Monday, October 19, 2015

Angelic Forecast from Volcano ~ October 19, 2015

Weekly Angelic Forecast from Volcano 

Straight from the Carnal Cherub himself...

Angelic Forecast ~ #372       

The Power Structure of the World -- Built On the Giant Sand Castles of Lies and Deception -- Now Crumbles 

For, This False World Is Blown Away By the Winds of Truth... and Is Being Washed Away In the Purifying Waters of the Aquarian Age

On the magickal, mystical front, this week the 'Mages of Ages Lost' tornadically spin their mighty lightblades, ripping off the final masks that conceal the viper evil ones. Hardcore, the battle between GOOD, life-force magick and the black-magick death-force of the Viper elite, explodes across the planet Earth. 

This will be observed in several ways. Even as extremes of evil are now EXPOSED, the extreme GOOD of humankind also takes center stage. Further, the Light Warriors rally their troops, and charge into the battle. Thus, eliminating groups preying on and terrorizing humanity. 

On the personal front, this week may seem more peaceful than the previous weeks. Take time to breathe in the essence and colors of Autumn. For, the turning of the seasons will offer an opportunity to re-organize those parts of your life that are in need. 

This is an ideal time to prepare for the months ahead. Also, a new clarity of mind is likely to emerge. Use this to your best advantage in the coming months. 

AS ALWAYS, love is in the air. For your HEART CENTER glows brighter with each passing day. Give your love those who are deserving. And accept love from others. Yet, only that love which truly serves you, your soul. 

On the paranormal front, Ghost Tales Abound!!! 

BLURB: "...Charlie Frates, a ghost tour guide in Albuquerque, New Mexico, shared tales of hauntings from the Old Town portion of the city as well as his own paranormal experiences. "These are not stories," he said of the encounters he details during his tours, "these are actual tales from diaries, journals, and eyewitness accounts." He explained that they generally surround ghosts that have been seen multiple times by different, unrelated witnesses, thus eliminating the potential for urban legends or misidentifications. Frates also stressed that, due to his own paranormal experiences, he eschews the role of 'ghost hunter' and prefers to not personally engage these spirits, in order to avoid "any hitchhikers going home with me." 
During his appearance, Frates recounted a number of ghost tales from famous locations in Albuquerque's Old Town district, such as a place known as the haunted chapel. He detailed how this chapel was built in the 1970's by a group of nuns and, during its construction, they saw an older woman wearing all black Victorian funeral garb wandering around the grounds. After the chapel was completed, the ghost seemed to move inside, where she was frequently seen rising from a pew, going to the center of the room, and then disappearing by dropping down through the floor. According to Frates, witnesses of this display often reacted with such shock and fear that they fainted and had to be taken to the hospital. 

On the UFO front, ARTICLE: "Some Clearer Pictures of UFOs For a Change"

On the TIME TRAVEL front, ARTICLE: "John Titor's 5100 Computer Label ~ Wednesday, October 14, 2015 
Between 2000 and 2001, several Internet bulletin boards dedicated to strange phenomena were filled with postings about a supposed time traveler name John Titor.
Titor, whoever he was, was the source of many of the postings himself.  After being interviewed by Art Bell on Coast to Coast AM, a large number of people became interested in the man's story and his predictions of future events.
John Titor claimed to be a soldier from the year 2036." 

On the GIANTS front, ARTICLE: "Calling Steve Quayle And Timothy Alberino! Giant Skeletons Uncovered In Ecuador Support Your New Documentary Findings, Have Been Sent For Scientific Testing GO TO-" 

On the HISTORY/HERSTORY front, ARTICLE: "Ten Legendary Lost Cities that Have Emerged from the Past" 

On the INTERDIMENSIONAL PORTAL front, ARTICLE: "The Real-Life Science of Opening Interdimensional Portals on Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.
On last week's episode of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., Daisy opened an interdimensional portal by using her seismic abilities to emit a certain frequency, which the show explained with quantum physics, specifically "quantum harmonic oscillation." But is this an actual physical phenomenon, or just the show using quantum physics as an easy catch-all? According to Professor Chad Orzel, a physicist at Union College, it's a little bit of both." 

On the MOON front, ARTICLE: "China has had a telescope on the moon for the past two years ~ 12 October 2015 
Point a telescope at the moon, and you might just see one looking back. Chinese researchers have reported that their robotic telescope, the first of its kind, has been operating flawlessly ever since it landed on the moon in 2013." 

On the *gee, have you looked at the geometric structure on Saturn's pole recently?* front, ARTICLE: "Have researchers discovered an alien MEGASTRUCTURE?
Daily Mail | ‘Bizarre’ star could be surrounded by a Dyson sphere built by extraterrestrials, researchers claim." 

On the land changes front, HUGE LAND AND WEATHER CHANGES During the Next Four Months Will Permanently Alter Earth In Mostly GOOD Ways ... But Hang On Because There Will Be Some Rough-Tough Sailing Ahead 

HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "Six million people on evacuation standby as Typhoon Koppu hits The Philippines: ~Saturday, 17 October 2015~ It's the 24th tropical storm of the season with typhoon Champi (25W), the 25th not far away!" 

VIDEO: Thousands Evacuated as Typhoon Koppu Slams Luzon Island  

HEADLINE: "'A raging river of mud': Shocking photos of the hundreds of cars and trucks completely CONSUMED by 6ft-deep California mudslide" 

HEADLINE-SNIPPET: " Magnitude-4.4 Earthquake Rocks Oklahoma, Kansas
News - October 11, 2015; 10:30 AM ET
Residents from McPherson, Kansas, to Norman, Oklahoma, told the USGS that they felt the earthquake, according to the USGS website. 

HEADLINE: " Volcano..One to watch: Increase in volcanic unrest! Lake level risen by two metres since June. White Island Volcano NZ": THIS IS THE ISLAND THAT HAD 'TELL TALE ACTIVITY' PRIOR TO HUGE MEGA QUAKE IN INDONESIA 

On the *climate change* front, ARTICLE: "Top Physicist Freeman Dyson: Obama ‘Took the Wrong Side’ on Climate Change
CNS News | “How does it happen that a whole generation of scientific experts is blind to obvious facts?” 

On the DROUGHT front, PHOTOS: 400-Year-Old Church Emerges From Drying Mexico Reservoir 
Amid building drought conditions, plummeting water levels in Mexico’s Nezahualcoyotl reservoir have revealed a 400-year-old church known as the Temple of Santiago. 

ARTICLE: "Forest Service Being Sued To Stop Nestle From Drawing Water In National Forest" 

On the AWAKENING front, Self-Hatred...What Has Been Inserted Into the Human Psyche By An Ancient Dark Force, Is Now Being Brought Into the Cleansing Light of the Aquarian Age 

Now is the time to evolve beyond any and every form of self-hatred. At this spinpoint, the Inter-dimensional Benevolent Ones are assisting everyone on Earth who truly wishes to step into their REAL POWER, into their REAL HUMANESS. 

This is NOT about refusing to take responsibility for your wrongdoings. It is for those of us who wish to claim our true beautiful essence as human beings. 

For, WE THE PEOPLE MUST STEP INTO OUR TRUE STRENGTH AND STAND TOGETHER -- All colors, all creeds -- that is, if we are to defeat the berserker-beast dark-side establishment... if we are to save Mother Earth from the rape, pillage, and plunder of the Machiavellian international conglomerates. 

VIDEO: "The #1 LIE You’ve Been Told All Your Life
Paul Joseph Watson | You are not worthless & you do have power." 

On the SUPER POLICE STATE *WARNING!!! [How easy would it be to frame someone innocent?]* front, SAW THAT COMING
Cops are asking and 23andMe for their customers’ DNA
by Kashmir Hill | October 16, 2015 
When companies like and 23andMe first invited people to send in their DNA for genealogy tracing and medical diagnostic tests, privacy advocates warned about the creation of giant genetic databases that might one day be used against participants by law enforcement. DNA, after all, can be a key to solving crimes. It “has serious information about you and your family,” genetic privacy advocate Jeremy Gruber told me back in 2010 when such services were just getting popular.
Now, five years later, when 23andMe and Ancestry both have over a million customers, those warnings are looking prescient. “Your relative’s DNA could turn you into a suspect,” warns Wired, writing about a case from earlier this year, in which New Orleans filmmaker Michael Usry became a suspect in an unsolved murder case after cops did a familial genetic search using semen collected in 1996. The cops searched an database and got a familial match to a saliva sample Usry’s father had given years earlier. Usry was ultimately determined to be innocent and the Electronic Frontier Foundation called it a “wild goose chase” that demonstrated “the very real threats to privacy and civil liberties posed by law enforcement access to private genetic databases.” 

Meanwhile, the POLICE STATE dangerously accelerates: ARTICLE: "EPA Spends $75 Million to Equip 200 Special Agents With Drones, Night Vision Goggles, Guns and Assault Ships
Gateway Pundit | The Obama administration is spending $75 million a year arming EPA special agents with drones, night vision goggles, guns and assault ships." 

ARTICLE: "How Do You Prepare a Child for Life in the American Police State?
John W. Whitehead | Every parent lives with a fear of the dangers that prey on young children." 

ARTICLE: "Women Will Likely Have to Register for the Draft, Army Secretary Says - Women will eventually have to register for the draft if "true and pure equality" is to be realized in the U.S. military, Army Secretary John McHugh said Monday. "If your objective is true and pure equality then you have to look at all aspects" of the roles of women in the military, McHugh said, and registration for the draft "will be one of those things. That will have to be considered." 

ARTICLE: "Philadelphia government used Pope Francis visit as beta test for city lock down, martial law 
(NaturalNews) Pope Francis' recent visit to the United States included a stop in the City of Brotherly Love and the epicenter of America's constitutional government, but not everyone was happy about it. In fact, some saw it as something completely different..."  

On the *stealing the taxplayer blind* front, HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "$3,248,723,000,000: Federal Taxes Set Record in FY 2015; $21,833 Per Worker; Feds Still Run $438.9B Deficit
CNS News | The federal government took in a record of approximately $3,248,723,000,000 in taxes in fiscal 2015." 

On the BIG INTERNATIONAL BANKING front, ARTICLE: "Warning to Internet banking users after hackers snatch £20m from UK accounts using 'particularly virulent' virus to infect thousands of computers": GETTING READY FOR THIS TO HAPPEN ON A MEGA SCALE AND ATTACK WESTERN BANK ACCOUNTS 

On the *screwing the people again* front, ARTICLE: "Lower Gas Prices Means No Social Security Increase Next Year
NBC News - For just the third time in 40 years, millions of Social Security recipients, disabled veterans and federal retirees can expect no increase in benefits next year, unwelcome news for more than one-fifth of the nation's population. They can blame low gas prices. By law, the annual cost-of-living adjustment, or COLA, is based on a government measure of inflation, which is being dragged down by lower prices at the pump. The government is scheduled to announce the COLA — or lack of one — on Thursday, when it releases the Consumer Price Index for September. Inflation has been so low this year that economists say there is little chance the September numbers will produce a benefit increase for next year." 

On the economic front, The Unconstitutional Federal Reserve, Ruining Life For Most of US On Planet Earth 

ARTICLE: "Ron Paul: ‘Greatest Resistance’ to Federal Reserve Audit is Desire to Keep International Activities Secret
Adam Dick | Paul, while in the House, introduced legislation that would require an audit of the Federal Reserve."  

ARTICLE: "Crony Capitalism – The Real Cause Of Society’s Problems
Richard Ebeling | Many if not most of the social and economic misfortunes that are most frequently talked about are not the product of a “failed” free enterprise." 

ARTICLE: "Dollar Moves Shake The World: “Federal Reserve Could Start A Currency War” ~ By Mac Slavo
There is a war, a currency war, and the war is, ultimately, on us.
In many respects, Americans have fallen far, and hard, from the liberty they once had.
Rather than living under a sound currency, modern Americans live under an economic despotism. There are monopoly men who tightly control the money, and are all the more insidious in their subtlety, and quietness in the shadows.
Today, things are so bad that they face economic enslavement and a rapid theft of their wealth through the debasement of the dollar’s value. Not only is the destruction of the dollar systematic and planned, but it is designed to leave Americans holding the bag. The money passes round and round, but it trickles down from the big banks, who are loaned the money free at zero percent interest by the Federal Reserve under its QE program, created to “fix” the 2008 economic crisis that nearly brought the world to its knees." 

ARTICLE: “Its Not The Economy Stupid, It’s The Dollar”
Zero Hedge | What is being missed here is that “The Dollar” is the symptom, not the cause of the problems." 

ARTICLE: "Central banks are a "doomsday machine" sitting on a 100 trillion market implosion, Stockman warns 
(NaturalNews) Former Reagan budget chief David Stockman has warned that the global markets are dangerously close to collapse and that, were it not for artificial forces, the world economy would suffer a 100 trillion market implosion. Stockman, a former..." 

ARTICLE: "The Fed Just “Discovered” Another $2.7 TRILLION In Debt: “Quietly Boosted Total Credit”
Mac Slavo | The people of the United States, misled by its politicians, and plundered by its financial institutions, are swimming in debt." 

ARTICLE: "The Numbers Say That A Major Global Recession Has Already Begun
Michael Snyder | Those that are waiting for the next worldwide economic recession to begin can stop waiting." 

On the *say goodbye to your pension* front, ARTICLE: "Illinois To Delay Pension Payments Amid Budget Woes: "For All Intents And Purposes, We Are Out Of Money Now"
Zero Hedge - Back in May, after the State Supreme Court struck down a pension reform bid, Moody's move to downgrade the city of Chicago thrust the state's financial woes into the national spotlight. Since then, the situation hasn't gotten any better and despite hiring an "all star" budget guru (for $30,000 a month no less), Bruce Rauner was unable to pass a budget in a timely fashion leading directly to all types of absurdities including everything from the possibility of shortened school years to lottery winners being paid in IOUs. Now, as Bloomberg reports, pension payments are set to be delayed. Bond payments, apparently, will still be made." 

On the *get your local economy going fast!* front, HEADLINE: "Walmart's entire business model is crumbling" 

ARTICLE: "WalMart Carnage: Stock Plummets Most In 17 Years After Slashing Earnings Guidance, Blames Wage Hikes
Zero Hedge - ...the company just slashed its 2017 earnings forecast by up to a whopping 12%: the reason - the recent increase in wages. So did the American worker win for once? Alas, no... Not even the company announcing a just as surprising $20 billion stock buyback is helping it. Oh and speaking of "happy workers", now that WMT has just become an activist target, and eliminate any growth CapEx for the next 4 years, expect the company to proceed with the logical next step after it hikes wages: massive layoffs. Congratulations American workers: you lose again!" 

Article: "IGNORE THE MEDIA BULL**** – RETAIL IMPLOSION PROVES WE ARE IN RECESSION :Propaganda and lies can’t stop this recession. The Fed never took their foot off the gas, so we are headed for the cliff at 100 miles per hour. I wonder what happens next." 

On the *people don't want or accept austerity* front, ARTICLE: "‘TTIP is death:’ Over 100 arrested in Brussels at US-EU trade deal protest (VIDEO)
RT - At least 100 people have been arrested in Brussels, where hundreds more protested against TTIP, an impending free trade deal between the US and the EU, as the next round of TTIP talks approaches. Roads were paralyzed in the Belgian capital as a force of more than 600 activists descended on EU headquarters, blocking traffic and the venue of the EU leaders summit in protest against the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP). People carried signs and chanted slogans such as “Stop TTIP, stop austerity” and "Sorry for the inconvenience. We're trying to save the world," at the march in Brussels on Thursday. "TTIP is death" another sign read. One group of protesters displayed a balloon ‘Trojan Horse’ as an allegory for the deal." 

On the truth front, TRUTH As a Revolutionary Act ... And the Brave Ones, the WHISTLEBLOWERS Speak Out To the Public 

ARTICLE: "Speaking the Truth Is Now a Revolutionary Act Filled With Deadly Consequences" ~ 18 Oct, 2015 ~ by Dave Hodges 

BLURB: "Government Whistleblowers 
Date: Sunday - October 18, 2015
Host: George Knapp
Guests: James Spione, John Kiriakou, Thomas Drake
George Knapp was joined, in the first hour, by Academy Award nominated director James Spione, who discussed his film Silenced, which deals with Washington's increasingly draconian response to whistleblowers, and the devastating personal toll on those who've questioned official national security policy. Two of the three whistleblowers highlighted in the film, John Kiriakou and Thomas Drake, later joined the program to share their experiences and reflect on how their lives were affected once they found themselves in the crosshairs of a vindictive federal government.
Spione observed that the climate of fear and security that has enveloped the United States since 9/11 has given way to a situation where whistleblowers are "not just persecuted, they're prosecuted to an unprecedented degree." Compounding this troubling issue, he said, is that the whistleblowers who seem to draw the most vociferous response of the government do so because they reveal information which challenges official policy or exposes criminality. He also noted that prosecution of whistleblowers under the Espionage Act has increased significantly under the Obama administration, which has invoked the law "more times that all other administrations combined in the last 100 years." Ironically, Spione mused, this tenacious approach has led to new whistleblowers taking extreme measures to release information, such as in the case of Edward Snowden, who fled the country in order to be heard.
During the next 90 minutes, former CIA counterterrorism officer John Kiriakou detailed his harrowing experience being prosecuted as a whistleblower. He explained that the ordeal began after he appeared on ABC News and revealed that the CIA not only had a torture program but that it was sanctioned by the president. This, he said, led to intense scrutiny by the government that culminated with him being charged with multiple felonies which would have sent him to prison for decades. Despite a deep desire to fight these charges in court, Kiriakou lamented that the government strategy in these instances is to overwhelm defendants with a massive amount of charges in the hopes of obtaining a plea deal. As such, he ultimately opted to accept such a deal for lesser charges in order to spare his family from the crippling debt which would arise from a lengthy court battle.
In the final 90 minutes of the program, former NSA official Thomas Drake reflected on his battle with the government after he spoke out about the agency's illegal spying program. Drake lambasted critics who say that whistleblowers should simply use official channels to report wrongdoing, stressing that he attempted this tactic numerous times only to receive no response. Eventually, after speaking with the media about his concerns, he was charged with ten felonies under the Espionage Act, saw himself portrayed as a traitor by the press, and left with no means of employment. He speculated, since his case occurred in 2010 and predated high profile whistleblowers like Kiriakou, Snowden and Chelsea Manning, that the immense government response to his actions was aimed at making an example of him and creating a chilling effect to dissuade others from speaking out about institutionalized wrongdoing that they had witnessed."  
Book(s): Reluctant Spy: My Secret Life in the CIA's War on Terror 

On the *BIG BROTHER control of cyber space* front, ARTICLE: "Google degenerates into Ministry of Truth; all knowledge must now be pre-approved by search algorithm 
(NaturalNews) Gone are the days when you could search Google and pull up neutral, relevant content appropriate to your search query. The search engine giant is reportedly pioneering a new search algorithm that will tailor search results not based on popularity..." 

On the *smoking gun* front, HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "Blair’s ‘Deal In Blood’ With Bush Over Iraq War Was Forged A YEAR Before Invasion
Daily Mail | Smoking gun email revealed.

On the *immigration war against the European people* front, ARTICLE: "Blackmail? Germany Considers Bailout “Concessions” If Greece Keeps More Refugees
Zero Hedge | The European Commission will release €2 billion to Greece in the coming days to help the country manage the current migration crisis." 

HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "Governor Tells Residents of German Town About to Accept Migrants: “If You Don’t Like It, Leave!”
Paul Joseph Watson | While another town of just 4,000 residents prepares to accept 3,000 migrants." 

ARTICLE: "German School Kids Forced to Clean Up After Migrants
Paul Joseph Watson | Work experience project infuriates parents." 

VIDEO: MASKED MIGRANTS Chanting “Allahu Akbar” Rally in Germany With Sticks and Pipes
Gateway Pundit | Tensions are high in Celle, Germany after hooded migrants were seen with sticks and pipes, shouting ‘Allahu Akbar’ in a street rally. 

ARTICLE: "Czech doctor describes conditions in German hospital The worst is where the doctor explains they are not allowed to report on the reality of it." 

ARTICLE REPORT: "Sweden Close to Collapse" 

ARTICLE: "ISIS to Christians in Sweden: 'The Caliphate Is Here', Now 'Convert or Die'" 

ARTICLE: "On the *terrorist* front, Article: "ISIS is So Bad, Many Afghans Wish The Taliban Were in Power
Truth Revolt | The Islamic State of Iraq and al-Sham (ISIS) is causing so much havoc in Afghanistan that many in the region long for the days-gone-by of the Taliban." 

On the *gosh, another broken promise* front, HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "Obama to keep 5,500 US troops in Afghanistan when he leaves office – officials
RT | President Obama will keep 5,500 US troops in Afghanistan when he leaves office in 2017. 

On the *administration's gutting of the military...more and more mercenaries* front, HEADLINE: "Navy forced to hire foreign troops to fill the ranks as former top brass warn 4,000-sailor shortage puts it in a 'perilous situation'" 

On the war front, Permanent Wars, Permanent Profits, Permanent Peasant Class... And So It Goes, Until the People Stand and Say NO MORE!!! 

HEADLINE: "Turkey threatens to SHOOT DOWN Putin's planes as it drags West closer to war with Russia TURKEY'S Prime Minister has risked launching World War 3 between the West and Russia after threatening to SHOOT DOWN Putin's war planes in the country's air space." 

HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "The Humiliation Is Complete: ISIS Fighters Cut Off Beards And Run Away As Russia, Iran Close In
Zero Hedge | Sunni extremists are now shaving off their beards and running for their lives." 

HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "Syrian Civilians Helping Russian Airstrikes Target ISIS – Defense Ministry
RT | Russian warplanes conducted 36 combat sorties on Saturday and attacked 49 militant targets in Syria." 

HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "Russia, Iran Begin “Promised” Assault On Syria’s Largest City In Final Bid To Restore Assad
Zero Hedge | The battle is also notable for the scale of Iran’s involvement." 


HEADLINE: "Secret Pentagon Report Reveals US 'Created' ISIS As A 'Tool' To Overthrow Syria's President Assad" 

ARTICLE: "Dead Hand And World War III - US Drops Ammo To "Syrian Rebels" Days Before Russian Embassy In Damascus Hit By Rockets ~ By Susan Duclos - All News PipeLine ~ October 13, 2015
Trends Journal publisher Gerald Celente has often stated that looking at trends of the past have helped him predict future events, specifically highlighting that when economies are about to crash, the central bankers, via world leaders, take us to war.
Which makes it quite concerning that immediately after the IMF, BIS, Citibank and the UN all start warning of an imminent economic disaster, a series events occur that bring us one step closer to all-out World War.
With even the mainstream media, via CNN  finally admitting the situation in Syria is nothing more than a proxy war between the U.S. and Russia, and NYT specifying that it is "U.S. made weaponry" that is turning the Syrian conflict into a proxy war, the latest events show that we may have finally reached the point of no return." 

On the China Chessboard-War front, ARTICLE: "China Is Willing to Start WW III Over the Trans Pacific Partnership 
...The Nature of the TPP
One look at the TPP and on can see the fingerprints of the Federal Reserve Board all over it. The TPP does what the Federal Reserve Board has been doing covertly for decades. It erases national sovereignty and civil liberties. However, instead of using the Trilateral Commission and the Council on Foreign Relations to accomplish this goal, the TPP is the creation of an illegal treaty which has unconstitutionally bypassed the US Senate and has not obtained the requisite tw0-thirds majority approval vote. In short, the TPP is a corporate dictatorship which obliterates any idea of representative government and civil liberties. 
...Second, please look at statement from the White House regarding the large economic impact from the TPP on the American economy. It will become clear to the reader that any attack upon the TPP by China, is a direct attack upon the economy of the United States. What China is doing in the South China Sea is an act of war. However, China would argue that the US is undermining China’s influence in its own backyard and that, too, is an act of war on its face. It is a kind of Cuban Missile Crisis in reverse, but instead of the US planting missiles in China’s backyard, the US is undermining the Chinese economy with this provocative trade agreement which undercuts Chinese regional influence in East Asia." 

HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "With US Warships En Route To Islands, China Asks: “What On Earth Makes Them Think We Will Tolerate This?”
Zero Hedge | The US is in a tough spot militarily." 

On the *oatmeal head* front, ARTICLE: "Putin Calls US, Allies “Oatmeal Heads” On Syria
Zero Hedge | To be sure, there are a lot of absurd things about what Washington has done and is currently doing in Syria." 

Putin: I don’t get how US can criticize Russian op in Syria if it refuses dialogue
RT | “It seems they have nothing to discuss.” 

On the *war crimes* front, ARTICLE: "US Armored Vehicle Rolls Through Doctors Without Borders Hospital, Destroys Evidence
Joshua Krause ~ The Daily Sheeple ~ October 17th, 2015 
It’s been two weeks since US forces bombed a ‘Doctors Without Borders’ hospital in Kunduz, Afghanistan, killing 22 staff members and patients. The organization has since called the incident a potential war crime, and has demanded an impartial international investigation. Obama apologized for the bombing last week and promised a full investigation, but has denied their request for an independent inquiry by international parties.
But before any investigation could be held, a funny thing happened. On Thursday, a US armored vehicle arrived on the scene and forced its way into the ruins of the building. Doctors Without Borders said the intrusion was in violation of an agreement they had with US forces, which guaranteed that they would be “given notice before each step of the procedure involving the organization’s personnel and assets.” They added that “their unannounced and forced entry damaged property, destroyed potential evidence and caused stress and fear for the MSF team.” 

ARTICLE: "Doctors Without Borders’ New Charge on Hospital Strike: ‘Premeditated Massacre’
Truth Revolt | But admit to treating wounded Taliban in the Kunduz hospital."

ARTICLE: "US forces in Afghanistan knew Kunduz site was hospital - report 
RT - New information suggests the US deliberately targeted the Kunduz hospital, killing 22 patients and staff, despite knowing it was a protected medical site. US special operations analysts investigated the hospital for days prior to the deadly October 3 attack, describing the hospital as a base of operations for a Pakistani agent coordinating Taliban activities, AP has learned from a former intelligence official familiar with the documents." 

On the *nobody likes bullies, but bullies* front, The Fall Of The Unipower :the sophisticated new US Treasury unit to conduct financial sanctions against terrorist organizations, has utterly ignored the funding sources of ISIS, their oil sales facilitated by the Turkish President’s own family ! 

ARTICLE: "Americans Support Of Vladimir Putin Explained - They Do Not Want Putin As Our President, They Want Our President To Protect And Defend Them As Putin Does Russia" 

ARTICLE: "ISIS are still making £300MILLION a year from oil despite U.S.-led air strikes
Daily Mail | They are even selling fuel to rebel groups they are fighting." 

On the *dark-side's diabolically designed cultural wars* front, HEADLINE: "OBAMA: ‘AMERICANS’ SUSPICION OF GOVERNMENT IS PARALYZING’ President also suggests Christians holding back America from doing 'big things’ SQ.LIKE PREVENTING THE SLAUGHTER OF ALL CHRISTIANS ?"  

On the energy front, Life-Supporting Advanced Technologies... the People Are Obviously Being Denied 

The breakaway civilization has split down the middle, between those who want to include the people of Earth, as opposed to those who look upon the people as an inferior species. Out of this, every effort is being made by the good-guy side to publically release and 'inspire' the technologies they currently use. Thus, to assist in bringing about the renaissance-paradise that is our true destiny. 

On the *who is looking at you with killer x-rays?* front, ARTICLE: "NYPD won't disclose what it does with its secret military-grade X-ray vans
The $825,000 Z Backscatter Vans the NYPD drives around the city look like regular police vans, but are equipped with powerful X-rays that can see through walls and vehicles. US Customs uses these things to scan cars and freight-containers, but only after they're sure there are no people around.
For more than three years, Propublica has been suing the NYPD for access to training materials and other documents explaining what the NYPD does with the vans, and even though a New York court ruled in their favor in January, the NYPD is still fighting the order in appeals court." 

On the *mind-control/propaganda and fear porn* front, HEADLINE-SNIPPET: “Scientific” Findings of Obama’s Mind-control Social and Behavioral Science Team
New American | Last month, the White House’s Social and Behavioral Science Team published its first annual report on the effectiveness of behavioral science to achieve policy change." 

HEADLINE-SNIPPET: “Mass Panic At Texas School After Student Says “Gum”
Steve Watson | Sounds a bit like “gun”." 

On the tyranny-at-work front, HATRED, the Politically Correct War Against Those Who Supposedly Hate ... However, It's PC To HATE Those Who Hate ... Make Sense? If You Have Pretzel Logic It Does 

ARTICLE: ~Alarming Proof Govt Preparing To Go Active Against Their Own People? US Army's New Camo Causes Panic As Declassified Film Proves US Govt Used Chemical Warfare Upon American Citizens ~ October 18, 2015 ~ By Stefan Stanford - All News Pipeline - Live Free Or Die
Despite Barack Obama's insistence that American's distrust of government is 'paralyzing' and his labeling of Christians as 'dangerous' to the nation, the 1st video below gives us the perfect reason why American's SHOULD be distrustful of government as we see a classified US Military film production from 1952 PROVING chemical warfare covert operations was used against US citizens since the 1950's and at least 239 times." 
...A well seen list of 72-types of Americans who are now considered potential terrorists in official US government documents likely have more than half of America now on them - is the US military now preparing to go up against those who talk about individual rights, those who support the 2nd Amendment, those who believe in the Christian God and those who are anti-immigrant, anti-Muslim, anti-gay and anti-government? Is hatred not hatred when it's the SPLC doing the hating? 

On the *PC killing of the soul* front, ARTICLE: "CNN Opinion Piece: Shame People For Saying “He” and “She”
Paul Joseph Watson | Columbia linguistics professor says traditional pronouns are “insulting” to people who are gender-confused." 

On the *no kindness award for you* front, ARTICLE: "Teacher Tells 13-Year-Old Black Conservative He’s “Not Worth Saving in a Fire”
Paul Joseph Watson | Vitriolic speech acceptable when it’s directed at those on the right." 

On the *looming civil war* front, ARTICLE: "Elite Preparing to “Insulate From Revolution, Rebellion, Anarchy” After an Economic Collapse
Mac Slavo | It is no secret that the world is teetering dangerously close to disaster." 

On the *killer drone* front, ARTICLE: "One Story Shows Just How Insane U.S. Drone Policy Is
Washington’s Blog | Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you know that U.S. drone policy is insane." 

ARTICLE: "Leaked: 'New Snowden' releases Obama's drone program papers 
RT - A cache of classified documents has revealed the inner workings of US drone operations in Somalia, Yemen and Afghanistan, including the mechanism of targeting suspects slated for assassination. The documents, slides, visuals and analysis have been posted by The Intercept on Thursday as "The Drone Papers" [See this link to read the documents]. The cache contains two sets of slides detailing the US military's drone operations in Somalia and Yemen between 2011 and 2013, by the secret Task Force 48-4. The documents were provided to The Intercept by a source within the US intelligence community who wished to remain anonymous because of the government's aggressive prosecution of whistleblowers. He says the American public has the right to know about the process by which people are placed on kill lists and assassinated on orders from US government officials." 

ARTICLE: "Leaks from a Drone Program Whistleblower – Highlights from the Intercept’s Blockbuster Investigation
Michael Krieger | The U.S. empire is completely and totally out of control." 

ARTICLE: "Apple now running cover for Pentagon; tech company censors drone strike information on its devices built with slave labor 
(NaturalNews) Apple's conformist, hipster fan base tends to ignore the company's vilest policies and business practices, rewarding the tech giant with repeat business and high praise no matter what decisions its CEO, Tim Cook, makes. For instance,..."  

On the *of course, it's unconstitutional...however, that won't stop the prez power of the pen and phone, will it?* front, ARTICLE: "Lawmakers: U.S. plan for Internet may be unconstitutional
Washington Examiner | President Obama’s plan to “internationalize” the Internet may be unconstitutional, key members of Congress are claiming."

On the communication front, The Health-Impacting Price of Electronic Devices

ARTICLE: "Children ‘becoming hunchbacks’ due to addiction to smart phones
London Telegraph | Chiropractor claims that young people who spend hours hunched over electronic devices are seriously damaging their necks and spines, as witnessed by the rise in cases of ‘text neck’"

On the *who needs protection from establishment greed and corruption?* front, ARTICLE: "Law Enforcement And The Ongoing Inconvenience Of The Fourth Amendment" 

On the *encryption* front, ARTICLE: "How the NSA can break trillions of encrypted Web and VPN connections 
Ars Technica - Researchers show how mass decryption is well within the NSA's $11 billion budget. For years, privacy advocates have pushed developers of websites, virtual private network apps, and other cryptographic software to adopt the Diffie-Hellman cryptographic key exchange as a defense against surveillance from the US National Security Agency and other state-sponsored spies. Now, researchers are renewing their warning that a serious flaw in the way the key exchange is implemented is allowing the NSA to break and eavesdrop on trillions of encrypted connections." 


ARTICLE: "#SJW Feminists Try to Ruin Halloween. Let’s Laugh At Them…
Louder With Crowder | In MTV’s latest leftist indoctrination scam, Laci Green tries to convince young kids that Halloween is a cultural minefield of racist patriarchy." 

On the home front, When a People, Or an Individual, Cannot Defend Themselves, They Become Victims, Or Victims In Waiting 

ARTICLE: "362 gunshot victims, 59 murders in Chicago in September as America's strictest gun control city demonstrates utter stupidity of disarming law-abiding citizens 
(NaturalNews) What do some of the strictest gun control laws get you? Violence — lots of it, in fact — and death.
When he came into office as Chicago's 55th mayor, former Clinton and Obama administration official Rahm Emanuel promised good things for the city, including law and order. Well, he's certainly not delivering on that.
According to a running tally of gun-related murders by the Chicago Tribune, the city recorded 59 murders and 362 gunshot victims in September, which was the Democratic-run city's deadliest month since 2002." 

ARTICLE: "VA Governor Just Signed Unilateral Executive Order for More Gun Control
The Daily Sheeple | How many gun laws are there these days?" 

ARTICLE: "CA Comes Up with Another Gun-Grab Proposal
Truth Revolt | California – always on the cutting edge of totalitarianism." 

ARTICLE: "Newson Wants Background Checks for Ammo Purchases
Breitbart - According to The Sacramento Bee, the ballot proposition would also make it illegal for anyone other than a Federal Firearm License (FFL) holder to sell ammunition, thus guaranteeing that ammunition background checks would be done on every sale and enable the state government to know where every round was going. The initiative is also designed to put in place a system for confiscating guns from those “prohibited from owning them” and would force citizens to report lost or stolen firearms to law enforcement." 

ARTICLE: "‘Ammo Control’ Picks Up Steam Among Democrats Aiming To Limit Gun Access
Washington Times | “Why is it that we have background checks for guns but not background checks for ammunition? It makes no sense.” 

ARTICLE: "Common Core-aligned writing lesson on gun debate fuels claims of political agenda
Fox News | Common Core backers are sneaking a social and political agenda into nationalized curriculum, say critics." 

ARTICLE: "Gun Shop Forced to Pay $6m to Two Cops Because they Sold the Gun that was Used to Shoot Them
The Free Thought Project | This unprecedented civil award will encourage efforts to hold gun retailers – and, perhaps, firearms manufacturers – civilly liable for crimes committed by other people." 

ARTICLE: "Why Gun Ownership Makes America the Safest Place in the World" 

ARTICLE: "Donald Trump: "I feel much better being armed" (Video)
CBS News - Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump is one of the more than 12 million Americans who has a concealed weapons permit, of which he said: "I feel much better being armed." He told "Face the Nation" host John Dickerson he got the permit "years ago" because "I like to have myself protected." He said only "sometimes" carries a gun. Trump called himself "a big Second Amendment person" and argued that if someone had been carrying a gun during the shooting at Umpqua Community College in Roseburg, Oregon earlier this month, " the result would've been better."

"On the *how to fight back against attackers* front, ARTICLE: "Oath Keepers to Form College Chapters and Train Students to Fight Back
Oath Keepers - In the wake of Umpqua Community College shooting, Oath Keepers to form college student groups on college campuses across the U.S. (starting here in Oregon) to teach the students to fight back. As part of its new S.T.O.P (Students Taking Over Protection) program, Oath Keepers military, police, and first-responder instructors will teach the students to fight back with empty hands, improvised weapons, knives, and firearms, and will teach them effective combat mindset and awareness techniques and strategies so the students can be their own “first-responders” and take out an active shooter. Just as post 9-11, where people no longer submit and cooperate in their own murders on planes, the obvious answer to school shootings on college and high school campuses is that the students must stop submitting and cooperating in their own murders." 

On the *yeah, criminal killers, here's another GUN FREE ZONE* front, ARTICLE: "Gov. Jerry Brown Bans Concealed Carry on CA Campuses
Truth Revolt - In the wake of the shooting of nine people at an Oregon community college a week ago, California Gov. Jerry Brown signed into law Saturday a bill that will ban the carrying of concealed guns on school and university campuses in California, reports the Los Angeles Times. Sen. Lois Wolk (D-Davis) introduced SB 707 several months ago to close a loophole that allows people with a concealed carry license to carry firearms onto school grounds. This bill will prohibit that except in instances in which school officials grant permission or the carrier is retired from law enforcement. “California’s college campuses and K-12 schools should be sanctuaries for learning, free from the fear of gun violence,” said Peggy McCrum, president of the California Chapters of the Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence. This new law, she claims, “will make schools safer and decrease students’ risk of being injured or killed.”

On the *you don't count, the war against the people by the dark-side establishment* front, ARTICLE: "Washington Cuts Funding to Local Police While Planning the Release of 5000 Drug Dealers and Gang Bangers  
As a result of the Federal decision to cut sentences for Drug Dealers and Gang Bangers, State legislators are currently looking at the reducing sentencing for Drug Dealers and Gang Bangers as they consider a similar release of these criminals into the streets. This could add an additional 200,000 Drug Dealers and Gang Bangers into the streets.
This confirmed Pasco's worse fears, Drug dealers and gang leaders are being released to the streets of America as police departments are reducing the cop population." 

ARTICLE: "Jerry Brown Signs Bill That Could Let Illegal Aliens Vote
Breitbart - On Saturday, California Governor Jerry Brown signed Assembly Bill 1461, the New Motor Voter Act, which will automatically register people to vote through the DMV, and could result in illegal aliens voting. Any person who renewed or secured a driver’s license through the DMV may now register to vote, or choose to opt out of doing so. Because illegal immigrants are now eligible for obtaining driver’s licenses, they could be allowed to vote in elections if the Secretary of State’s office fails to verify their eligibility properly. Brown and the California Democratic party know exactly what they are doing; as a Public Policy Institute survey showed, among unregistered adults, 49% lean toward the Democratic Party and 22% toward the Republican Party. Any bill permitting illegal immigrants to vote would cement the Democratic Party’s hold on California." 

On the *this is the reality, folks* front, ARTICLE: "Preview of things to come in America: Refugees fight over food in Europe's version of a FEMA camp 
(NaturalNews) Even the usually docile, uber-tolerant Europeans are likely getting fed up with the tens of thousands of migrants flowing into the continent from the war-torn Middle East, where a failure of U.S. leadership and an escalation of conflict..."  

On the *illegal invasion war against the innocent* front, ARTICLE: "Sanctuary Cities Free 1,000 Criminal Aliens Every Month
Daily Sheeple | It’s one thing if a city wants to protect the illegal aliens that reside within their borders." 

On the food front, The Dwindling Food Supply By Dark-Side Design 

ARTICLE: "Gov’t Is Preparing for Massive Civil War… Feds Are Shutting Down The U.S. Food Supply… Troops Ordered To Kill All Americans Who Do Not Turn In Guns" 

ARTICLE: "American food supply in slow collapse as government continues to subsidize junk food, ignore immigration crisis" 

On the *get off the fed teat* front, ARTICLE: "Hundreds of students return to the cafeteria after(BOZEMAN) Montana high school relinquishes $120,000 in federal funding and drops Michelle Obama's lunch program" 

On the *why didn't McDonald's go organic?* front, ARTICLE: "McDonald’s on Last Leg as ‘All Day Breakfast’ Gimmick Implodes
Adan Salazar | Last ditch effort actually causing stores to lose more money, customers." 

On the FRANKENFOOD front, ARTICLE: "GM eggplants send Bangladesh farmers into poverty as they fail for second year in a row 
(NaturalNews) While many people tout the benefits of GM foods (those who profit at the expense of others' health, of course), a majority of individuals are not staying quiet about the fact that such biotechnology methods are quickly destroying their livelihood..." 

ARTICLE: "United Nations Doctor Outlines 5 Key GMO Dangers in Recent Talk
Christina Sarich | Dr. Judy Carman, an appointed expert on GMOs, has much to teach us about the dangers of biotech’s tinkering with our food supply." 

On the humanitarian front, ARTICLE: "This is the First Canadian City to Completely End Homelessness
Medicine Hat, Alberta in Canada has come up with what is deemed an incredible solution for homelessness. 

On the BIG PHARMA, Turning the People Into Zombies* front, HEADLINE: American Psycho: Has the United States lost its collective mind?" 

ARTICLE: "Judge OKs case against drug makers after Advil left teenager horrifically disfigured and disabled 
(NaturalNews) A federal judge has ruled that a negligence lawsuit may be filed against drug manufacturers Pfizer and Wyeth by a man who was horribly left disfigured after a severe adverse reaction to the painkiller Advil. Lamar Hodges, Jr., was 16..." 

ARTICLE: "Obama’s Nominee to Head the FDA Has Very Deep Ties to the Pharmaceutical Industry
Michael Krieger | No one who knows him thinks he wants to weaken the regulatory agency he has been chosen to lead." 

On the *shoot 'em up with vaccines* front, ARTICLE: "Measles outbreak traced back to VACCINATED woman who spread the disease 
(NaturalNews) As published in the Clinical Infectious Diseases journal, the 2011 measles outbreak in New York has been confirmed to have originated from a fully vaccinated woman, according to a study conducted by the New York City Department of..." 

ARTICLE: "UK government admits swine flu vaccine causes brain damage, awards compensation to 60 families 
NaturalNews) As advocates for mandatory vaccination spread propaganda across the United States, the British government is dealing with the fallout of a faulty swine flu vaccine that has caused numerous cases of brain damage in children.

ARTICLE: "As reported by the International Business Times, the UK government is financially compensating at least 60 families in a multi-million-pound settlement that is likely to grow as more patients suffer physical harm from the vaccine." 

ARTICLE: "California Officials Increase Mercury-laced Vaccines for Children and Pregnant Women
Health Impact News - In California in 2004, AB 2943 was introduced by the California Assembly and passed, going into effect in 2006. Considered a precautionary measure, it prohibited injections to children under three and pregnant women with vaccines containing 0.5 micrograms of mercury per 0.5 milliliter of vaccine dose in multiple vaccine packages as the DTaP three in one vaccines, DT vaccine, Hib, and Meningococcal vaccines. The FDA changed the rules so vaccine manufacturers do not have to include thimerosal on the label as an ingredient unless it is used as a preservative. According to the FDA, if thimerosal is used in the manufacturing process but it is not used as a preservative, the vaccine can be labeled “thimerosal-free” when that is not the case." 

On the really bad news front, The Murder of Mother Earth, of the Eco-System, By the Psycho Soulless Elite In Control of the Military Industrial Complex and the New World Order ... A Few Results: 

ARTICLE: "Potential “Nuclear Fallout” Imminent As Radioactive Waste Sets to Burn in Missouri
Activist Post - According to an emergency plan recently distributed by St. Louis County officials, a fire at the Bridgeton Landfill is now within 1,000 feet of a nuclear waste dump. The landfill fire has actually been burning for over 5 years, and they have been unable to contain it thus far.... Although the fire has been burning for over 5 years and the city began making evacuation plans last year, they didn’t tell the public until this past week, when they leaked the emergency plans to local news station KMOX. According to the emergency plan, if the fire reaches the nuclear waste site, “there is a potential for radioactive fallout to be released in the smoke plume and spread throughout the region. This event will most likely occur with little or no warning,” the plan notes, listing the municipalities directly affected as Bridgeton, Hazelwood, Maryland Heights, the Village of Champ and the City of St. Charles.”

ARTICLE: "Unpublished gov’t map shows massive plume of Fukushima radioactive material just off West Coast of North America ; Radiation levels quadrupled in recent months — Scientist: “We are starting to see the penetration of cesium from offshore to the coast'" 

ARTICLE: "They Did It Again: EPA Causes 2nd Toxic Spill in Colorado
Truth Revolt - [Last] Tuesday, the Environmental Protection Agency caused its second toxic spill from a mine in Colorado in just over two months. This time in Crested Butte, though on a much smaller scale than the one in Silverton in August that turned multiple river systems into a bright orange sludge pool. As an EPA crew worked at the Standard Mine attempting to open a collapsed portal, at least 2,000 gallons of wastewater spilled into a creek that just so happens to lead to a nearby town's water supply... The EPA is assuring that this "minor" spill will have "minimal" effects on the environment they are sworn to protect. Of course, time will tell of the full impact of this disaster.... As an added bonus, the EPA did not disclose the accident for two whole days." 

ARTICLE: "Now Gulf Of Mexico ecosystem stressed: Red tide is now killing tons of fish from Mexico to west coast of Florida" 

On the *ready to be borg-reengineered?* front, ARTICLE: "Rise of the Nanobots - The World of Molecular Machines 
Tech Swarm - One of the more controversial concepts in the area of nanotech is what has come to be known as The Singularity. Essentially, it is the mission to transcend biology. There are many ways The Singularity could ultimately come about, but one of them is molecular control via nanobots. Ray Kurzweil has written about nanobot medicine in terms of imagining Human Body 2.0, which will be a continuously modified and upgraded internal system that will optimize nutrition, repair damage and, ultimately, lead perhaps to immortality.... The following video from the American Chemical Society and the University of Nebraska posits a decidedly upbeat future where not only the human body is modified, but nearly everything we would interact with.... Are you ready to be reengineered?" 

On the BIO-WARFARE front, ARTICLE: "US Navy Offensive Biological Warfare “Training” Video Is Beyond Shocking" 

On the good news front, ARTICLE: "How Dogs Forge a Bond with Rio’s Homeless That Is Life-Saving for Both
The Intercept - Homelessness in Rio is, in many ways, virtually identical to how it manifests in other large cities: it entails unimaginable material and emotional deprivation, hopelessness, societal invisibility, and utter isolation. But one aspect of Rio’s homeless population stands out: a huge number of them have dogs that were previously living as desperate, unwanted strays on the street. Many have lived on the street with their dogs for years. They care for them as well as, and in many cases better than, the average middle-class family with a pet. The profound bond that forms between them is like nothing else one will find, and is thus deeply revealing."  

On the *good news remedy* front, ARTICLE: "Ancient onion and garlic medicinal recipe cures drug-resistant superbug infections 
(NaturalNews) A thousand-year-old potion found in an Old English manuscript in the British Library to treat an eye infection has amazed the scientific world. Researcher at the University of Nottingham found it to be very effective against methicillin..." 

On the global mafia cabal front, This Week, Watch For the Draconian Agenda of the Global Cabal As They Evil-Fiendishly Pounce Upon the People 

EXPOSED! More and more, the totalitarian rule of the world becomes obvious to greater numbers of the people. Out of this, there will be those who bow, scrape, and lick boots. There will be those who look for any and every escape. And, there will be those who rebel with non-compliance, with civil disobedience, and with force. 

On the heroine front, All the women who rise above self-hatred to become their Goddess Self. 

On the hero front, In memoriam: Irwin A. Schiff ... He dared to write the TRUTH about the IRS in his book: "The Biggest Con: How the Government Is Fleecing You". For his courage, Mr. Schiff was thrown in prison. Why? Because he refused to stop selling his books. Now he has passed over, a true American hero and patriot. Thank you, Mr. Schiff, for standing, for never bowing down to the dark-side establishment. May every blessing be with you forever. 

ARTICLE: "Irwin Schiff Passes Away
Peter Schiff | Schiff" 

On the *HEROIC SOLUTION, Agree or Disagree* front, ARTICLE: "U.S. Gun Maker Creates 'Crusader' Rifle That ISIS 'Can't Touch'
AR-15 comes with Bible verse and Knight's Templar Cross etching; Council on American-Islamic Relations of Florida condemns the rifle.
A Florida gun maker has created an "ISIS-proof" assault rifle that has raised the ire of Muslim groups.
Designed so Islamic State militants "could not touch it," the AR-15, made by Spike's Tactical in Apopka, is inscribed with the biblical verse, “Blessed be the Lord my Rock, who trains my hands for war, my fingers for battle" (Pslams 144:1). It is also etched with a Knight's Templar Long Cross - a Christian Crusader symbol.
The rifle's safety selector has three settings: Peace, War, and God Wills it." 

On the *and the people get the tax-burden shaft again* front, ARTICLE: "Obama Spent $4.4 Million Tax Dollars On Golf And Private Fundraisers In Two Months
Steve Watson | Documents show astounding cost to Americans of President’s jaunts." 

On the scumbag political front, ARTICLE: "3 Out of 4 U.S. Military Deaths in Afghanistan Occurred Under Obama…
Breitbart - An estimated 75 percent of the all U.S. military deaths and about 90 percent of the injuries linked to the ongoing war in Afghanistan have occurred under President Obama’s watch... President Obama, citing a “fragile” security situation at risk of deteriorating, announced today that he will be extending the U.S. military presence in Afghanistan for an undetermined amount of time, handing over the conflict to his successor. In making the announcement, the President appeared clueless as to how many Americans were killed in Afghanistan in 2014 and this year." 

ARTICLE: "Mother of Benghazi Victim NOT Sick & Tired of Hillary’s ‘Damn Emails’
Truth Revolt | “Why can’t I find anything out about my son?” 

ARTICLE: "FBI Agents Angered By Obama’s Attempt to Influence Hillary Clinton Investigation
Breitbart | “I don’t think it posed a national security problem,” Mr. Obama said Sunday on CBS’s “60 Minutes.”

ARTICLE: "Hillary Clinton: Nationwide Gun Ban, Repeal of Second Amendment “Worth Considering”
Kit Daniels | But Hillary also demanded we ship guns to ISIS-linked rebels." 

ARTICLE: "Meet “Groundwork” – Google Chairman Eric Schmidt’s Stealth Startup Working to Make Hillary Clinton President
Michael Krieger | An under-the-radar startup funded by billionaire Eric Schmidt has become a major technology vendor for Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign." 

On the *like the payments will really stop* front, ARTICLE: "Planned Parenthood to stop taking money for fetal-tissue donation
Washington Times | House leaders, pro-life advocates not mollified." 

On the *how to get rid of the political competition* front. ARTICLE: "In Court, Ron Paul Accuses Feds Of Targeting Rand’s Campaign
Truth in Media - On Wednesday, retired Congressman and presidential contender Ron Paul came to a Des Moines’ federal courthouse to testify for the prosecution against two of his former top campaign staffers, Jesse Benton, who is married to Paul’s granddaughter, and Dimitri Kesari. With force, Paul told jurors that the timing of the indictments against Benton and Kesari were carefully planned in order to pose a threat against his son, United States Senator Rand Paul... In an opening statement Tuesday, U.S. Department of Justice prosecutor Richard Pilger portrayed Paul as a victim of Benton and Kesari’s plot to keep him in the dark about hidden campaign payments. However, Paul didn’t seem happy about being called on behalf of the prosecution against the two staffers."  

ARTICLE: "CNN thought control: Shilling for Clinton, deleting Facebook comments, and attempting to control your mind" 

On the *some people die from having their blood taken ... but the authorities won't care if you are one of these people, even if you have a doctor's note* front, Local Cops Want Ability to Draw Citizens’ Blood Year-round 
Adan Salazar - The Austin Texas Police Department is in the process of seeking funding for the unconstitutional scheme, an initiative Chief Art Acevedo claims will reduce traffic fatalities and collisions. During a “no refusal” traffic stop, police can forcibly extract blood or breath samples against a person’s will after that person refuses sobriety tests. APD officers overcome constitutional objections by obtaining warrants, attempting to give the invasive procedures an air of legitimacy. Attorney Jamie Balagia, who specializes in DWI cases, says he’s never seen a judge deny a “no refusal” warrant, and that “no refusal” essentially amounts to police telling the public, “We’re going to take your blood no matter what you do.” 

On the freedom front, The Revolt of American Sheriffs ... This Will Only Grow In the Coming Days ... and Many of the People Will Stand and Band With Them

ARTICLE: "Indiana Sheriff to Obama: I Will Disregard Executive Order Calling for Gun Confiscation (Video)
Adan Salazar - An Indiana sheriff says he would ignore orders issued by President Obama calling for gun confiscation. Elkhart County Sheriff Brad Rogers made his stance on the Second Amendment clear during an interview on a local PBS broadcast, in which he supported the right of Americans to possess firearms free of additional infringements. “We’ve always had this conversation that we need more reasonable gun control put in place,” Rogers said during a panel discussion on WNIT’s Politically Speaking. “Well we have what is reasonable, in my opinion, and in fact it’s probably overdone.” The sheriff went on to discuss how he advises his county’s residents not to register their firearms, and hinted at how registration can lead to confiscation."  

On the *forget freedom, you have none ... the bad-guy leaders don't want the competition* front, ARTICLE: "Speechless – UCLA Engages in Absurd, Anti-Intellectual and Dangerous Attack on Campus Free Speech
Michael Krieger | One of the most dangerous trends in America today is occurring on college campuses." 

ARTICLE: "School Suspends Student Over Pro-Veteran Shirt 
Kit Daniels - An Oregon middle school suspended an eighth-grader for wearing a pro-veteran shirt with the phrase “standing for those who stood for us.” School officials at Dexter McCarty Middle School in Gresham, Ore., demanded Alan Holmes change his shirt which also featured a battlefield cross consisting of a soldier’s rifle stuck into a pair of boots with a helmet on top to show respect for soldiers killed in action. “They won’t let me wear a shirt that supports the people that keep us free, I’m not going to support them,” Holmes told Fox 12. “I was nervous and kind of heartbroken because I feel like I should be able to support the troops that have died for us.” The 13-year-old also said he wore the shirt to show support for his older brother who served in Iraq with the Marines." 

ARTICLE: "How Social Media Outrage Mobs Threaten Free Speech
Paul Joseph Watson | And how the establishment enforces its narrative via social conformity."  

HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "U.S. Will Require Drones to Be Registered
NBC News | The federal government will announce a new plan requiring anyone buying a drone to register the device with the U.S. Department of Transportation, NBC news has learned." 

On the *crowd-sourced science* front, ARTICLE: "Citizen scientists develop eye drops that enable night vision for 55 yards 
(NaturalNews) A growing movement embodying independent, crowd-sourced science that isn't pushing a corporate agenda is making significant strides in the discovery of powerful, inexpensive, and oftentimes natural ways to treat disease without dangerous..." 

On the *natural is best* front, ARTICLE: "Assisted reproductive technology comes with a higher risk of autism, study finds 
(NaturalNews) Children conceived via assisted reproductive technologies (ART) are twice as likely to suffer from autism as children conceived without such technologies, according to a study that was conducted by researchers from Columbia University, Fordham..." 

On the ROBOT front, ARTICLE: "Revolutionary ‘Psychic Robot’ Knows What You’re Doing Before You Do :Robots that can read minds: sounds like we’re well on our way to cyborg world domination, right?" 


ARTICLE: "Assistant Attorney General Carlin Introduces the Beginning of the Final Solution to America ~17 Oct, 2015 ~ by Dave Hodges
This article explores the latest in the ongoing implementation of more police state policies being implemented under the rule of law. This article will expose, through a careful examination of Assistant Attorney General, John Carlin’s announced intention to criminalize free speech as it relates to criticism of the government for its unconstitutional acts. 
...It is in the DNA of America to oppose governmental tyranny and that is precisely what we are witnessing in today’s Obama administration. It is our duty to protect and defend the Constitution. However, these “Anti-government” views and activities are being characterized as the actions of a domestic terrorist. 
From the NDAA, to the plethora of illegal and unconstitutional Executive Orders, the present (Obama) administration has made a mockery of the Constitution. However, in the words our occupied government (i.e. analogous to the French Vichy WW II Nazi collaborators), this administration wants to declare you to be a terrorist for the simple act of disagreeing with the government’s mandates.
...Please also take note of the “guilt by association strategy” being employed by Carlin. Reasonable Americans do not sanction the actions of white supremacists groups, such as the Klan. However, in the same series sentence, Carlin throws in the term anti-government extremists. Therefore are we to conclude that if American citizens oppose the wealth redistribution strategies of the Obama administration which has led to the largest income gap in the history of this country, then we are to be considered to be a domestic terrorist? If Americans oppose the unconstitutional Trans Pacific Partnership, then these Americans are to be considered to be home-grown terrorists? Please note that all Americans who oppose the communist inspired actions of this administration are not white supremacists or planning to blow up buildings. Therefore, being a supporter of the Constitution is what is being criminalized here. 

ARTICLE: "The Point Of No Return Has Just Been Reached! Stand Up Now Or Prepare To Be Permanently Put Down ~ October 16, 2015 
Has The DOJ Just Become Judge, Jury And Executioner? 
By Stefan Stanford - All News Pipeline - Live Free Or Die
...What CNN is calling a monumental shift has just taken place across America as the US DOJ has shifted focus away from ISIS and will now begin targeting 'anti-government extremists' according to this new story. Warning that a number or recent violent acts in the US have been motivated by 'anti-government views, racism, bigotry, anarchy and other despicable beliefs', Assistant Attorney General John Carlin announced a newly created council that will coordinate the investigation and prosecution of anti-government and hate groups. 
...Government MUST REMEMBER they are ONLY public servants TO the American people and should be guardians of the US Constitution and the Rights of Americans to speak freely, which also entitles a person to 'hate', which is still protected speech, even IF despicable. Even our own president Barack Obama once admitted he is very good at killing people. Are not those actions despicable and deplorable compared to Americans rights to speak out against those despicable and deplorable govt actions?" 

ARTICLE: "DOJ Creates “Domestic Terrorism” Division, Previously Labeled Libertarians, Conservatives “Domestic Extremists” 
Kit Daniels - The Justice Department has created a “domestic terrorism” division after previously labeling libertarians and conservatives as “domestic extremists.” The DOJ announced it will appoint a “domestic terrorism counsel” to focus on who the Obama administration and the controversial Southern Poverty Law Center considers “extremists.” “Looking back over the past few years, it is clear that domestic terrorists and homegrown violent extremists remain a real and present danger to the United States,” the DOJ’s John Carlin said on Wednesday." 

On the *marriage trendwise* front, ARTICLE: "Report: Why Men Are Giving Up On Marriage
Kit Daniels | Marriages in U.S. now at record low – and it’s by design!"

THIS WEEK, connect and walk with Nature as you can. Simply Be, and notice what goodness shows up around you. And then smile.  

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