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Angelic Forecast from Volcano ~ October 7, 2013

Weekly Angelic Forecast from Volcano 

Straight from the Carnal Cherub himself...

Angelic Forecast ~ #266 

Two themes come into play at this time. The People Rise Against the Vipers.


Now Comes the Great Unraveling of Worldwide Society ... Or, the Destruction of 'What Was' Accelerates

On the magickal, mystical front, as stated in a prior forecast: "... 'true miracles' will take place amidst the chaos and the unraveling that is escalating across the globe at a mind-bending rate." 

Meanwhile, the 'Mages of Ages Lost' spread the GOLDEN CRYSTALLINE ENERGIES with whirling light blades. For, they battle the dark-side magicians who use their vile sorcery to blind humanity to the splendors of the Aquarian Age.

On the personal front, this will be a week of preparation for many as they realize the winter season is upon them, and as uncertainty about the future grows. As well, this is a good time to check your kitchen and set it up in a manner that works best for you.

This is also a great week to simply take time to stroll about and notice your surroundings. When you are inspired from within, make contact with those around you. The energies are perfect for new acquaintances and new friends.  This includes the cyber social world.

On the paranormal front, UFOs crowd the skies and Bigfoot continues to come out of the forest closet.

HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "Bigfoot is real, and now at least one scientist claims there is proof. ~ A group of Sasquatch researchers who have been collecting over 100 pieces of evidence over the past five years screened "never before seen HD video" of the alleged creature at a news conference in Dallas on Tuesday.

The footage, which came from a similar effort dubbed The Erickson Project, led by Adrian Erickson, showed what the group said was a sasquatch moving through wooded areas in Kentucky."

HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "Does this image show TWO Bigfoot creatures? Woodsman photographed 'moving beast' in Pennsylvania… but there is no sign of it now"

On the economic front, a crash-boom complicated week of move and countermove in the corrupt, collapsing financial realm. The Bankster Gangsters are scrambling, and continuing to eat their own, while relentlessly and ruthlessly pillaging the people.

Bank runs will likely begin across the world and spread over the coming weeks.  This is for two reasons. At this point in history, trust in the banking system is for all practical purposes nil. Also, as the people wise up and take action, there will be more 'from the ground up' local economies.

Of great importance this week, keep a keen eye on how the stock markets are being manipulated. This will be an indication of what the robber baron class has planned. Or, how they will continue plundering humanity. Thus, knowing their 'plans' will help you to decide what financial moves to make in your life, and how to plan more effectively for the coming days.

On the truth front, the drip-fast-drip of scandal and revelation bombards societies across the planet. As well, this week's TRUTH BLAST will trigger a massive outcry, riots, and unprecedented activism -- actually an escalation of what has already been occurring worldwide.

Once again, it is important to realize that while the blinders are being removed from many more of us, at the same time another segment of the population will remain in zombie-like denial. This zombi-osis state becomes their norm, thus making them a real danger to those who choose TRUTH as their way.

On the war front, a messy week of massive lies, media deception, and ongoing thug-terror. However, there will be a great shift on the war chessboard during the next two weeks. This will involve certain power moves made by those called the White Hats, and by other governments who have decided they no longer want a world war scenario.

The ebb and flow of the GOLD AND CURRENCY WARS will also be a key factor in the upcoming chessboard changes. This is because a new player enters the 'who has the most gold?' game. While much of this will be kept hidden from the public, some of the info will be leaked and picked up by the alternative press.

There will likely be a gambit-false flag event in the near future meant to force Americans into more war. However, *if* this event takes place, it will BACKFIRE bigtime, and expose the dark-side controllers at the top.

On the AWAKENING front, a turn-point week for humanity in general. This means more of us realize WE ARE THE POWER. More of us now discover how much of our power has been usurped, and used against us to brutally oppress/obscure our Divine natures.

As well, the new COSMIC VIBES shower down upon us with ever greater strength causing a hyperspeed leap forward in overall consciousness and AWARENESS. For those already on the spiritual path this will mean a beautiful enhanced sense of the Sacred.

On the tyranny-at-work front, as the desire for liberty roars into an all-consuming fire, the police state tightens its grip, using the current gov-shutdown as an excuse. Out of this there will be more heinous, horrendous acts against the people.

Currently, the 'dark-side powers that be' are in a major panic. Thus, it is wise, at this time in our history, to stay as far away as possible from any type of police/military checkpoint and any manner of official gov drill. Keep tabs on these drills because they are all over the country and popping up like mushrooms.

On the communication front, as never before the citizen journalist comes to the aid of the people. Of course, discernment is paramount when using internet sources. Be careful out there.

However, with the presstitute media shooting itself in the foot daily, and in the hip pocket of the robber-baron elite, TRUTH is scarcer than hen's teeth. Beware of any giant push to a certain story. It's all CIRCUS CIRCUS manipulation.

Also, with the sun shooting off several large CMEs [coronal mass ejections] during the last couple of weeks, electronic communications could be disrupted, and weird weather events occur.

On the land changes front, a MONSTER month ahead around the globe as earthquakes increase, new volcanoes form and old super volcanoes awaken, especially beneath the ocean. Superstorms continue, the firestorms continue, and there is a 'possible' large tsunami on the near horizon.

At this time, the east coast of the country remains in danger from some type of catastrophic event, *possibly* related to incoming space objects. As well, the northwest coast is undergoing drill-preparations.

HEADLINES: Fireballs Rain Down as Another Asteroid Near Miss Takes Place. What's Going On? Tuesday, October 1, 2013 ... AND ... Unknowncountry Weekender: Earthquake Swarms and Supervolcanoes--Should We be Worried? Friday, October 4, 2013

On the home front, the time of the DIVINE OUTLAW has arrived. That is, those who are inspired by sacred truths rise against tyranny by creating their own communities, occupying the land, and taking back their futures. As well, the idea of 'don't comply' becomes their mantra.

From a past forecast: " ~Don't buy, don't comply~ becomes the rallying point for many more of us in the coming months. Also, the great revolt against 'being licensed' begins. This will only go NOVA as small business are killed off by the endless rules and regulations of the system." 

On the food front, the mass marches against Monsanto continue worldwide. Also, during the next few weeks there will be more 'revelations' around how contaminated the food supply has become.

On the practical side, continue doing all you can to stock up on GOOD food and PURE water. This is simply wise given the storms of life. Also, gather up the basics like high-quality salt and sugar. 

On the energy front, the *cosmic energy* of the 'unraveling' SPEEDS UP! From a past forecast: "now time slips into a new cosmic format. This means that life will begin to flow at a different pace. More and more, normal will no longer be normal. Take your time adjusting, and let yourself go with the new flow as much as possible."  

On the practical side, do your best to prepare with alternative energy sources. From a previous forecast: "As the UNRAVELING speeds up, there will be a demand for the ‘old ways’ and the ‘new ways’. A simple example would be owning a wood stove and using the latest in solar technology. This blending of the old and new is the wave of the future. The near future."  

On the really bad news front, from a prior forecast, this becomes a day-to-day reality ~ "At this point, many of the battle lines are being drawn between 'those' who defend freedom and 'those' who defend tyranny. Open Civil War moves ever closer, creeping like an ice tsunami.

Meanwhile, the Middle East will be a hotbed of war horror that will hasten the GREAT UNRAVELING of society. As the global cabal of super robber barons continue to force wars, and open up ever more war fronts, many more of the people will rebel." 

On the good news front, overall the SPIRIT OF THE PEOPLE soars toward true liberation. The Aquarian Age renaissance has taken root like a grand oak tree and grows daily. Each day 'creativity' becomes more understood and practiced as a way to improve life.

In the big picture, there is a lot of assistance coming from the Benevolents or the Otherworlders. For, they are our genetic brethren. Obviously, this may not be apparent. However catastrophic events have been, and are being mitigated. 
On the global mafia cabal front, the wars between several factions wind down, the exception being control of the global economy. Of importance, new enemies arrive on scene. Their goal is to gradually wrest away power from the dark-side  elite in a manner that will lessen the impact to planet Earth, her people, and her animals.

On the heroine and hero front, all the BRAVE ONES, the citizen journalists, who report the TRUTH to the best of their ability.

On the freedom front, Danger Will Robinson ... There are rabid, dark-side forces who want to trigger an all-out civil war. They are using the now militarized police and SWAT teams to deliberately 'egg' the people on. Insane, brutal tactics is the name of their endgame. So beware and take care.

On the positive front of freedom, the '1776 uprising of the people' is here and now, and will be celebrated for generations to come.

Trendwise and soul-wise, THE GREAT UNRAVELING... here is a look back at what was *forecast* at the end of the year, 2011 ... "There are several dynamics, this week, that enter the spotlight, and will remain well into the next year of 2012. One of those dynamics is what has been called the UNRAVELING in prior forecasts. At this point in time, what has been, is being ripped apart at the seams.

The ‘unraveling’ has two faces. The dark powers-that-be are using these Aquarian cosmic energies to unravel families, the natural and good love between family members, with the intention of making the corp-state the so-called ‘family’.

The other face of the ‘unraveling’ is the final destruction of the corp-establishment, and its iron-fisted control over society. With the AWAKENING crisscrossing the globe, gaining in strength, and gaining in true wisdom, the demand for freedom now becomes ear-splitting at the soul level.

Freedom, the desire for freedom, is becoming the very fabric of our being. Every good promise of the Aquarian Age is based on this ‘freedom’ to self-determine our own lives, our own way, our own path.

As a reflection of this dynamic, this week will be one of ‘division’ at every level of society. Again, this has a good face and an evil face. The good will be in separating from situations that no longer serve your highest nature, and finding a new way that nourishes your soul, one that unites you with others of like mind.

The evil face shows itself as ‘divide and conquer’. Every effort is being made to divide humanity against itself, as has been stated before. Now these tactics will be ramped up, and go into hyper-drive."

***Now, as 2013 comes to an end, these dynamics are coming into full fruition. Tune in and stay tuned to the Cosmic Good.*** 

This week keep your eye on the sky. Enjoy the heavenly show and watch for strange and wonderful happenings.

Angelic blessings from Volcano & Sedona

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Savanna Kougar ~ Run on the Wild Side of Romance ~


Savanna Kougar said...

The Bigfoot are in Pennsylvania...

Pat C. said...

They're looking for Bigfoot in the wrong places. They should take a closer look at pro football and basketball teams.

I got Stray Kitty to eat out of my hand yesterday! Special circumstances -- I was on the porch steps feeding him through the posts in the railing, so he knew I couldn't grab him easily. Kitty is no fool.

Savanna Kougar said...

Kitty is no fool... no, he isn't.

Yeah, I haven't seen or heard the stray kitty here... so either she's moved on... or gone to cat heaven. Lots of wild critters about though.