Monday, November 19, 2012

Angelic Forecast from Volcano ~ November 19, 2012

Weekly Angelic Forecast from Volcano

Straight from the Carnal Cherub himself...

Angelic Forecast ~ #220

Do you hear the dragon's fiery roar? From this point forward, the Dragon of Freedom spreads her relentless flame worldwide -- at blast speed.

Meanwhile, the false flames of war are spread with insidious and devious intent -- ruthlessly fomented by the dark-siders to bring about another Dark Age.

On the personal front, during this season of Thanksgiving, the importance of your soul gifts will be revealed. That is, within each chakra of our ethereal bodies, we carry a gift from the Divine -- one that cannot be taken away or ever destroyed.

As we spiral upward on the golden wings of Ascension, these sacred gifts are meant to be used for your unique benefit, and the benefit of ALL. Up until this point in time, the soulless ones have used every black magic trick to keep humanity from knowing about these soul gifts. This now ends.

As you contemplate what you are grateful for, whom you are grateful for, notice how the love within your heart expands, and becomes the light of the world.

One special opportunity this week is to feel the embrace of Mother Nature as she calls humanity toward her, and away from Chaos.

On the paranormal front, now is the time to look up. Look up to the sky as much as possible, without endangering yourself and others. The Beneficent Ones wish to show you their ships. They also want you to know the truth that has been denied for so long. Yes, there are many sky crafts flying above Earth, often referred to as UFOs.

Now, the planet, Mars, reveals itself -- despite decades of coverup. This is because the ancient connection between Earth and Mars is being activated once again, and the past between them demands justice.

As the paranormal becomes the new normal, pay attention to how this manifests around you, and in your life. Such knowledge could assist you greatly in the future.

On the economic front, now GREED goes gargantuan. Duck and cover financially however you can.

The 'worst of the worst' bankster gangsters, and their minions, go berserk raping, pillaging, and plundering the people with an onslaught of new taxes, fines, fees, penalties... any and every excuse to strip you of your money, and whatever you own.

This is 'not' about the rich paying more taxes. This is 'not' for Mother Earth, or saving the environment. This 'not' about paying your fair share. This is about the dark side of power, and GREED.

Also, there are dastardly doings in the banking world. As the dollar is run to ground, and the Depression deepens, the escalating war in the Mideast will be used as a smoke-and-mirrors way to 'screw' the people.

There are several false-flag events in the works, one around a cyber-attack, that will be used to herd 'the people' toward a one-world currency, and a mostly cashless society.

In the near future, some big banks will be known for 'losing' their customers money, then not finding it. Thus, this no-return of funds will be in the same thievery style as Jon Corzine, former CEO of MF Global.

Also, as of January 1, 2013, FDIC insurance will no longer cover *large-money* accounts. Obviously, this could create a serious run on the banks.

On the truth front, Not-Truth rules this week. More than ever before, the 'Brain-Drain Media Speaks With Forked Tongue'.

On the war front, war, what is it good for, absolutely nothing -- except lining the bankster gangsters' pockets, and destroying humanity. 

Now rises the second Nazi wave in the war chaos that is the Mideast. Originally the fundamentalists, known as the M*slim Brotherhood, were recruited and trained by the Nazis during World War II. They are currently making their bid to control the region.

Of course, this war-theater scenario is far more complex in reality, and is being driven by the psychopathic manipulations of the soulless ones.

Choosing a side in these conflicts is a sucker's bet. For war, undeclared war, is merely an excuse to steal the people's wealth/property, and tighten the reins of global tyranny.

This week, there will be sad escalations of the Mideast conflict, as well as other regional conflicts all over the globe. Prayers for true peace are needed.

On the AWAKENING front, November 22, 2012, the blue galactic light from the center arrives full force to assist humanity and the Earth. This is Aquarian Age energy, preparing us for the enormous changes ahead as we make the transition. This blue galactic frequency will also lift our hearts and minds toward the loving Divine.

On the home front, It's here: Revolutionary Fervor. However, humanity as a whole is at the crossroads and in the cross hairs. Liberty or tyranny, the future rides on the shoulders and action of 'we the people'.

Now, with the UN more in charge than ever, it will be 'revealed' through several alternative sources, that foreign troops are being deployed against 'innocent' Americans. Out of this, people galvanize to protect themselves.

On the food front, for the next two weeks, there is likely to be some disruptions in the food supply within 'selected' areas of the country. Given the inflation, some looming food shortages, and winter on the doorstep, as always stock up as much as you are able. This remains crucial.

On the land changes front, from November 11th (11:11) there have been 6+ magnitude earthquakes everyday. Over the next several months, this level of shake, rattle, and roll is likely to continue, with little relief.

Also, volcanic eruptions intensify, and ash pours into the atmosphere as 2012 comes to a momentous end.

Plus, here comes the sun! To repeat from a prior forecast: "earthquakes, volcanoes, superstorms, and the exploding sun, oh my!"

On the energy front, the NEW 'OLD' OIL economy begins with the US of A now exporting more oil than Saudi Arabia. The corporate-borg state will eventually use this oil output to justify its sinister rise, and 'pretend' to stave off total economic collapse.

Meanwhile, 'free energy' has been real and available since the 1930s with Tesla technology. Thus, this continuation of the 'oil economy' is about the enslavement of the people.

On the really bad news front, shock city is around the corner for many, at this time. Societal CHANGES, the collapsing economy, and disasters will take their toll. Prepare to take care of yourselves. Once again, join with like-minded people in a community that benefits ALL.

On the good news front, many more of us will now be making the presstitute media the butt of jokes. Razor-slicing sarcasm comes of age in this endtime of GOOD versus evil.

Even with the hardships many of us face, now comes a time of amazing miracles. The dense yoke of the Piscean Age is being lifted, and the lighter energies surrounding us encourage our ability to bring about the miraculous.

On the freedom front, The Flames of Freedom are here. The idea of 'secession' sweeps across the nation, inspiring the rest of the world to continue their battle toward liberty. For, we in the 'united states' of America are the light-showers during this time in history/herstory.

We have been raised with the every-burning light of freedom. It's in our blood, our hearts. Liberty has shaped our very natures. We have been bred with the idea and ideals of freedom, and it literally resides in our genetic code.

Trendwise, Time to Panic in a Constructive Way, this is the theme for the upcoming two weeks as more realize the necessity of taking care of themselves, and their loved ones.

Music, so essential to the Aquarian Age, is being increasingly hijacked by the Big Media companies. That is, more and more, only those artists who can be controlled, who will follow the party-line are allowed to become 'stars'. Thus, the overall quality of music offered to the public is degenerating.

However, music thrives, evolves, and is creatively soaring in local enclaves. As well, the 'real' top artists, the up and coming musicians, singers, and song writers, are part of the internet phenomena. If we the people meet the challenge, and keep the web from becoming 'censorship central', music will become the throbbing lifeblood of the world.

This week look with new eyes at what there is to be thankful for. Share your insights, your feelings of gratitude with others. And, listen to what others share with new ears. 

Angelic blessings from Volcano & Sedona

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Savanna Kougar ~ Run on the Wild Side of Romance ~



Savanna Kougar said...

Happy Thanksgiving!

Pat C. said...

Now that I live in a trailer park, I figure my chances of spotting a UFO have increased. Wish I had a pickup truck.

Savanna Kougar said...

Yeah, wish I had an operating pickup too. ~big smiles~

I did see a UFO up close and nearly personal one time. It was a small triangular dark craft hanging at about treetop level. However, it was likely a black ops craft, given the way the windows were designed.

Nevertheless, it me at the gut level where the axis of the world changes.

Savanna Kougar said...

Correction: Nevertheless, it HIT me at the gut level where the axis of the world changes.