Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Jimi Gaskin, Feeling Poetic!

I'm delighted to welcome James Gaskin as our guest blogger today. Jimi was one of the runners up in Mr. Romance 2008 at the Romantic Times Convention. We had the pleasure of meeting him in Pittsburgh, and he is very much a gentleman of the old school. During the Mr. Romance contest he played a British Lord from one of Bonnie Vanak's historical romances and I think he has found his niche.

Jimi gives us a glimpse into his romantic soul with his thoughts on the meaning of life, in a poem.

Meaning of Life

My time will come as I am laying in bed,
Long after everything has been done and said.
And shortly after taking my last breath,
I imagine playing chess with the one called Death
And during our game, I'm sure he will ask,
Without a pause, as if it was his task.
The one question I've asked with great strife,
"May you please tell me the Meaning of Life?"
And as I fumble for any answer, grinning,
I start my story from the very beginning.

From day one, as we enter the world and open our eyes,
We adjust to much more than just the lights and looks of surprise.
The first few years, the world seems strange and confusing,
While at the same time, appears oddly amusing.
At this moment, we're forced to do nothing but learn,
As we grow to cherish our parents love in return.
Growing older, we believe we are unbreakable and brave,
When in reality, nothing conquers how our parents forgave.
Teenage years are flooded with changes and conflict,
Whom to give your heart to becomes hard to predict.
Adulthood comes and life is still not all figured out,
You still have hope, but realize your heart has some doubt.
Then one day, you meet someone who finally makes you complete.
You wonder how your heart survived life never being so sweet.
And now, find yourself wishing for only one desire,
For others to experience love in its entire.

Upon ending my story, I will smile with grace,
As I try and read an unreadable white face.
And as I crawl out of my bed,
He'll give a nod with his head.
Not to signify right or wrong,
But to motion we must move along.
And as we travel towards the stairs,
I will be whistling without any cares.
It doesn't matter whether we are going up or down,
Memories of the ones I love will always be around.


Savanna Kougar said...

Jimi, luv your poetic sentiments on love.
Welcome to Title Magic, and cute smile.

Helen Scott Taylor said...

Jimi, thanks for being with us today. Wonderful poem. You are a romantic. Look forward to seeing you on a book cover soon!

Lexie O'Neill said...

Thanks for blogging with us! Hmmm...the poem has some hidden depths, I think. Do you really mean it doesn't matter whether you go up or down--that is, hell is perfectly fine with you as long as you can remember your loved ones?
Or did it mean something entirely different? Poetry can be intriguing, and dangerous in the interpretation!
Thanks again,

Mona Risk said...

Jimi, I love your poem and the credit you give your parents. I never imagined you would be indulging into writing poems, and yet it suits your attitude. You have been the gentleman all along. I hope you will find soon the one who will make you complete and happy. Great picture.

Terri said...

Oh, my - a smile like that AND a poetic soul? I'm not sure the world is ready for you! :-)

Loved the poem, the outlook on life and the image of playing chess with Death. Thanks for sharing it with us.

Mai Christy Thao said...

Hi Jimi. First off, thanks for being with us today. Now, WOW. Great poem! It has depth and attempts to answer a question that clearly doesn't have a defined answer. I love your thoughts on the meaning of life, and your view on love. Very nice to hear this from a guy! And I hope you write more because I see true talent here!

Jimi Gaskin said...

Good morning everyone one. It's around 6am in Hawaii.
I first want to thank Helen for inviting me onto Title Magic's blog today.:)

I'm glad you guys enjoyed the poem. :)
I'm not a very religious person, but i wanted to come up with some sort of answer for the meaning of life. Just in case Heaven does exist, i dont want to be that person in line who doesn't have an answer.:) What excuse could i give them for not having one? I didnt believe in you guys. I'm sure they would tell me to stand in the other line.:)
I wrote the line, "it doesn't matter whether we go up or down," because for me, as long as you have love and people who love you, it really doesnt matter where you go. It was a tribute to my friends and family who are in Iraq. I will always be awe with those who willingly go to "Hell" because of their love. Whether its for their country, friends, or family.

Lexie O'Neill said...

Hawaii? I missed that--I won a contest and got to take the family there a few years ago--my favorite place we've gone--heaven.
As far as the Iraqi war intent, I didn't see it, but that's the beauty of poetry.
Thanks again,

Trish Milburn said...

Hey, Jimi. Ah, the writing chops come out. :) Very nice poem. Hope all is going well for you.

Janice Lynn said...

Hi Jimi! Just wanted to pop over from to say hello! Loved the poem. :) Ya know, I once said that you're the kind of guy I hope my daughter someday meets. Too bad she's only ten. Well, actually, I'm glad she's only ten. Too bad you're not ten. ;)

Smooches & love the pics!! Woo hoo!!! They really capture your smile--which is one of your best features. :)

Take care!

Savanna Kougar said...

Hawaii...oh my, I got to visit once. Maui was peaceful and spectacularly beautiful. I loved just walking around, looking at the scenery and garden yards, and, of course, the ocean. I actually got to ride a horse through a pineapple plantation and along the beach. One dream come true.
Who knows maybe I could talk one of my e-publishers into using you as a cover model?

Jimi Gaskin said...

I'm stoked that a few of you have seen the islands.:)
The next time anyone finds themselves on Hawaii, you should let me know. I'm passionate about showing people what the islands have to offer.

For those who have myspace and haven't added me yet, please add me @\the_very_last_url

I would love to stay in contact with you guys.:)

Anitra Lynn McLeod said...

Thanks for sharing your poem with us--truly a nice change of pace here on Title Magic!