted.

On the tyranny-at-work front, this week, on a false pretext, certain aspects of martial law will be brought down like Thor's hammer on the people. Because of this, there will be a new determination to stand strong, to stand tall -- to never quit.

Also, now is the time to circle the wagons against the serpent-striking forces of tyranny. Good people are being targeted by the system and neutralized in heinous ways. Keep forming your like-minded, protection groups and watch each others backs. For, community is the bedrock of survival, of thriving with each other.

On the communication front, likely there will be all sorts of glitches in communication systems during the next two weeks. Watch out for the consequences, intended and not intended.

Currently, this is being reported:

HEADLINE-SNIPPET: FEMA Regions 2 & 3 Kill Switch Test? East Coast Internet Traffic Goes Dark ~ Internet traffic across much of the East Coast went down on Saturday after a switch supposedly failed. From Brooklyn to Philadelphia, internet users were unable to access the internet or had extremely slow internet speeds. Was this another internet kill switch test? Much of FEMA Regions 2 & 3 were affected by this outage.

On the home front, the divinely inspired HEMP renaissance is here, regardless of governmental regulation. For at this time, humanity desperately needs the benefits of the Hemp plant as a superior food -- for clothing and paper. Hemp, as an energy source is better than corn. Hemp can be used for making plastic, and as an ultra-strong building material.

On the food front, going local will become ever more necessary, especially as prices rise, as the storms of life batter humanity. If you are able to grow food through the winter, this would be a wise course of action.

As always, stock up on good food, water and all your necessities. Dare to prepare.

On the land changes front, likely there will be more early snowstorms. The sinkholes 'quicken' at this time. The ocean temperatures vary beyond expectation, causing great fluctuations in weather and other key atmospheric changes.

From the prior forecast: "the uprising of the sun is here. Weather goes ultra-wonky -- superstorms, flooding, roaring winds, severe variations in temperature. Volcanoes continue to wake up and activate. Earthquakes swarm across the planet, rippling and tearing at the crust."

On the energy front, there is a behind-the-scenes battle raging between those 'in the know' about what are called *free energy devices*. This is because those in favor of no longer suppressing these technologies realize it is not only the rightful birthright of the people, but would help the Earth recover from the misuse of oil.

The new Aquarian energies ramp up causing disorientation for some and/or a sense of being out of time, out of place. Beginning now, changes in society hyper-jump, far beyond what has already happened. The current infusion of cosmic frequencies could cause odd behaviors as well. Be patient if it's a harmless situation.

On the really bad news front, during the next four weeks, likely there will be several flashpoint events which will further cause the people to view government as useless, and as an enemy to their health and well-being.

Meanwhile, tensions explode as the police state tightens its jackboot-relentless grip. It becomes time to realize nothing will ever be the same, once the people are finally pushed too far. Prepare for the this eventuality. Likely it will be here sooner rather than later.

On the good news front, a new sense of 'good' purpose fiercely grips many of us at this point in history. Beneath the shrouding darkness of the dark-side's empire, many of us cling to a beautiful vision of what the future can be, should be for ALL. For, we feel, know that beloved Mother Earth is a paradise to be protected and respected.

On the global mafia cabal front, the infighting between top factions goes UGLIER this week. This will likely be reflected in the financial realm -- appearing as if strange bedfellows have suddenly become allies.

As the year winds down, more shocking revelations are forthcoming. The SUPER SCANDALS of the bankster gangsters, and their unseen, soulless masters will be spotlighted. However, this will not stop these *Vipers of High Finance*. For, their stolen power has made them insane beyond measure.

On the heroine front, the feminine energy soars, winging to ever greater heights. There are so many invaluable, incredible heroines in these times who are whistleblowers, activists... who are women on a mission to right the wrongs of the world, it is difficult to single out just one. However, here's an example that touches the heart in just the right spot.

HEADLINE-SNIPPET: 14-Year Old Blasts TV Host from Shark Tank for Remarks About GMO Foods ~ A 14 year old girl recently blasted TV host Kevin O'Leary for remarks about GMOs. She explains GMO dangers.

On the hero front, Joseph P. Farrell is the amazing, genius author of the "Financial Vipers of Venice" He exposes how and why the current 'enslaving' economic system was established. From "Joseph Farrell understands this system from a very deep and unique perspective, and in this interview he traces its origins in ancient Babylon, up through the Renaissance and right into modern times. Understanding is the first step toward freedom."

On the freedom front, now the spirit of many becomes drunk on the idea and meaning of liberty. For, all that is prosperous and good and soul-building about society can only be created from the wellspring of true freedom.

This spirit was demonstrated at the *Alamo* this past Saturday. From the “Come and Take It San Antonio!” rally at the Alamo ~ October 19, 2013 ~ “They are bullies that think we’re gonna lay down to them and lick their boots. I can assure you that if William Barrett Travis was here or the others that died at this sacred shrine were here, they would give us a rebel yell of liberty!” Jones said, fueled by the fire of freedom... “To all the big megabanks, you don’t run this country, you stole it by fraud and we’ve identified you and we’re taking the republic back. God Bless You all,” Jones concluded, undeterred by the loss of his voice following a few fierce battle yells.

Trendwise, at this time, commercially packaged entertainment continues to lose ground. The childlike superficiality of many entertainers is leaving more and more of the population cold, and they are moving on to more rewarding forms of being entertained.

Meanwhile, the upswing of the ARTISTIC ONES, independent of Big Media and still invisible to many eyes, continues at a rapid pace. 

This trend becomes stronger. From a previous forecast: "now, in the midst of societal chaos rises the art of living creatively. This is because the ART OF LIFE, of living life, is in the act of 'becoming' ... rising anew in this new-energy Aquarian Age.

At this time, the creativity of humankind begins to usurp greed as the prime motivator. A groundswell of artists will trade on their ability to be creative. Innovation becomes the middle name of many as they alter society toward the GOOD."

At this point in history, the failure and fall of the big cities accelerates. Most of this deterioration is fueled by the constant nefarious attack of the new world order criminals. One weapon is using 'social propaganda engineers' to cause class/race DIVISIVENESS. Another weapon of these dark-side psychopaths is keeping the economy crushed with the brutally pounding fist of the federal reserve.

One sweet trend on the near horizon is the creation of music and songs which reflect the beautiful heart and soul and spirit of humankind. Open your ears to these angelic messages.

This week enjoy whatever bright sunny days come your way. For, the light of the sun is waking up your highest, most beautiful spirit.

Angelic blessings from Volcano & Sedona

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Savanna Kougar ~ Run on the Wild Side of Romance ~


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Also, Facebook is down.

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I hope its hackers...