Saturday, August 31, 2013

My Sexy Saturday ~ Wolf Moon Dreaming II

Sexy Saturday kisses, everyone.

Here's another 'snippet' from the WIP love story of Kitty, a white cat shapeshifter, and Dante, alpha biker werewolf and owner of the Pleasure Club.

Kitty was supposed to be roadkill when Dante's sire, and his pack, originally seized control of Talbot's Peak, and turned it into a werewolf town. However, White Fang Khent, super wolf reporter, rescued Kitty, the cat woman Dante is in love with. He and Dante have been pals ever since, and united in protecting the Peak from enemies of every paranormal type and stripe.


A ShapeShifter Seductions Romance Novel

Seven paragraphs from the latest flash-scene WIP between Dante and his Kitty ~

Settling back in his leather chair, Dante rumbled a short laugh. He placed the decades-old phone receiver on its cradle. The Ma Belle original served as his link to Louie, and Louie's circle. Only.

As he lifted his hand from the phone, Kitty entered their private love lair, modeling the new gown he'd recently had designed for her. Pure irresistible woman, she swayed sensually toward him.

"I've never heard that phone ring once." She raised a delicate brow in question.

Immersed in her radiant expression, the one a woman wore when she felt truly admired by a man, Dante hesitated for moments, savoring.  

"Mayor Gil. He's playing Secret Agent Squirrel."

"Is that so?" His Kitty cocked her hip flirtatiously. "Secret agent squirrel... secret agent squirrel," she sang to the tune of "Secret Agent Man".

She gave her long blonde curls a lazy toss. "Somehow 'squirrel' just doesn't work for that tune." After a small laugh, she sauntered closer, her every move a sensual response to the slinky forties gown.


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Have a sexy magical week ~

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