Saturday, September 6, 2014

My Sexy Saturday ~ All Shades of Blue Paradise ~ Erotic Heat

Sexy Saturday kisses, everyone.

Today's snippet stars Lady Sheridan and Baron Zaggry. As I mentioned before, their love story was my very first erotic romance accepted for publication in 2007. Sher and Zag live in another dimension -- a world known as a Blue Realm. 

"Open the door to Blue Paradise ~ an aristocratic world of fiercest passion where every erotic dream comes true."


Scene note: Zag and Sheridan attend a dinner hosted by Lady Moehnigua where the guests discuss commerce while enjoying their sexual passions. 

All Shades of Blue Paradise

Seven paragraphs ~ 

Sheridan pressed hot desperate kisses down Zag’s muscle-beautiful torso—remembering, more and more, what she had forced herself to forget, their passions. Her hands stroked downward over the fabric of his pants, stroked over his brutally hard cock.

Feverishly, she kissed him. She stroked, holding his strength with her bound hands. Stroking up and down rhythmically, she pressed hard as she knew he once enjoyed. As he had once allowed, teaching her to touch him.

She stroking-tempted him from his tip to the base of his cock, feeling him stud-harden even more.

“You remember,” he harsh and hoarse blurted the words.

“You make me remember,” she challenged between her kisses, her furious pants of breath.

Zag seized her hands. She gripped his ache-pulsing cock harder. Devil-wicked, he was torn between sweetest ecstasy here, this moment. With her. Or continue his horrible need for her until later, a planned fiercer ecstasy with her.

“Zaggry, you will owe me.” Lady Moehnigua’s coy tone penetrated. Suddenly, he inhaled the pungent odor of a carnal-lessening candle. “You will favor me with the pleasure of you and your slave lover as my dining guests. Soon.”


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