Thursday, August 4, 2016

More Templar Treasure Secrets

So, my Title Magicians, Templar Master William F. Mann, who appeared on Coast to Coast am, has also been interviewed by Whitley Strieber on his Dreamland show. And it was one heckuva GOOD interview, with more insights and knowledge about how the Templars arrived on the North American Continent... and how they basically outsmarted their enemies, including the Vatican. 
If I ever get to write Dante and Kitty's love story -- the alpha wolf leader of Wolf Peak Territory, and his cat woman mate... well, the Montana Templars will be included. ~SMILES~

Friday July 29, 2016

The Quest for the Templar Treasure Takes a New Turn!

Ever since the fall of Jerusalem to Saladin and the subsequent destruction of the Knights Templar, it has been known that survivors took an enormous treasure with them when they escaped from France to Scotland.

Listen as legendary Templar Master William F. Mann takes us on what has become for him a life quest in search of that treasure.

This interview is an all-time classic Dreamland, as Whitley lets William weave his tale of highest adventure that leads not to traditional locations such as the "Money Pit" on Oak Island in Newfoundland, but deep into the American heartland and the world of Native American lore and legend.

Will William find the Templar Treasure? Has he already found it?? Listen and find out!

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