Friday, May 29, 2015

My Sexy Saturday ~ RED LIONESS TAMED ~ capture the woman
Sexy Saturday kisses, everyone. 
The last seven paragraphs from CHAPTER ONE of my sci fi shapeshifter novella, RED LIONESS TAMED 
From that height, she drove her heel into his jaw. Draxen reeled for a moment. He'd been too slow in avoiding her next blow.

Hold the sweet galactic stars!

The flame-haired beauty proved to be a far more experienced fighter than he'd first thought. She'd been around the galaxy, obvious as asteroids to him now.

She knew exactly how to fight the likes of him. Further, from all indications, she was not desirous of his bed favors.

Soon to be changed, he decided.

Draxen figured his optimal tactic would be fighting her to exhaustion. Fortunately, he flew through a relatively benign area on his space route. And owned the time.

Balancing on the balls of his feet, Draxen followed her feline-agile leaps as she positioned herself. He charged, prepared to capture the woman who had his balls tied in a hellish knot. 

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