Thursday, July 24, 2008

Tangerine Magical Cover Art

Short and tangerine sweet, everyone...the unveiling of my cover art for Tangerine Carnal Dreams, coming from Aspen Mountain Press. I placed the banner first, in case, the cover could be considered too risque. While there is no actual nudity on the cover, it is implied since the tangerine pleasure world of Yemisque is certainly clothing optional.
Just before I began this blog I heard Willie Nelson singing...a woman, and a stallion, and the wind...
There’s something so lyrical and so incredibly magical about that song for me...the song itself, the musical styling and especially how Willie sings it. And in that moment, the song was also a gift. With a flash of ah-ha, the lightbulb flared in my under-the-weather brain ~ those lyrics, changed a bit ~ perfectly fit the story of Tangerine Carnal Dreams.
....a woman, a stallion and the tangerine wind...

The woman, a fire-fierce heroine determined to save her father.
The stallion, shapeshifter playboy who keeps his royal heritage hidden.
The tangerine wind, a constant sultry aphrodisiac wind on the beaches of Yemisque.
I must confess as an author, there was something so lyrical and fun, so free and fantastic, as I wrote and lived Katta and Zio’s sizzle love story and their adventure, in my imagination.
I still don’t have a release day, but my stallion shifter and fire-fierce heroine novel is due to hit the e-shelves soon ~ ~

What was the most recent song lyric that contributed to your story, or was an inspiration to you personally?


Anitra Lynn McLeod said...

Hi Sav! Congratulations on another release! The last time I was inspired by a song lyric was from an album by The Alan Parson's Project called Turn of a Friendly Card. One of the lines was "with your honor bright."

That line rolled around in my head for about a week then I wrote a story about someone named Honor Bright. The story is a re-telling of the Robin Hood myth but the setting is Germany and Robin Hood is a woman.

Mai Christy Thao said...

Hi Savanna, great cover! It fits right in with the title, and it certainly looks "magical"! I love the concept of a shapeshifter stallion hero. Very interesting. Keep us posted on the release date!

Savanna Kougar said...

Anitra, that is so cool. I love that idea re-telling the Robin Hood myth with that particular name: Honor Bright.

Mai, thanks I will, being a proud parent of my book 'baby'.