Tuesday, August 19, 2008

The Magic of 8-08-2008 ~ No, It's Not the Olympics

~ 8 ~
The magic of 8-08-2008? No, it’s not the Olympics. At least, not for me. My apologies to whomever is enamored. However, the Chinese and I now share this auspicious opening date ~ this triple 8 day, with also adds up to an 8 day in numerology. Now, if 8...as the money number...translates into sales, I could really believe this was a fantastic date, since my novel, Tangerine Carnal Dreams, was released on this very day.
My date with the very important 8, how did I miss it? Don’t ask and I won’t tell. I’m blaming it partly on pure exhaustion. Partly on my inexperience. I’ve learned a lot so far on the business side of being an author, but with miles and miles to go. And one thing I’ve learned is that publishers operate differently.
So there it is, a major goof on my part. Okay, I admit it, every now and again, my goofball tendencies demonstrate themselves in a manner which leaves me wishing for that hole down to China. And boy, did this happen when I was attempting to promo When a Good Angel Falls on the chat loops a week ago last Monday. I made so many ridiculous mistakes it caused my head to spin. And it was already spinning for other reasons. Gee, I shoulda hired myself out for the next Exorcist movie.
Mel, you are not alone as a Noob. Perhaps, there’s a world somewhere out there which adores us Noobs. Far, far away, another planet-world. Or another dimension, perhaps even a parallel universe. Where Noobs are cherished and treasured, and provided with every wonderful comfort. Where Noobs are always thought to be impossibly and irresistibly adorable. And this land of ultra sexy men and women, is always on the lookout for more Noobs to add to their population. Yes, their mission, roaming the galaxy or entering every dimensional portal for more Noob immigrants.
Hey! Look down here, you Noob lovers. Take me...please! Raising hand here...

Still, the whole truth is, I am proud of my quatre 8 day release. It was a long journey from the time I submitted to the time of publication. Huge thanks to my editor, PJ Wilde, and to Aspen Mountain Press.
And I so love Jinger Heaston. She’s now done three fabulous covers for me. And here’s hoping for many more.

...a fire-shooting fierce woman...a shapeshifting prince of a stallion...and the tangerine aphrodisiac winds on a world far away...
Tangerine Carnal Dreams

Author: Savanna Kougar
Artist: Jinger Heaston

ISBN: 978-1-60168-127-0
Genre: Erotic Fantasy Paranormal
Publisher: Aspen Mountain Press
Publication Date: 08/08/2008
Sexual Content: Erotic


Corporal Kattalonia is a galactic enforcer-agent for her home world. Her father has just been accused of treason. She chases after the villain in an old rickety craft. Recovering her father’s stolen data cube will exonerate him, and halt the sale of top level secrets. The trouble, the villain’s trail leads to Yemisque, a world of tangerine carnal dreams. Great place to hide out. Great place for the erotic adventures of your choice.
Prince Ziocese, Bad Boy Extraordinaire has discovered his one woman. She shoots fire from her palm and is not an equine shifter, a mate his royal parents won’t accept. Renegade from his world, he still honors his sacred tradition, chasing her half-way across the galaxy. He will do anything to help her, to protect her. Whether she lets him or not. Trouble is he can’t catch her to prove himself. Or, to possess her with extreme pleasure.
Hopefully, in your tangerine dreams...
Savanna Kougar
Run on the Wild Side of Romance


Mel Hiers said...

Noobs of the world unite! :-D Hey, we're charming in our own way. Happy belated release day!

Savanna Kougar said...

Mel, thanks. We are charming in our own way!
Wasn't there an oldie Marilyn Monroe film where she was kinda in the adorable Noob mode, and got the hero, of course.

Savanna Kougar said...

Oooo, I just have to *squee* somewhere. I just found out When a Good Angel Falls is #3 on BookStrands topseller's list today.

Trish Milburn said...

Congrats on your release, Savanna. I have to say that for whatever reason, my favorite number has always seemed to be 8.

Have to admit that I am associating it with the Olympics now. I'm an Olympics junkie.

Savanna Kougar said...

Hi Trish, thanks. Believe me, I hope it's lucky for me.

Are you going to blog about your 4 from RT, and give us a blurbie?

Mel Hiers said...

Congrats on the #3! That's awesome!

Savanna Kougar said...

Mel, thanks. I haven't been brave enough to keep checking...
My own little quirkie. But if I want to keep writing, I can't ride the highs and lows, especially the lows of this biz.