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Angelic Forecast from Volcano ~ December 8, 2014

Weekly Angelic Forecast from Volcano 

Straight from the Carnal Cherub himself...

Angelic Forecast ~ #327 

The Phoenix Rise of the Creative Genius ... so it begins as the world spins anew. The true potential and creative power of humankind now surfaces and tsunamis around our beloved planet.

Meanwhile, the dark-side uses every diabolical trick and method available to contain and control the 'creative genius' within us ALL. Out of this full-scale, sci-fi like attack on humanity, there develops an enormous chasm between those who shine with creative brilliance, and those who have been brutally, cruelly shutdown -- their minds severely limited.

On the AWAKENING front, The torch that is the soul of humanity has been ignited and the flame will not go out.

Now, more and more of us will gain a deeper 'knowing' about the power and beauty of our souls -- far-far beyond the "Truman Show" that is this material-world prison. Thus, we will act upon our soul AWARENESS in ever larger ways.
On the magickal, mystical front, this week the 'Mages of Ages Lost' cut the dark energetic ties that bind humankind with great whirling swipes and swings of their lightblades. Now, they are joined by the GOOD beings in the angelic realm who flash and slash with their mighty light swords. For, the Divine time is here.

As Well, at this cosmic turnpoint, the Great Backlash quickens. Every deception, every black-hearted deed perpetrated by the Viper elite, and carried out by their psycho-leader minions, now becomes an immediate karma, lashing them unmercifully. For, so it is.

On the personal front, this week is about exploring your creative side, as well as noticing the creativity of others around you. Look for ways to bring your talents together for the betterment of your immediate circle, your community -- and planet-wide, for ALL.

This is also the perfect time to pull your plans together, finalize, and proceed toward your goals. There could be some glitches this week. However, it's a greenlight 'go' overall.

Further, there could be a situation, an event, that touches your heart deeply. Feel the experience as fully as you are able. For, this is a natural HEART OPENING into the Aquarian Age.

On the paranormal front, The UFO case that will ultimately EXPOSE it ALL.

"Friday December 5, 2014  
British Ministry of Defense Forced to Admit It: Bentwaters UFO Incident Happened!
Linda Moulton Howe interviews John Burroughs, a direct witness to the Rendlesham Forest UFO event, with explosive results. This event, which took place in the UK near the RAF Bentwaters air base, is second only to the Roswell Incident in importance as a UFO event, and, given all the military witnesses who have come forward, could be considered even more important than Roswell.
One of these direct witnesses, John Burroughs, has now forced the British Ministry of Defense to admit the truth: the incident happened and the men who were present were exposed to an unknown form of radiation.
Listen as Linda Moulton Howe conducts one of the most explosive and compelling interviews she has ever done."
Read more on Linda Moulton Howe's

On the land changes front, Superstorm events, extreme high-low temperatures, flooding, more sinkholes, fireballs streak across the sky, terrible droughts continue, Volcanoes erupt bigtime, the cooling sun... BOOM EXPLOSIONS around the world... and shake, rattle, and roll, it's all in the moving tectonic plates ... the EARTHQUAKES continue.

HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "WATCH: Massive Sinkhole Forms in San Francisco Neighborhood After Soaking Rain
A 20-by-30-foot sinkhole opened up in the Bay Area on Wednesday after heavy rain inundated the region."

HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "World's Newest Lava Lake Appears in Africa
Heralded by fiery lava fountains and plumes of poisonous gas, a new lava lake has appeared atop one of Africa's most active volcanoes." — LiveScience

HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "Eleventh typhoon of the year in the Western Pacific becomes 'Super Typhoon Hagupit!' More than half a million fleeing for safety in the Philippines"

HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "Significant eruptions of Mount Erebus reported, Antarctica"

On the economic front, Wall Street: More Plans to Rape, Pillage, and Plunder the Sheeple on Main Street... otherwise known as taxpayers...

HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "Wall Street Moves to Put Taxpayers on the Hook for Derivatives Trades
Michael Krieger | Wall Street has for some time attempted to put taxpayers on the hook for its derivatives trades."

Further, during the year 2015, corporate welfare for the big boys -- millions upon millions beyond social welfare for the people -- will skyrocket. Simultaneously, many of us will revolt refusing big-corp products and services.

Also, this TRUTH is now spotlight-revealed...

HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "Five Facts About Who Is Really Behind the Food Stamp Program: One-sixth of the country is now receiving food stamps and the number just continues to climb.
1. Congress Changed the Rules to Get Even More People on the Dole
Congress relaxed the food stamp program standards in 2008 regarding who could receive benefits, then gave the program a temporary boost in 2009 that allowed people to receive even more money every month. (source)
2.The Biggest Food Stamp Lobbyists are Mega Banks and Mega Corporations
Some 76 billion in food stamps were handed out just last year alone. But the biggest recipients aren’t the people on food stamps.
In fact, the biggest lobbyists for the food stamp program aren’t poor people or organizations who represent low-income families, but big Wall Street banks and mega corporations. Two quick examples: J.P. Morgan Chase raked in $209 million for just two contracts agreeing to administer EBT card benefits in Florida and New York; and Walmart made half a billion in food stamps just off Oklahoma residents and in just a two-year period."

On the truth front, *Grubered* by the Flim Flam Glam Scam Man, Once Again

HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "Obama never signed amnesty order
WND - It’s common knowledge President Obama signed an executive order directing the Department of Homeland Security to forgive millions of illegal aliens for their past violations of immigration law, right? Wrong. Today the National Archives and Records Administration, responsible for such maintaining such filings, said no such executive order was ever signed or filed, confirming WND’s report Wednesday."

HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "Analysis of Obama's Executive Amnesty Scheme: Ending Secure Communities :ICE released over 36,000 criminals from custody, including serious offenders such as murderers and sex offenders, because they somehow didn't meet the endlessly shifting enforcement

On the war front, Flash Bang, Front and Center, the Worldwide Economic War

Look for a series of fast moves on the worldwide war chessboard by the major economic players. The Russian Bear gains ground while the Chinese Dragon controls more of Africa, and becomes a larger naval force on the oceans.

Meanwhile, the high level of treachery by establishment evildoers only accelerates at a dizzying pace. For, freedom, enterprise, and self-sufficiency, must be crushed beneath *1984 big brother* boots. If they are to continue their sinister rule.

Thus, look for the ongoing death of the American dollar.

On the tyranny-at-work front, Bingo Bango, Here Come the Renegade Cowgirls and Cowboys

From the 'November 3, 2013' Angelic Forecast #270 ~ The Rise of Cowgirl and Cowboy Defiance Sweeps Across the Country

***At this turn in history/herstory, those with the spirit of liberty beating in their breasts now spread out on the land, and form their independent communities. Many will also go outlaw as in the DIVINE OUTLAW. They will consciously ignore the demands of the criminal establishment, and live by this creed: do what is right and true and sacred.

For, they have embraced the SPIRIT ENERGY of freedom for All humanity. This Aquarian Age frequency now encompasses the entire planet.

On the AWAKENING front, as the AWAKENING nova-bursts across the world, every form of tyranny will be less and less tolerated by the people. Massive uprisings, riots, and protests will likely become commonplace during the year, 2014.

In opposition, to crush this spirit of true freedom, the dark-side disguises their evil by putting on the 'green mask', and pretending to be the saviors of Mother Earth. Nothing could be further from the truth.***

HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "Americans Bought More Guns Than Flat Screen TV’s On Black Friday :According to the FBI, last Friday saw a staggering 175,000 background checks processed via the agency’s National Instant Criminal Background Check System, a number the agency says made Friday..."

On the communication front, the Gigundis Propaganda Push by the Presstitute Media ... or how to foment a race war for the benefit of the establishment psychopaths. That is, how to *divide and conquer* the people in this day and age.

Meanwhile, many of the people see through this ages-old ruse.

HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "‘Govt created a monster’: 1000s protest police violence across US for 3rd night
RT | Thousands of people in New York and other US cities protested for a third night against the use of lethal force by police."

HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "Special Report: Eric Garner’s Daughter Says ‘This Was Not About Race’
Prison | Erica Garner said she felt the issue was a microcosm of the larger problem of police brutality."

HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "Mike Brown’s Cousin: Let’s Not Make This About Race
Paul Joseph Watson | Focus should be on problem of police brutality, not hating white people."

On the home front, the Rise of the Western States ... the battle against land-grab tyranny accelerates. From a prior forecast: "a turn-point... ahead as more of the people jump astride their metaphorical horses, and go renegade cowboy and cowgirl against the system. Their rage continues to gather strength and now firestorms faster. For, being ruled by psychopaths goes against their very being and 1776 spirit."

HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "Utah to seize own land from government, challenge federal dominance of Western states
Washington Times - In an unprecedented challenge to federal dominance of Western state lands, Utah Gov. Gary Herbert in 2012 signed the “Transfer of Public Lands Act,” which demands that Washington relinquish its hold on the land, which represents more than half of the state’s 54.3 million acres, by Dec. 31."

On the food front, as always, continue to stock up on food, water, and the supplies you need. This becomes more critical as prices rise, and the availability of certain foods/items lessens. Also, the superstorms of life will 'quicken' at this point in time. Be prepared.

As well, as poverty deepens for many, help wherever you feel called to do so.

HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "America in decline: college students facing starvation turn to food banks: Campus food banks helping feed students within days of opening"

On the Frankenfood GMO front, HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "Monsanto Pulling Illegal Vote Counters into Oregon GMO Recount?
In 3 Oregon counties, Monsanto's out of state operatives have been forced to leave where votes are recounted.

HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "Monsanto Stock Downgraded as Company Faces Worst Growth in Years
Here’s one for the history books, and a slap on the wrist for Monsanto stock-holders. Monsanto stock has been downgraded to ‘Neutral’ from ‘Buy’ after an annual seed dealer industry survey showed the company is facing some of the worst growth in the last 7 years."

On the 'where are you, PETA and Humane Society?' front, HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "Watch: Factory Farm Whistleblower Unveils Disturbing Video
Farmer says he is contractually obligated to ensure chickens receive no fresh air or sunlight."

On the energy front, Big Brother Goes Evil Tesla ... the weapons turned outward now turn inward.

Electromagnetic Weaponry
Date: 12-03-14
Host: George Noory
 In the latter half of the program, analyst Craig Hulet talked about electromagnetic warfare systems and the dangers of such weaponry. The story first came to Hulet's attention when he learned of a Navy plan to set up a range in the Pacific Northwest which would allegedly test counteractive measures against ground-based electromagnetic weaponry that might be used to disrupt American fighter jets. Further investigation by Hulet revealed similar Naval training is already being done in at least seventeen states throughout America. Despite their attempts to portray the program as akin to radar, he stressed that "make no mistake, these are weapons" and that agitation of aircraft is one of the least potent uses for such technology.
Although this weaponry is considered 'non-lethal,' Hulet cautioned that it "has the ability to do unbelievable damage to human beings." Should electromagnetic weapons be turned on people, he said, they can induce dizziness, nausea, and unconsciousness as well as "fry the water under your skin without burning you, until you are screaming in pain." To that end, Hulet reported that attempts to use these 'non-lethal' systems in Iraq and Afghanistan were halted by the US government after targets suffered horrific deaths from the weapons. While the Army foresees other potential sinister uses for this technology such as mind control and DNA fragmentation, Hulet marveled that "the American people haven't got a clue that this is going on."

On the really bad news front, The Advanced-Tech Militarization of Law Enforcement Here and Worldwide... it's full-steam ahead as mandated by the dark-side system.

Time to duck and cover as much as possible from law enforcement. Time to take over and  'community police' your own home area. Time to befriend good police and constitutional sheriffs.

Further, with the massive increase in crime and murder, take care of yourself and your community. Remember, self-protection is your Divine Right.

On the good news front, people helping people, and taking care of their community.

HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "NYC Launches Massive 'Curbside Garden' Campaign
New York City boroughs have planted more than 250 gardens to protect local waterways."

HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "Volunteers Collect 900 Pounds of Produce in 3 Hours to Give to Hungry
Through the efforts of just over 12 volunteers, thousands of pounds of fresh fruit is being donated to those with less than enough food."

On the global mafia cabal front, The Viper elite have a major problem at this crosspoint in history/herstory. Too many of us are WAKING UP to their giant globalist screw job.

One example dead ahead... or, you can't lose when you back all the big-oil horses in the race. HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "Leaked Playbook Shows How Big Oil Fights Clean Energy ~ Revealing document uncovers how oil industry creates faux grassroots organizations to falsely sway public opinion." —

By the way, if you're a significant working cog in the worldwide financial realm, you might want to consider early retirement.

HEADLINE: "Top Belgian Banker Found Dead In North Sea, Updated List Of Dead"

On the heroine and hero front, ALL the GOOD cops, the constitutional sheriffs, and those who truly protect and serve the people. Thank you. We need you more than ever.

On the freedom front, the renegade spirit burns ever brighter, ever fiercer across the country. From a previous forecast: "Saddle Up, Cowboy and Cowgirl Renegades... it's about to get real rough and tough out there. However, the firestorm that is freedom continues to route the new world order criminals."

Also, The New Freedom Underground Economy... or building/making whatever is outlawed by the dark-side global order.

One example: Underground Ammo, The New Career Opportunity ... a most excellent overview of the U.N. ONE WORLD ORDER'S step-by-step plan to take away our guns, our weapons, and eliminate ammo. BLURB-SNIPPET: "On the Friday, December 5 edition of the Alex Jones Show, guest host David Knight ...The New American writer Joe Wolverton [speaks] about how the UN Arms Trade Treaty may officially go into force directly before the upcoming Christmas holiday and provides solutions to keep the Second Amendment and God-given right to self defense intact."

Trendwise, now societal, mindless 'trendiness' slips, and the long cultural slide toward trendy becoming 'untrendy' begins. For, many realize materialism, not balanced by goodness of the heart, is empty and worthless.

Once upon an age-olden time -- before the dense multi-verse was begat -- the material worlds were designed to enhance the beauty of spirit, the power of the growing soul -- to further LIFE throughout all of Creation. Remember, and let it be so again.

THIS WEEK, contemplate what moves your heart and soul. And look for the beauty around you. As you appreciate the beautiful sights and sounds and smells, the beautiful touch of LIFE itself, celebrate those moments. 

Angelic blessings from Volcano & Sedona

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Savanna Kougar ~ Run on the Wild Side of Romance ~


Pat C. said...

Yeek! about the chickens. I'm glad I don't eat eggs.

Last week I ran into a friend and former co-worker who just got laid off from her job. She'd been there 12 years, was never a troublemaker and probably didn't do anything wrong. We figure she was cut because she got too old (50s) and too expensive. The two people they kept are in their 30s and have been there half as long as she was. Also, they're both married, so it's possible their (costly) medical expenses were covered by their husbands' insurance, thus saving the company money. None of this can be proven in court, of course. My friend now has to start over with both age and experience working against her, since her skills can be matched by anyone half her age with less experience and for a lower salary. I wish her luck.

This isn't a big corporation, either; it's a little family-owned shopper newspaper. But the page count has been dropping recently and so have revenues, so the person who cost the most (whose skills could be duplicated by cheaper workers) had to go. You folks who currently have jobs and are approaching 50 (or even 40), I'd start stuffing $20s into your mattress. You never know when you'll need it.

Pat C. said...

I wish that increased creativity came with increased writing speed. I suppose that's why caffeine was invented.

Savanna Kougar said...

I only eat free range chicken eggs, or farm fresh where I know the people involved. The eggs taste much better!!!

Wishing your friend good luck, too. Yeah, that's been a common practice now, for at least the last decade. Firing, laying off, or paying off older workers to hit the bricks.

That is, unless you work for a place like Wal-mart at slave wages with attending gov 'food stamp' programs, etc.

Yay, on the increased writing speed! Hey, Divine, quicken the writing speed for us authors.

Savanna Kougar said...

Effing great, now Go-Ogle is making us prove we're not robots whether we want to or not. And they're already AI. Maybe, Mr/Ms Google AI doesn't want any competition.