Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Is it Magical for You?

The question: How do you feel about interacting with a heroine and/or hero once you’ve read their story? Is it magical for you? Fun? Thrilling or satisfying? Do you gain more insights into them as characters? Or is it just a big ho-hum, and you’re not really interested? Of course, I assume, that partly depends on how much you resonated with the heroine/hero, and enjoyed their story.
To me, ‘interacting’, letting my heroines and heroes remain ‘alive’ so to speak, seems like an enchanting idea. Why not let my main characters speak, and answer the readers’ questions? However, this daydreamy twirling-around-my imagination idea is partially generated from the fact that I love my heroines and am always in love with my heroes. They are real to me. After all, they’ve been telling me their story. Or, more often showing me their story like a movie, and letting me feel what it is they are feeling for an x-amount of words.
For me, another appealing aspect of allowing my main characters to speak beyond their story, is that I enjoy acting, or playing a role. During my college years I had the opportunity to act in plays and take theater classes. To my ever-lasting prideful ego, I even had one major actor in my city, try to convince me to pursue an acting career. So, it’s a natural...can’t-change-my-leopard-spots natural...for me to ‘channel’ my heroines and heroes. And the villains. As if I’m playing a role.
Granted, I haven’t availed myself of the opportunity to interact, when it comes to the characters of other authors...yet. *Blush, blush* I have...*whispering now*...interacted with Lord Craven-Moore (, I must reinforce this for the sake of my reputation, interacted only in the most lady-like of ways. However, the Lord resides at the leisure and pleasure of the Lady Authors on their blog, not as a hero in any of their novels.
While I haven’t interacted, I have read a few hero ‘interviews’. One, as if the author herself interviewed her hero. Also, there are authors who devote a web page, a MySpace page, a blog page, or ~ you-tell-me pages ~ to keeping their heroine(s) and/or hero(s) alive. Sometimes, even the villains have their say. A lot of times this comes about as a clever fun way to promo a novel. Or often, by the demand of the author’s devoted readers. Personal note: Wouldn’t that be nice?
My first attempt at giving a voice to one of my main characters beyond his story...well, that dubious first honor goes to my hero in All Shades of Blue Paradise.
Wagering in the World of the Blue Pearl Moon ~ An Interview with Baron Zaggry Dhio Vettura ~ was written for my recent blog with Destiny Blaine ( Little did she realize what lieu of ‘mad scientist’...she loosed, when innocently asking, in the comment section of her blog with us Title Magicians...if betting took place on the horses featured in my story, the sport horses of the Braverth. Well, off-to-the-races absolutely. Plunk down the coins or discreetly place your wagers, ladies and gentlemen!
Currently, the Baron’s complete interview can be found on the shiny new Siren-BookStrand Author’s blog ( ~ under the topic, Hot Heroes.
The first part of the Baron’s blog is presented here...hopefully...for your entertainment.

"Wagering is a way of life in Baron Vettura’s aristocratic world, especially on any horse sport. And with the revival of the war horse sport of Braverth, all bets are definitely on, amid the swirling dangers of plots and constant intrigues.
Today, I thought I’d let my hero in All Shades of Blue Paradise, Book I & Pleasures of Blue Lotus Oil, Book II ~ speak for himself on the subject of wagering in the World of the Blue Pearl Moon."

An interview with Baron Zaggry Dhio Vettura ~
Wagering in the World of the Blue Pearl Moon

Baron Zaggry Dhio Vettura entered the Regent’s extravagantly appointed reception chamber. Immediately he strode toward the woman comfortably seated on an elegant chair designed for her small, curve-flowing body. The Emissary from the green-water world of Vhesphia, the planet residing in the inner orbit next to his world, had arrived requesting to interview him.
Bowing over her slender four-fingered hand, Baron Zaggry briefly pressed his lips upon her dolphin-like skin. Rising, he offered her the warmth of his grin, and the admiring flash of his gaze. "Emissary Gjylish, may I compliment your slim loveliness and the jade-sheen beauty of your complexion?"
"Baron Vettura, you may...of course." Her natural throat-deep voice held feminine giggles, surfacing like bubbles. "And may I compliment the promptness of your appearance. My request to interview you must have caused your personal schedule some strain. I can only apologize, however, the people of my world have been devouring news of the Braverth, and are particularly fascinated with the idea of wagering on sport events. A cultural way we do not possess. Please..." She floated her delicate arm toward the chair facing her.
Pivoting, Baron Zaggry seated himself. Lounging back like the golden cougar his Sheridan called him, he steepled his fingers and focused his full attention on the bright-eyed Vhesphian. "Your command of our formal language is most superior, Emissary Gjylish. What question would you ask first?"
"In our culture wagering occurs on games of chance and intuitive skill. Certainly not with the level of zeal your culture displays. How did high-coin wagering become such a passionate past time?"
Zag smiled suavely, lacing his fingers...

For the purpose of keeping this blog ‘not too long’, the Baron’s interview is continued at ~ ~
Is this idea magical for you? Or should the spell-waving wand for this idea remain unused? Authors, aspiring authors, readers...what say you?


Savanna Kougar said...

Welcome, welcome, to all who comment.

Terry Odell said...

I love interviews with characters. I do it with mine all the time. (I've even posted them on my blog and website). And yes, I confess to daydreaming about meeting some of the folks I've read about. Mine, of course, but I keep hoping I'll meet Roare in the supermarket some day. As if he'd ever shop!

Red Garnier said...

Hey Savanna!! What a great post. I've never done character interviews but it is sooo cool, I might take up inspiration from you!! Thank you for sharing this and big hugs!

Kayelle Allen said...

I used to poll my readers on which of the Jades (pleasure slaves of Her Majesty Rheyn Destoiya) would be interviewed next. She had several. They were very open gentlemen and enjoyed sharing as much as the empress would allow. Readers loved it, and so did I. It was a great writing exercise to get into character.

I also created a space on my website where the companies and various places in my books could be accessed. An imperial internet I dubbed Imperinet. I'm redoing it with a professional designer this year and it will be quite flashy and modern. I think readers love getting lost in a story. I know I do!

Great question, Savanna!

Mel Hiers said...

Hey, Savanna!

I think it's an awesome idea! I've actually been playing around with having one of my secondary characters (a tiny, hyper, and very blunt fairy) interview some of the others in the Anna series for website content. It's been pretty fun, even if I decide not to use it! And it's helped me draft books 2 and 3.

Savanna Kougar said...

Terry, 'as if he'd ever shop!' ~ that tickled my funny bone. Well, a gal can dream, can't she?
Who was the last character you interviewed?

Savanna Kougar said...

Hi Red, thanks for stopping by, Luv to see your first character interview ~ that is, if you ever get a breath or two to write it.

Savanna Kougar said...

Kayelle, that's fabulous and fascinating. When you have it all
modernized, you'll have to share your grand opening with us.
Do you have a link now for readers to enjoy your characters?
Poll, that is a good idea.

Savanna Kougar said...

Mel, ah, come on, share with us, when you're ready. I'd luv to read the interviews by your 'fairy'. That is an awesome approach!

Terry Odell said...

Hi, Savanna -
My last interview was with Randy & Sarah to see if they'd be willing to 'star' in a sequel to Finding Sarah.

It's here

Savanna Kougar said...

Terry, that was a wonderful interview! Very clever. And, my goodness, deceiving your heroine and hero like that..tsk, they forgive you?

Terry Odell said...

Glad you enjoyed the interview, Savanna -- and yes, all is forgiven, as is evidenced by the other bits and pieces they let me write after the book was supposed to be over -- I guess they enjoyed the sex parts enough to put up with all the rest I made them go through. And because it's a sequel, they got a second HEA.

Anitra Lynn McLeod said...

Great idea, Sav! I might have to steal it! :) A lot of my characters live on in my head long after I've finished the novel. In fact, two of them invaded my dreams until I wrote another novel for them.

Savanna Kougar said...

Terry, that's a good idea. Give them another HEA. What a selling point.

Savanna Kougar said...

Anitra, steal or borrow away, since I certainly 'borrow' good ideas from others!
I know what you mean. They can get real pesky.
The Baron kept up a steady, if subtle and gentlemanly campaign to get his interview. Boy, did he have me read right, and got his way.

Anitra Lynn McLeod said...

I think some characters are so real to us they are like friends we love spending time with. If I don't feel that way about one of my characters, I don't see how I can make a reader feel that way. :)

And thanks for sharing the idea!

Oh, and Terry--like you I often hope to meet my characters. :) A few times I've seen people in the store that remind me of one of my characters and I have to be careful not to stare too much . . . I don't want people to think I'm nuts!

Savanna Kougar said...

Anitra, good point about liking your characters. That's one reason I write because I do love my characters.
If I saw one of my heroes I'd probably hyperventilate, and either run, or collapse in a dead faint.