Monday, August 8, 2016

Volcano’s Angelic Headline Forecast ~ Flying Monkeys Circle and Terrorize ...

Art by Josephine Wall ~ Flight To Aquarius

Versus the Crystalline AWAKENING of The People 

HIGH STRANGENESS RULES For the Next Several Weeks, In ***All*** Paranormal/Supernatural Categories ... Specifically, In the Realm of UFOS, the Skies Become More Crowded, and There Will Be More Reported Actual Landings of Craft Across the World

Now several of the WHITE HAT *ET* groups will be upping their visibility. Meanwhile, the dark-side faction of the BREAKAWAY CIVILIZATION will be showing their advanced flying craft, as well, for their own nefarious purposes. And the space wars are going full force. Watch the skies, if you dare.

LAND CHANGES, In the Near Future, Land-Change-Events Will *Likely* Strike the State of California – Devastating Certain, But Not ALL Areas ... You Must Leave If That Is Your Inner Guidance ... Also, Other Disastrous Events Centered Around *Land Changes* Are and Will Be Happening At Superspeed Around the Planet: Earthquakes, Volcanoes, Strange Superstorms, Historic Flooding and Drought Conditions ... Sinkholes Will Likely Increase Greatly ... The Weather Wars Continue Unabated ... Plus, the Chemtrail/Geoengineering That Is Poisoning Mother Earth's Humanity, Animals, Plants, Is Being EXPOSED

Now, White Hat Forces are all about shutting down this aerial abomination-bombarded, which is disastrously terraforming the planet. There will be a string of assassinations on both sides. Notice those of prominence who 'die' at this time.

Headline: From California to Nevada, wildfires burn in seven Western states

Headline: Powerful eruption of Rinjani sends ash 9.7 km a.s.l., Aviation Color Code on Red, Indonesia

Headline: VERY, VERY-DANGEROUS---Powerful earthquake hits near Tambora Volcano, Indonesia – Sign of another imminent super eruption?

As the CRYSTALLINE AWAKENING of THE PEOPLE Continues Sweeping Over the Planet, the FAMESTREAM PRESSTITUTE MEDIA Dies on the Proverbial Vine of Mass Public Opinion

Now the Media lies, the deceptive spin, become so epic, so obviously evil, that many of the unawakened Sheeple bleat their horror and disgust, then run like a wolf-chased herd toward the salvation of humankind's Aquarian Age AWAKENING.

However, there will be those so zombie-blinded that they will run into the slavering, *big bad* wolf's opened jaws. Sadly, most cannot and will not be saved. If you know these sheeple, you must let them go in peace, or they will drag you along to their eventual doom.

The Jihadi Conquering of America Is Upon Our Doorstep, and the Gate Is Being Left Wide Open ... This Is Problem, Reaction, Solution By the Machiavellian Globalists ... That Is, Let the Hordes In, Destroy the Nation, Bring the Sheeple to Their Knees, Then Offer The One-World *You Are the Serf* Solution

In the coming days horrific jihadi attacks will be unleashed upon unsuspecting Americans and Canadians, and upon the Europeans ... This will sadly become the norm. Keep your eyes open, your powder dry, and protect those you love. And remember, GUN FREE ZONES do not work, if you want to live.

The Wicked Witch's Flying Monkeys Circle and Terrorize Anyone Who Dares Threaten Her Coronation ... Question: How Physically and Mentally Ill Is Hitlary?

Yep, the deaths keep piling up around the Wickedest Witch Ever. 
Headline: ANOTHER MYSTERIOUS DEATH=> Activist and Sanders Supporter Who Served Papers to DNC on Fraud Case Found Dead

Article: The Clinton Death Squads; The Growing List of Dead Political Enemies

Meanwhile, the Clone Clown Administration Secretly Plans To Continue His Emperor-hood, Yet Makes a Big Disastrous Move, Revealing Who Really Casts the Deciding Votes In Our 'Supposed' Democracy

Make My Day...Clint Eastwood Is Tired of the Pussy Wussy Generation ... This Mood Becomes Fierce Across the Country As THE PEOPLE RISE, and Work To Regain Their Liberty

Thus, the clash between the pussy wussy generation and the 1776 freedom lovers SHAPES the times to come, here, and worldwide. Hang onto your hats. Hang onto your soul. And, run toward the sound of the screaming nonsensical shouts of the social justice warriors. With vids show everyone who and what they are.

Now Phoenix-Rises the Strong Moral Warrior and Warrioress *Versus* the Degenerate Corrupt *Let Them Eat Cake*Technocrats

Let the Aquarian Age Battle Begin. For, the TIME is now.

The New Entrepreneur Culture, the Renaissance Revival, Goes Whole Hog Now ... This Is Worldwide ... As THE PEOPLE Remove the Blinders Forced Upon Them By the New World Order Criminals, They Move Forward With Unstoppable Determination

In whatever ways you and your loved ones are able to become self-sufficient... however, you can create your own *mom and pop* enterprises, your own food growing and distribution business, your own community trade and barter system ... DO IT NOW!!! 

The Fearsome Russian Bear Delivers His Intention To Defend His Country, HIS PEOPLE, From the Dark-Side Cabal Masquerading As the U.S. ... He WILL NOT Backdown.


This Intensifies Far Beyond Any Current Expectation: The Cyber-Machine Borg Mentality Versus the Wild and Free Hearts of the Aquarian Age Artisans

That is the sky-rocketing tech revolution is claimed by ***both*** the Borg-heads demanding immortality in the cyber-verse, and those who would live their free wild hearts, those who create for the love of it, and use tech for the betterment of humanity as a whole.

This crucial battle for the soul and spirit of humankind, this rage against the machine, will remaine underground until it explodes to the surface during the middle of next year, 2017. However, key battlegrounds are being established now. Which side will you choose?


Hero and Heroine from WHEN A GOOD ANGEL FALLS 

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