Saturday, February 4, 2017

My Sexy Saturday ~ Waiting For a Filly Girl ~ Moonrise Lake, Montana

Sexy Saturday kisses, everyone. 

I don't have many *Sexy About Town* scenes in my paranormal erotic romances. However, here's a slice-of-life snippet where the hero, Drev, is waiting in Moonrise Lake's coffee shop. Moonrise Lake is the small town in Wolf Peak Territory, my fictional shapeshifter-supernatural world at ShapeShifter Seduction


Seven paragraphs from ~ 

Chapter Twenty-two: 
Elly Fae's Espresso Bar

...Lowering the paper, Drev glanced out the window. Last night's snowfall blanketed the streets and sidewalks. The afternoon slant of sunlight made it sparkle. Not many were about, probably choosing to stay cozy at home since the snow had begun again. 

Damn, he hoped Keina wasn't angry at him for sending his brother to her apartment. Like a blade ripping through his belly, Drev warrior-sensed Prince Tretorff's determined pursuit. The way he figured it, his filly girl would be safer in the company of a human, rather than flying back to his cabin. 

She hadn't seemed upset when Sean called to tell him they were on the road, and the snowfall wasn't heavy. He'd briefly spoken to Keina then. But, women were skilled at disguising their emotions in any given social situation—when it suited them, of course. 

Drev grinned to himself. He savored another large swallow of coffee. Sean had practically volunteered. 'Course, his brother would be dying of curiosity, knowing Drev had avoided serious relationships for years now. 

Plus, as he'd told Sean no other woman 'charged his batteries' like Keina. Hell yeah, his brother would be chomping at the bit to meet her, learn all he could about her. 

And if he only knew about her horse shifter side...well, maybe one day, if his brother opened up to the paranormal...'cause, Sean had a thing for horses like their dad. 

"Refill or regular?" Ellisa asked, holding the old-fashioned, glass pot at the ready. She flashed a sweet, if mischievous smile. 


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