Monday, November 12, 2012

Angelic Forecast from Volcano ~ November 12, 2012

Weekly Angelic Forecast from Volcano

Straight from the Carnal Cherub himself...

Angelic Forecast ~ #219

For the following three weeks ~ Righteous Anger, The Breath of the Dragon, firestorms across Europe, then spreads worldwide. The People Rise.

Meanwhile, ASCENSION is here. A golden spiral of divine power now surrounds Mother Earth, and is lifting humanity ever higher. Be aware of energies you resonate with, for they are sacred.

On the personal front, this is the week to grow in awareness, and let your heart center blossom. That is, there will be a unique opportunity to awaken to your Divine Self in a new way, as well as an opportunity to tune into a new level of compassion for yourself, and for others.

This heart-centered awareness will be a tall order for many, given the current-day challenges facing the human race. However, it will be the power of love and compassion that transforms your day-to-day life.

Once again, it is wise to organize and prepare your household for the coming superstorms of life. Also, there are likely to be several disastrous cold spells this winter across the country. Think about how best to stay warm and comfortable.

On the paranormal front, everything labeled supernatural or paranormal now comes out of the woodwork en masse, as spoken about before. Already, there is news seeping into the Big-Corp controlled media -- if you read between the headlines.

As well, those who are known as the Light Beings will be descending into our frequency on Earth, and interacting in various ways with many more of us. Often this will be via dreams, and small miraculous occurrences that assist us.

UFO events have been dramatically increasing with each passing week. This will only continue, and there are several huge UFO surprises coming in the near future.

On the economic front, as the banks and the banking system falters, teetering on the brink of total collapse, there will be giant levers pulled behind the scenes to keep the illusion going. Also, gun boat diplomacy ramps up to keep the dollar viable 'enough' into the year, 2013. 

Meanwhile, Britain descends in the expanding sinkhole that is the global economy. And, to use Max Kaiser's words, there will likely be a 'spectacular flameout of the economy' in London.

Worldwide, the pus of financial corruptions pours out. To smokescreen this truth, there will be Circus Circus false-flag events.

Remember, only what you have in hand will matter in the long run of life. From a prior forecast: "Hard assets, tangible goods, survival equipment... down on the farm and down on the ranch... this is the wise strategy before the banking Armageddon hits humanity. That, and ask for divine intervention." 

On the truth front, bringing Thor's hammer down is the theme for this week. The human race will no longer be denied. Now, the formidable winds of TRUTH are blowing ever fiercer, ever faster, as 2012 reaches its historic climax.

On the war front, thanks to the new world order crowd, an out-of-control, terrible chaos has seized the Mideast, and other war-torn places on the planet. The forthcoming strategy will be one of justifying 'their' ongoing war theaters, while convincing the population it's necessary, and even good for the world.

Out of this barbaric horrific mess, there will come a mass realization that evil reigns. Thus, many more will decide against the path of war, and take action against the dark-siders. There are already high-level battles taking place behind the scenes.

At this point, the use of drone aircraft escalates significantly. As well, more exotic weapons make an appearance. This is partly being done to scare 'the people' into being compliant, and giving up their rights.

On the AWAKENING front, the 'renegade members of the family of light' join minds and hearts more strongly. Their mission on Earth is to usurp the soulless ones, and to assist in bringing about a loving world. For, the celestial gates have now opened.

On the home front, The South is Rising. Think the DUKES OF HAZARD meets STAR WARS at this point in time.

Also, as the Depression and the oppression worsen, there will be a migration out of the US, as many decide to leave the country.

On the food front, as serious shortages begin, most likely during the middle of winter, there will be an enormous backlash by the people. If this situation is not headed off in a good way, riots and looting could rule many of the major cities.

However, this future is still fluid, and will depend, in part, on how well the people prepare to take care of themselves. As has been sadly demonstrated in NYC/NJ, the corp-gov cannot take care of you, and yours. And won't, except in the most minimal and haphazard way possible.

On the land changes front, to repeat from last week's forecast: "more superstorms are forming worldwide, and will be lashing the coastlines. With the forthcoming lineup of celestial events, get ready for a rocky, 'rock 'n roll' ride on planet Earth, especially during the next three months.

Also, there will be weather extremes, an increase in volcanic and earthquake activity. And, as mentioned before, large asteroid showers could begin."

As well, with HAARP aiming its high-powered, Tesla frequencies at St. Louis and the West Coast, look for manipulations of the weather and/or land changes.

On the energy front, pyramid power rises as a viable energy source, but will remain unknown by most of the population. Also, many of the ancient pyramids are being reactivated by 'friends' of humanity, and this will help transform the future.

As was stated last week: "The time has come for the energies, the power of the pyramid culture, to come forth once again."

On the really bad news front, the long dark winter of tyranny, is it here?

More and more, checkpoints with naked nuke machines are being setup. Electric bracelets, like dog shock collars, are being pushed as a good thing for those who fly commercially. In some areas, school children are being forced to wear micro-chipped badges, and forced to eat food not fit for prisons, because they're not allowed to bring lunches from home. Gardeners who grow food are being persecuted. Everything you do is tracked, traced and data-based, most of it in real time. Military is on the streets, and martial law, is being sold as necessary. And on and on it goes...

From the prior forecast: 'cybersecurity' is now code for bringing in a brutal censorship that will negatively affect everyone on the internet. The new world order crowd wants ONLY their messages to reach the people -- to keep us all trapped and mesmerized.

On the good news front, now many more of us are galvanized to end the massive corruption of the corp-gov, and to leave the system behind for a life worth living.

Now, with the arrival of the Aquarian Age, our very natures are being transfigured toward the Divine. Eventually, love and compassion will become the guiding force in human society.

On the freedom front, at this time, the 'swamp fox' mentality asserts itself, as one way to win liberty against overwhelming odds. General Francis Marion *The Swamp Fox* used guerilla war tactics to outwit the British troops during the American Revolution.

Trendwise, this is the time of the whistleblower. Even with the current high level of persecution and prosecution 'against' those who are willing to reveal wrongdoing, and secrets wrongly withheld from the people, there will be a swelling tide of truth tellers.

Also, from the previous forecast: "the gold wars are here. Fasten your financial seatbelts as the BIG BOY PIRATES, all over the globe, ferociously battle each other to be king of the golden pile. Nothing about this 'greed' will be pretty, especially for the rest of the world.

Also, as the month progresses, stock markets worldwide will quake bigtime. Further de-stabilization will occur at the end of year, done on purpose by the bankster gangster crowd. For, THEY want to appear as our saviors after a series of designed CRASHES."

This week is for searching out some fun times, and bringing laughter to those who need it most. Or, smile and the world smiles with you.

Angelic blessings from Volcano & Sedona

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Savanna Kougar ~ Run on the Wild Side of Romance ~



Savanna Kougar said...

Let the good times roll...

Pat C. said...

Dreams? The other night I dreamed I was sitting naked by the side of the highway, checking over a road map, when a biker gang roared up. I swear I had this same dream twice in the same night. Any idea what the light beings are trying to tell me?

Savanna Kougar said...

Was the biker gang friendly or menacing?

Pat C. said...

I don't know; the dream switched to something else before we exchanged words. I'm guessing finding a naked lady by the side of the road would make them very friendly. I hope they were good-looking.

Savanna Kougar said...

Hmmm, then they were an 'unknown'. Just a guess. But, I'd say you're feeling uncertain about which direction to travel on an important matter, in part, because of the 'unknown' factor.

Pat C. said...

I know I was considering a move to NJ and planned to do a recon next spring ... guess that's on hold for a while. I'm not even sure the area I was looking into still exists.

I want to know why I'm always naked in these dreams, and why Harrison Ford isn't there.

Savanna Kougar said...

Yeah, if it was around the boardwalk area, I keep hearing it's gone. How much? I don't know.

However, shorelines are going to keep getting hammered with superstorms, etc. Tsunamis are also a danger.

Yeah, where is Harrison Ford? ~naughty smiles~