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Angelic Forecast from Volcano ~ December 29, 2014

Weekly Angelic Forecast from Volcano 

Straight from the Carnal Cherub himself...

Angelic Forecast ~ #330 

2015, The Year of Societal Extremes and the Wild Card Factor

Now social unrest accelerates, then goes off the proverbial charts. Meanwhile, the police-brutality lid is clamped down tighter than ever by the predatory, *eat their substance out* establishment.

However, throughout the year, 2015, there will be approximately ten WILD CARD EVENTS. These marker 'events' will immediately spin the world in a different direction -- one meant to assist humankind. For, these are gifts from the Great Divine.

To counteract these miraculous 'wild card factors' the *Viper psychopathic cabal* will attempt to mind control the people into mindless and/or fearful obedience to the Great Surveillance State.

While, in the beginning, there will be some measure of terrible success, ultimately this diabolical 'spy on everyone' gambit will fail. In part, because many will tune out of the establishment, and turn off their TVs. Many of us will also ignore the hypnotic allure of e-devices in favor of human to human contact.

On the AWAKENING front, 2015, The Dreamers Emerge Dreaming a Brave New Future and the Great Psychic Arrival-Revival

AWAKE and AWARE, this consciousness continues to tsunami-spread over the world, and will be easily observed in the activism-rise of the people against the forces of tyranny. At this spinpoint in time, the demand for mental freedom, the freedom to think as though wilt, and not be repressed-oppressed soars phoenix-skyward.

As well, psychic powers blast into existence, especially from the young among us. Out of this, there will be 'hundredth monkey' happenings -- in that once a certain threshold is reached, various psychic abilities will become a normal part of the human population and experience.

On the land changes front, 2015, Mother Earth Continues To Transform Herself and the Sun Lashes the Atmosphere Creating Unusual Weather Anomalies

At this cosmic turnpoint, a portion of the earth's core becomes more molten, then changes its geometric dynamics. This means a greater increase in volcanic eruptions, especially on the ocean floor. There will be more cracks in the crust, many of which will be powerful earthquakes and ongoing quake swarms. New land will continue to rise unexpectedly, as in islands, and worldwide, areas of land will also sink dramatically.

Further, many coastlines will continue to erode as they are struck by Superstorm after Superstorm. Further, flooding, drought, and extremes in weather only increase.

However, Beneficent Forces are still intervening and will mitigate several disaster land-change events. Every effort toward real and lasting peace will also soothe these Earth-cyclical changes.

On the magickal, mystical front, this year of 2015, the 'Mages of Ages Lost' become conjuring cyclones of CHANGE, thus, initiating more advancement toward the Aquarian Age renaissance. With their lightblades whirling, they will battle the zombie apocalypse in all of its various forms.

On the personal front, 2015, The Year of Personal Freedom and the Rise of Pioneering Independence ... this will be a make it or break it year for many when it comes to taking charge of your own life. One of the major challenges will be discovering new and innovative methods/ways to not only maintain control of your life, but also increase your ability to self-govern.

For, Aquarian Age vibes demand humankind grow up, to become responsible in key ways that are to the benefit of ALL. However, the current governing system demands humanity stay dependant on authorities, and servile to laws the so-called leaders don't bother obeying... as in the ye olden days of Robin Hood.

On the paranormal front, 2015, the Year of ET High Strangeness and Dimensional Reality ... CONTACT with ETs, other races, and all manner of supernatural beings continues and accelerates on a one-on-one personal level, even as the state-controlled mainstream mantra will remain a *doctrine of denial*. This, despite the obvious TRUTH.

Also, those who die and miraculously return to their bodies will be speaking out in much greater numbers at this cosmic timepoint. For, these barriers between worlds have dissolved to a new thinness. This means, as well, there will be more and easier communication with those on the Other Side.

On the truth front, 2015, TRUTH Becomes the Mightiest of Weapons For the People ... that is, as never before in this current world-age. For *Truth* will be shouted from the highest mountaintops, from the lowest valleys, and will EMERGE no matter the evil empire's campaign to shroud it with the darkness of deception, misinformation, and lies.

Often, revealed truths will revolve around currency or 'money' and the *dark-side powers that be* who are pulling the worldwide economic strings. For, the curtain is being pulled aside inch by inch. This particular TRUTH KNOWING will manifest in every layer of society and be a global phenomenon.

On the economic front, 2015, the Year of Old Money Versus the Emerging Cyber Currencies and the Monumental Rise Against Debt Enslavement

Superstorm waves of bankster-gangster corruption inundates society... sinks the economy further... and smashes against the cliffs of the 'good and virtuous' banks still standing. Out of this, the street war begins, and the once proud pillars of the republic crumble into disorder as the rats in charge run for their underground and private-island lairs. For, their Machiavellian, beyond-cruel game against the people is up. And justice is due.

On the war front, 2015, Betrayal By the Military Industrial Complex Exposed and Give Peace a Real Chance ... as the ongoing drumbeat of war and ever more war is played out before the public, as Hitlarian-Reichstag false flags strike one after another during the year, a bold resistance will form.

This 'resistance' will include people from every economic class, and from every social strata. NO MORE WAR becomes their fervent mantra. Also, at this point in time, it appears as though this enormous movement will first rise most significantly in the European countries.

On the tyranny-at-work front, 2015, On the Brink of a Human Revolution-Evolution and the Cruel Counterattack by the Evil Empire Establishment

To force a race war, and a class war between the people ... to foment a clash of civilizations, of religions -- and thus, to instigate the chaos and destruction of a major world war ... 'propaganda false flags' will be *staged*one after another. Also, every incident that furthers these reprehensible goals will be used by the dark-side controllers to incite the public into paranoia, into fighting each other.

However, this domino effect can be halted by Divine Intervention.

On the communication front, 2015, Cyber Hacking, the New Interplanetary Warfare ... and Internet Freedom, the Battlefield Between the People and the Old-Guard Establishment Goes Viral

Currently, superstorms of rage are brewing among those who love the wild-west freedom of the worldwide web, and will not surrender to the upcoming China-style censorship -- as bill-decreed by congress and other world governments. For, at the deepest, genius cyber level AI [artificial intelligence] soldiers are being created to do battle against every dark-side enemy of internet freedom.

On the home front, 2015, the Farming and Ranching Renaissance Struggles Yet Triumphs ... and the Forced Manufactured Austerity Courtesy of the Dark-side Powers That Be

During the coming year, every attempt will be made to sell the need for a nightmarish *austerity* as championed by Agenda 21. From a prior forecast: "Trendwise, more of the American people are WAKING UP to what is called Agenda 21. This is the U.N.'s covert plan to corral humankind and keep us penned up in sardine-cramped cities -- in apartments often smaller than prison cells. Even as they and their petty-creepy minions seize all the land."

On the food front, 2015, The Food Battle Lines Are Being Drawn Between the People and the Big Frankenfood Corporations

This battle for the preservation of good and natural food will get real ugly, real fast. Currently government agencies are being used to stop heirloom seed savers from exchanging their seeds. This will ultimately fail. However, the people must persevere against this sinister attack on a basic human need and right. That is, to eat, and eat healthily.

On the energy front, 2015, The Shift of the Energy Matrix as the Battle Between Good and Evil Intensifies

This will be a rock'em sock'em year on the world stage as more of the people say NO to all *authority figures* and NO to the Empire of Broken Dreams.

As well, there will be huge spiritual-energy transformations. That is, on a personal level many of us will confront the good versus evil battle within ourselves, and be victorious. Thus, the world is born anew.

On the really bad news front, 2015, the Beast System Goes Stark Raving Mad and Militarization of Law Enforcement Shoots For the Moon

At this point in history/herstory, the Great Balkanization of society begins. Those of like mind, whether for good or ill, come together and carve out their territories.

Out of this diabolically conjured chaos, the Viper elite sit back and laugh at the destruction they have wrought, and are wreaking against humanity. However, in the grand cosmic scheme of time this will be short-lived.

On the good news front, 2015, Heart To Heart Communication, True Caring and Compassion Trump the Corporate Evildoers

Many more of us are now WAKING UP to the constant lava-flow of beyond-evil corruption in both the upper echelons of government, and in the boardrooms of their corporate masters.

However, because of this courageous *facing of the truth* there will be miracles of power  that generate a world worth living in for ALL.

On the global mafia cabal front, 2015, the Divide and Conquer Strategy of the Viper Cabal Begins To Fall Apart and Fail ... and Death Becomes Them

As the king-of-the-world war in their own dark-side ranks reaches new heights, more of the bankster gangster minions will be eating cement, biting the proverbial dust, and/or pushing up daisies.

Meanwhile, the technocrat-minions use all of their nefarious wiles to gain complete control over Western Society for their Viper masters. For they believe the serfs must bow down and obey, and take their proper place as mere pawns in the endgame.

On the heroine and hero front, The Heroines and Heroes of Alternative Media Now Overcome the Media Industrial Complex Yet Not Without an Epic Demonizing Battle

Stay tuned. Stay alert. And don't just watch this show. Participate with your own genius-knowing, experience, and knowledge. We are all the journalists, the investigative reporters. And this is our time.

On the freedom front, 2015, Caught in the Wild and Wooly Crosscurrents of the Aquarian Age Transition, Freedom Now Spins Like a Cyclone Over the Land ... and  the Truth Shall Set Them ALL Free

As the real truth about the world, and the black-hearted ones who rule, now slams into the mass consciousness of the people -- a constant yet divine bombardment -- the fierce desire for freedom compels and strengthens the human spirit.  And the people rise.

However, fear of freedom owns many as well, and they will fight tooth and nail to remain ruled and enslaved. Their tactics will be vicious and underhanded. Also, betrayal will be their best ally. Beware.

Trendwise, the Unique Prism That Is Humankind and the Human Spirit Now Ascends at Superspeed ... and the People Begin Taking Over the Movie and TV Industry

With the lessening expense of movie-making cameras, equipment, and powerful computers on the near horizon, the amateurs, and the artistic geniuses, come pouring out of the woodwork. The sky is the limit but becomes limitless.

As well, the endless beauty of the human spirit will now be portrayed by massive and myriad artistic endeavors, as never before known in this era. Thus, advancement gallops freely over the land like a herd of beautiful wild horses.

THIS WEEK, make plans for the New Year that reflect the beauty and strength of your soul. 

Angelic blessings from Volcano & Sedona

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Savanna Kougar ~ Run on the Wild Side of Romance ~


Pat C. said...

I'd like to have psychic powers so I could mindblast whoever had the bright idea to force millions of Americans to sign up for healthcare during the Christmas rush. I'll be blogging about my own adventures in a week or so. Here's a preview: Trust No One.

I wonder if Bigfoot's hiding because he knows if they find him they'll make him pay taxes?

Savanna Kougar said...

I tell you what! If I were Bigfoot I'd be hiding bigtime... the whole society is out of control as far as any manner of common sense... which includes, of course, taxation... which is technically unlawful according to the constitution... that is, in the manner of how it's being perpetrated on all of us... heck, the 16th amendment WAS NEVER EVEN RATIFIED!!!

Good idea. I think we should all spare a few moments a day to psychically mindblast those responsible. There's power in numbers.