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My Sexy Saturday ~ All Shades of Blue Paradise

All Shades of Blue Paradise

Sexy Saturday kisses, everyone.

Today's snippet offering stars Lady Sheridan and Baron Zaggry. Their love story was my very first erotic romance accepted for publication in 2007, and is set in another world -- what is known as a Blue Realm.

"Open the door to Blue Paradise ~ an aristocratic world of fiercest passion where every erotic dream comes true."


All Shades of Blue Paradise


Seven paragraphs from the first chapter ~ 
He didn’t speak when she entered. He casually leaned back on his chair, one foot propped up on the dark shining wood of his enormous desk. Potent power and grace, he stood, silently moving to one side.

He motioned to a swivel cushioned chair before his desk. His presence had always made her feel sultry. Once his sultry woman. It was no different now. Her whole body was a sultry sizzle rhythm. She felt it to her core as she approached the chair and sat.

Her legs crossed, she steepled her fingers, watching him pivot. Lithe, powerful as a cougar, he returned to his chair. She’d seen the media’s view of him, unavoidable in her ‘horse show’ circle. Confronted with him, her breath demanded freedom from her body.

Like a cougar, the way he moved, his fierce intense nature, that was how she’d always seen him. Cougar in male beautiful form. Cougar spirit incarnated to man.

Goddess behold! She had loved him.

Sheridan didn’t blame the women who wanted him, not just for his status or his wealth but for the primal and the aristocratic blend he was as a man, as a lover, the way he made a woman feel.

Pure sensual desire. Pure sensual need. Pure ferocious passion for him. 


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Great post and awesome descriptions.

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Nice snippet...very hot.

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