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Angelic Forecast from Volcano ~ August 12, 2013

Weekly Angelic Forecast from Volcano 

Straight from the Carnal Cherub himself...

Angelic Forecast ~ #258

The Time of Miracles and Mayhem is Upon Us. 

From a February 2013 forecast: "On the freedom front, Let another Year of Miracles and Mayhem Begin. As the flames of freedom spread worldwide, racing ever stronger, ever fiercer -- as liberty seizes the hearts and minds of humanity everywhere, look out! This is the real 'reality show' on planet Earth." 

And, so it is.

On the magickal, mystical front, this week, the mysteries of the human heart unfold. For, what most of us have been taught about the 'true power' of the heart has been misleading and severely limited.

Now, this magic, which is the 'heart center' of our being, blooms like the most beautiful rose. Now, the love radiance inside each one of us pours forth, lighting up the world.

This week, the 'Mages of Ages Lost' whirl like dervishes dispelling the conjured fog placed at the time of Avalon. This 'fog' has blinded humanity to our magickal potential, and obstructed our ability to co-create our lives with the Divine One.

On the personal front, this a week that has the potential to send you soaring into the clouds, while taking an emotional dive at the same time. This is because the CHAOS vibration rules.

There are such swift changes taking place in the Aquarian Age energetics of this Earth timeline, that opportunity is your 'good' friend, all while other parts of your life are being torn asunder. 

However, this is a perfect week to focus on how to make the best use of these opportunities, and incorporate them into your life. As well, wrap the love of your heart around your loved ones. This will help you and them weather this spinning-chaos storm.

On the paranormal front, a tricky sticky week of more strange beasts witnessed, and discovered. Also, the massive UFO sightings continue, along with reported contacts made with the ETs, inter-dimensional races, and remnant populations on Earth... that is, reported on the alternative, paranormal news sites.

Also, new players have entered the solar-system arena, and the battle for planet Earth. This collection of related races are genetic offshoots of the original Atlanteans.

That is, many of their ancestors once lived in the Atlantis global empire before and during the first catastrophic event. Or, regularly traded with the advanced population during the time of the Great Peace, and the beginning of the Vimana [flying cars] wars.

While there are super advanced races living inside the Earth, who are also from several Atlantean races, they are genetically different, having originated in a different star system.

On the economic front, not a fun week for most. The 'big six banks' are at war with each other, and eating their own. The various factions of bankster gangsters are fighting tooth and nail, all while continuing to viciously plunder the public.

For a glimpse of this war, HEADLINE: "Consulates and the Vatican in chaos as HSBC tells them to find another bank" 

However, to keep the population confused, and at bay with their pitchforks, the economy will be manipulated to continue at a slow painful limp. Gold is likely to dive lower in the near term, and the various stock markets will jerkily dance like marionettes. Especially Japan.

As well, false hope about the economy -- like a dangling carrot before an overworked mule -- will be injected into the public's psyche via the presstitute media. However, there will be a 'surprise' the establishment manipulators aren't counting on, one that eventually favors the people.

As always, keep an eagle eye on your finances, and your bank account. Within the next couple of weeks, there *could* be a cyber blip in the banking system. 
A further note of caution: given the volatile uncertainty of these times, ***all bets are off*** when it comes to the worldwide economy. The forecast above could change in the blink of a serpent's eye. Thus, you must use your own best judgement, and inner guidance.

On the truth front, a complicated week, and month ahead. There will be so many blasts of TRUTH, especially from alternative info sites, it will be difficult to know which way to turn, at times -- what to believe.

The opportunity is to see with your inner eyes, 'know' with your inner knowing, to learn what resonates with you, sings along with your heart. The challenge is to keep an open mind while knowing when to snap it shut against the thick smoke of deception.

On the war front, a messy nasty week of bombs and wholesale death, especially in the Middle East war theater. However, this horror-chaos is expanding worldwide, as the new world order criminals battle each other, and also attempt to force WWIII on humanity.

As well, likely, at the behest of their masters, North Korea will make threatening noises, once again. They 'could' be used as a front to deploy a nuke -- as a Machiavellian strategy to up the chaos and terror in the world. This is to halt humanity's AWAKENING to their endgame.

However, this is 'not' a certainty, and could be stopped by the Good Forces.

Russia continues to play a key role on the world stage, and could come under attack with the use of weather weapons and/or natural-looking catastrophes.  *If* so, the bear will roar, revealing more TRUTH of what is really happening behind the global scenes.

On the tyranny-at-work front, want to be a successful career criminal, join the FBI or become an informant. HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "FBI allowed informants to commit 5,600 crimes ~ USA Today | Agents authorized 15 crimes a day."

With the cancerous, unconstitutional spread of the TSA across our fair land, the shadow renegades come forth. HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "TSA Invades Train Terminals, Sporting Events, Music Festivals and Rodeos ~ Kurt Nimmo | VIPR teams to expand beyond airports." 

Further, the Vipers among us continue to be in the unrelenting glare of the TRUTH spotlight. For they are not immune. As stated last week: "Get ready to enter a dystopian 'twilight zone'." 

On the AWAKENING front, the big AWAKENING on the horizon will be around the continued devastation caused by the massive amounts of killer radiation being released into the ocean, and the air, by the Fukushima nuclear plant. At this point, the entire planet has been victimized by the much higher levels of radiation in the atmosphere.

While there are proven ways to neutralize this radiation, using various advanced tech methods, this knowledge is being suppressed, and is being shut down by the 'powers that be'.

On the communication front, now, as never before, the network of 'cyber-digital communication' becomes the hub for changing the world. Both the good side and the evil side are battling for control of the social networks, of the virtual worlds.

Behind the scenes, hackers rise as the invisible super warriors. Meanwhile, the new cowboy-cowgirl culture utilizes old ways of keeping in contact -- and the Old West way of forming their own posse protection.

Meanwhile, the spiritual warriors among us grow in psychic power. The time has come for their emergence. These supernatural warriors have been kept hidden from the 'dark-hearted ones'. But now, the psi warriors fight with their paranormal powers.   

On the home front, *protest* ramps up, and becomes widespread, especially in the bigger cities. Many of the people are fed up, and are beginning to realize there is no future for them, unless they take quick and direct action to save the GOOD in America.

However, the brain-drain media coverage will remain minimal. And while the social media venues will play a huge role, these venues will begin 'censoring' protestors more often -- except for the purposes of identifying the leaders, and finding out where and when the protestors are gathering.

On the food front, it remains critical to continue stocking up on food, water, and other necessities, especially for the winter months. *If* the 'system' has its way, there will be rationing within the next three months.

Currently, FEMA is quietly purchasing massive amounts of survival food. HEADLINE Report: "Disaster Looms: FEMA Scrambles To Stockpile Food Reserves"

Know this: these food supplies are NOT for taking care of the people, except as a minimal show of goodwill, to keep the public's panic under control, and to lure them into relocation camps. That is, *should* a horrific event trigger this type of hysteria. 

On the land changes front, the *sinkhole* phenomena only gets bigger, and more widespread across the planet.

To repeat from the prior forecast: "The Great Lion Star, our sun, continues to lash the atmosphere with CME particles that help Mother Earth mend, and change into her new form.

Crisis flooding continues worldwide, and droughts intensify. The East Coast is still in danger of a catastrophic event, especially the NYC area.

The firestorm wars are ongoing in the western half of the country. However, intervention by the White Hat forces will stop some of them, and mitigate other wildfire outbreaks.

Earthquakes keep shaking the planet, and will gradually become bigger and badder -- with two severe quakes likely in the near future. Volcanos now spring up like mushrooms, especially on the ocean floor. As a result the oceans warm significantly, causing a constant change in the weather patterns." 

On the energy front, Tesla rises, that is, his fundamental discoveries about the use of 'free' energy can no longer be suppressed by the 'dark-side powers that be'. Everywhere on the planet inventors will be inspired to recreate Tesla's inventions. In the future, within the next ten years, this will become common knowledge, and more importantly, easy to build -- easy to maintain.

Wherever you can utilize alternative energy systems -- for example: fueling machines/vehicles with alcohol -- go for it. Becoming an off-grid, energy entrepreneur will be one critical way to survive, and thrive, for ALL.

On the really bad news front, *crying wolf*, the cabal establishment will realize the people ain't buying their deception and lies, anymore. Thus, they are forced into another corner, and will attempt to false-flag a really BIG BAD WOLF event.

As well, the dark-side controllers have expected certain catastrophic 'cosmic' events to occur. However, these planetary disasters have been forestalled and/or eliminated by the GOOD angelic force -- along with their many benevolent helpers. For now.

On the good news front, the new spirit of inventiveness which has seized some, now spreads like wildfire. This is happening in every societal realm, from the cyber sphere geeks to those who are living off the grid, 1800s style.

Whatever ideas come to you, take a look at their feasibility. Then, take up the challenge if it's a true passion, if it resonates with your soul.

On the global mafia cabal front, for the sake of unity, the various factions are coming to the table. Recently, most of their tyrannical takeover plans have failed, as far as bringing the expected results.

There is even major disagreement about what 'false flags' to run against the people. This makes the picture particularly murky, the outcome unknown, at this point.

On the heroine and hero front, the OVERPASS PROTESTORS, each and every one of them are heroines and heroes. The spirit of liberty lives in the people.

On the freedom front, like an ominous storm with boiling black clouds covering the land, the police state emerges -- oozing forth from the 'shadow' state. With tech-tentacles and brutal strikes against the people, those who serve the dark-side establishment make their presence known. And the innocent become their feeding ground.

This, in the midst of the people's Overpass Uprising. Also, from a previous forecast: " this time, embracing freedom becomes ever more popular. And, as stated before: the rattlesnake of liberty coils and rises with the warning: DON'T TREAD ON ME!"

Trendwise, at this time, because of several colliding, negative dynamics -- the collapsing economy being one example -- violence among the populace leaps dramatically. Prepare mentally and physically to protect yourself and others. It is crucial. 

As stated before, simultaneously, there will be a dramatic increase in the MIRACULOUS. For, these high spiritual frequencies, this golden-crystalline way of being, belongs to each one of us, and is available to each one of us.

HEADLINE-SNIPPET: Mysterious 'Angel' Priest ~ August 08, 2013 ~ "On a Missouri highway this past Sunday morning, rescuers were having trouble removing a woman trapped inside her wrecked car, when a mysterious Catholic priest suddenly appeared and offered a prayer. He told rescuers that she would now be freed, and moments later the 'jaws-of-life' from a neighboring fire department arrived and was able to free her. Yet, the priest was nowhere to be seen."

This week, travel back in time to the music you loved as a teenager, and enjoy. Also, search out new musicians, new songs you that reflect who you are now. 

Angelic blessings from Volcano & Sedona

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Savanna Kougar said...

Angel on a horse...

Pat C. said...

No strange animal sightings in my neighborhood yet, beyond the usual stray cats and skunks. Three deer crossed the street in front of my car the other night. I wonder if we have foxes? Probably not coyotes. The cats are still around.

Savanna Kougar said...

No strange animal sightings, either, this year... however, there are tons of credible reports! And some that are just darn intriguing.