Saturday, January 28, 2017

My Sexy Saturday ~ Branded By the Texans ~ Was it raining?

Happy Year of the Fire Rooster and Sexy Saturday kisses, everyone. 

Rainy days and Mondays... that song plays in my head just thinking about this week's theme: My Sexy Rainy Afternoon. 

Okay, the only rain scene I can think of is in BRANDED BY THE TEXANS. 


Here are SEVEN sexy paragraphs~ 

Kylie emerged from complete blackness, and felt as though she crawled
up a long tunnel as she woke up. Was it raining? Something splashed on the
roof above her. If so... She snuggled deeper, reaching for her pillow. An
instant later alarm raced through her. This wasn’t her bed. 

Where the F was she? Who was she lying on top of? Whoever he was, he was damn fucking large, his body impossibly hard and definitely aroused. Kylie didn’t move attempting to remember. Still composed of fog, her brain refused to cooperate.

“It’s okay, sweet thang.”

Her eyes snapped open. That voice. She recalled everything, the tidal wave of it sweeping over her. Kylie jerked upward. “No, it’s not.”

“Yes, it is.” 

Shit, he was toying with her, his tone amused, smug. In the dim grayish light, his dark gray eyes glistened like steel beneath the noon rays of the sun. “You look like a Viking masquerading as a cowboy.” 

“Best compliment I’ve ever had.” He smiled as if all was right with his world. 


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