Thursday, July 3, 2008

Tangerine Magic

Pardon for the late posting. Storms rolled through last night.
From the moment I heard the word ‘tangerine’ I felt enchanted. Why? I don’t have a clue, except that I simply luv the sound of the word itself. Of course, once I saw the brilliant red-orangey color, then smelled a tangerine...that sun-exotic tangy sweet fragrance...and, even better, tasted a tangerine, I was completely bewitched, and even more in love with everything tangerine.
Yep, Tangerine, a great name, a great packaging color, a great smell and a great taste. It’s healthy and it’s portable.
So, you may ask, where did the name originate from? Tangiers, of course. Because that’s where this variety of mandarin orange was shipped from at first, the ports of Tangier. The ‘-ine’ was added according to my secret intel...yeah, right (info via internet search) in the city of Florentine in Italy.
However, I say the Word Magicians waved their ever-powerful wands from behind the secret garden curtain, from whence the most wonderful and spectacular words originate...and voila, Tangerine was created for the enjoyment of All.
Now, the next fab four event in my love affair with the word ~ The Beatles ~ and the song written by Paul McCartney and John Lennon, Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds. The instant I heard that song, I was again enchanted and totally transported via my imagination into a fantasy-like world, one which could only be experienced within the imagination...and, one of the keys, I believe, to why psychedelic music and the movement, itself, held its own sorcery. Like Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds, it could be experienced within the dimension of the imagination and the mind. We fiction writers know about that intimately, the imagination, where our stories live and wait to be written.
The psychedelic age provided a new excitement, a starship of music and culture to explore the frontiers of the mind. Life had begun anew, or think a Jimi Hendrix poster vs the iconic magazine covers of Norman Rockwell.
Okay, I’ve sorta gotten off track...sorta. Picture yourself in a boat on a river, With tangerine trees and marmalade skies ~ the first two lines of Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds (actually inspired by John Lennon’s son, Julian, a childhood drawing he called by that name) ~ Not only did I fall in love with those lines, and the entire song, I was beautifully beguiled. And there it was again, firing up my imagination with flowing dreamy and magnificent images ~ that word, the color. Tangerine.
What if there was a tangerine world? The color, that is...yep, I invented that world in my novella, Tangerine Carnal Dreams. And had an awfully fun time building this world. And, yep, the edits are finalized. Whew!
And thus, we have arrived at promo time. For those who don’t enjoy erotic romance, or stallion shape shifting or a heroine who can and does shoot fire from her palm, please forego the following excerpt. While there is no nudity or actual sex, still...there are naughty words and I want you to be warned.

Happy Fireworks and Freedom day!

Tangerine Carnal Dreams ~ Savanna Kougar ~ coming from Aspen Mountain Press
Excerpt: From Chapter One ~
"Katta! Where are you? I’ve lost your blink on the netscope."
"I’m here, Jessa. Power-divert to tracking. I’ve got him, sis. I’ve got the son of a wormhole." Katta struck her relay panel forcing more power to her speed system. The old spacecraft jerked forward, into a new warp level-humming loudly, vibrating roughly.
"Come on, you bucket of silicon bolts. You know I luv ya."
"Katta, where are you?" Jessa’s voice bounced in and out, shrill with concern.
"Looks like our personal villain is on the fast trail to Yemisque."
"Yemisque! Katta, no. It’s not worth it."
"I don’t care. I’m going to get him."
"He can hide, do anything to you–almost anything." Jessa amended, having enjoyed Yemisque’s free wheeling sex pleasures often.
"I’ve gotta get it back. I’m not letting Dad go down the devil’s asshole. He’ll lose everything..."
"Katta, even you can’t–"
"I see it, Jessa. Tangerine as those gumdrops you gobble. Yep! His vapor fart swirls down to that planet lust-playground."
"Come back..." Her sister’s worried voice crackled faintly.
"Sorry, sis. Gotta cut you free."
Katta hit communications’ access with a swift hard slam of her fist. Then punched on the opening to Yemisque.
"Tangerine carnal dreams, here I come," she muttered fiercely, on fire with capturing her prey.
Automated landing instructions flowed, a sensual male crooning, translated into her birth language.
"Yeah, that’s what I’m coming for, a really hard-lunging time. Oh baby, give it to me, harder, oooooh harder," she mocked. Quickly, she set the rickety, but plucky craft on cruise.
Katta stretched, relieving the tight anticipation of her muscles. "I don’t suppose it’ll be a flush-out run to the nearest fornicating mecca. Get my quarry. Then get out. I wish. Upon a trillion zillion stars."
"Corporal Kattalonia Svelle of Windsworld, an interview once you land."
The Adonis male beamed a sensual smile from her antiquated screen. Her breath caught in her chest. Just for a moment. His clear blue lake eyes transfixed her, tripped her heart beat. Just for a moment.
"Sure, Master of Security. Could use your assistance. And you’re not half-bad to gaze longingly upon. How’s the wife?"
"In rambunctious heat. I’m in carnal paradise. Still playing the ice spinster, Corporal?"
"Too much chasing the bad galactic guy. No time for rambunctious lusting. See ya on the ground, handsome." Katta raised one brow. "No men hiding in the bushes, right? Ready to abscond with my unwilling body?"
Yemisque’s Master of Security merely fondled her with his smile, then blipped free of her screen.
Katta shook her head, then her entire body, freeing herself. His presence was all passion- encompassing. And a reminder she required a garment change to undercover gear.
"Trashy space babe coming up, or going down to..." Stretching, she slowly combed her fingers through her hair. "Oh, my goddess!" she whispered, an image of a male cock coming up, the idea of her going down on him. "I’m already ruined."

Tangerine kisses from the Kougar...

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Tangerine Carnal Dreams reviewed by Pokey, the Prairie Kid
(Son of Pokey, Gumby’s equine pal)
This fast blast, carnal romping adventure is the perfect summer pasture read for every mare and stallion. Your tail will fly banner-high as you enjoy how Zio, hero and a stallion shifter, chases his one true love straight into his human arms, despite Corporal Kattalonia’s determination not to become his Mate. With her fiery temper and her fiery palm aimed at him, he’ll have to stampede over every obstacle on the lust playground planet of Yemisque to win her.
Pokey paws the ground and gives 5 whinnies.
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Red Lioness Tamed ~ spicy sci fi available from Liquid Silver Books, Molten Silver ~ ~ Untamed lioness lost in space
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Pleasures of Blue Lotus Oil [World of the Blue Pearl Moon, Book II] ~ aristocratic fantasy coming from Siren Publishing
Tangerine Carnal Dreams ~ stallion shifter adventure coming from Aspen Mountain Press
When a Good Angel Falls ~ 2012 angelic fantasy coming from Siren-BookStrand summer 2008
Murder by Hair Spray in Gardenia, New Atlantis ~ futuristic coming from Siren-BookStrand

Savanna Kougar ~ Run on the Wild Side of Romance ~


Evonne Wareham said...


Your list of titles is getting awesome. "Tangerine" takes me back to the days when there was always one in the toe of the Xmas stocking, but you've given it a whole new slant.

Savanna Kougar said...

Evonne, thanks! Yeah, I remember way back to kiddie days, we would get an orange in the toe of our xmas stocking, too. Then the custom became outdated here.

Lexie O'Neill said...

I love your titles! I know what you mean about the sound of words (like tangerine) evoking all sorts of emotion. I started out (in third grade:) writing poetry and savoring words was part of the attraction.
We had oranges in our stockings, too. I've done that to my kids once or twice (maybe we'll revive the tradition this year:) Just kidding,

Savanna Kougar said...

Lexie, thanks. It's nice to know someone else savors words as much as you do!

Anitra Lynn McLeod said...

Loving words is what got me into writing. :) We were on the river yesterday talking about interesting words like frienemy (a friend and an enemy) and everyone had their favorite. Also, someone mentioned that the word "bling" is now in the oxford dictionary . . . I think it's amazing how the world of words is always evolving. :)

Savanna Kougar said...

Hi Anitra, isn't though? Especially these days, where new words pop up, and either cycle out fairly quickly, or become part of the language. Bling definitely being one of them.
I haven't heard frienemy much? TV show term?

Anitra Lynn McLeod said...

Sav--I'm not sure where I heard that word but I think on a TV show like Gossip Girl or something similar.

Also, we talked about oxy morons like "friendly fire" or "jumbo shrimp". Everyone had a favorite. My dad's was "military intelligence".

Savanna Kougar said...

Anitra, 'military intelligence' -- that's a good one, and I don't mean most of today'just regular good folk in uniform.
Anyone remember Gomer Pyle in the military?

BTW, I just got a peek at the cover art. I like the concept of it, and most of the artistic execution...but I'm thinking, there will be those who don't too!