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Angelic Forecast from Volcano ~ September 15, 2014

Weekly Angelic Forecast from Volcano 

Straight from the Carnal Cherub himself...

Angelic Forecast ~ #315 

Worldwide Rebellion... the 'Watch Words' for the final months of 2014.

Now Scotland rises as the freedom fighters heard 'round the world. Massive protest continues to erupt in Spain, and the country will likely split apart into independent regions at some point in the future.

Further, this flares up again: what has been called the Iceland disease -- or throwing out the bankster gangsters and taking back the government. This overthrow of the corrupt financial system will likely explode in the central European countries.

On the AWAKENING front, now it gets 'too' interesting in the human population overall, as the new cosmic frequencies intensify by a hundredfold. Those who are able to handle this superspeed spiritual frequency, and those who can adapt, will do their best to assist others.

However, a type of madness could overtake some, as they will feel like they are floundering and unable to save themselves. Also, spurts of bizarre behavior are likely in day-to-day life, given many will feel as if they are drowning in a storm-raging sea.

Calming them in natural ways, with music, and with herbs used for relaxation will be helpful. Also, at this time, extra nutrition is one key to dealing with these high, high GOOD vibrations.

On the magickal, mystical front, this week the 'Mages of Ages Lost' seek to reveal the wicked underbelly of the Viper-beast system that has ruled over humankind for ages. While these 'revelations' will be mind-blasting, and often soul-shocking, the Mages will be saturating the energetic field with their healing, loving magick.

At this cosmic juncture, prepare to live in a whole new way. Old destructive ways of thought, of insidious programming, is being gradually lifted away. Whenever this 'divine sunlight' breaks through in your life, embrace it, and move forward with a smile.

On the personal front, cleaning everything in sight, or cleaning as the mood strikes you, will likely hit many of us for the next month's time. Not only will this help in preparing your domicile for the winter months, but it is also symbolic of cleaning and clearing out your mental closet. This is all to the GOOD.

Also, this is a fabulous time to rearrange certain aspects of your life. Go full steam ahead toward whatever changes you want to make. If there are blocks, just take a step back, give it some time, then determine how to approach the situation.

As always, keep an eagle's eye on your finances at this time.

Further, the paranormal is likely to become part of your life in new ways, regardless of whether you believe or don't believe... and whether you've had no experiences or many such 'high strangeness' experiences.

On the paranormal front, the time of the Time Travelers is Here... now, more than ever in recent history, time travelers will make themselves known to many of us who embrace studying the supernatural realms of life. Or, those of us with the eyes to see, and the ears to listen.

Now, this will only increase... from a prior forecast: December 8, 2013 ~ Angelic Forecast ~ #275 "...the time travelers now arrive in huge numbers. This could feel like a jerkiness in the way life flows, and will show up on the world stage as near-instant reversals in some policies. This is because alterations are being made that will be beneficial in the long scheme of TIME.

Also, the Time Wars wind down, and several timelines are being joined together for the sake of ALL."

As well, eyes to the sky, keep a watch out for Cloud UFOs.

HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "Cloaked Cloud Craft UFO’s… What / Who Is In Our Skies…
As a Chemtrail activist I have been videoing the skies over the Antelope Valley, Ca. since mid 2011. Early in 2012, I began noticing strange anomalies in and around bizarre looking cloud formations that just didn’t seem like they belonged in the sky. I soon came to the “insane opinion” these anomalies in and around these clouds resembled triangular craft of various sizes that were emitting some type of cloud like material and interacting with Chemtrail aerosol spraying . The signatures of these craft could be seen but I could not see anything that looked like a solid object, until recently…"

On the land changes front, CHANGE is the watchword. Now more Volcanoes awaken, and larger eruptions occur.

HEADLINE: "Incredible Footage Of An Explosive Volcanic Eruption Captured in New Guinea"

HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "Iceland’s Bardarbunga volcano sulfur fumes now bothering people 800 miles away
While Thyness said the fumes themselves aren’t something that will endanger the public in Norway, the Iceland Review said residents in eastern Iceland have complained about sore throats, stinging eyes and headaches. The news agency said families were told to avoid being outside for long periods of time, particularly children and people with respiratory illnesses. Bjorn Saevar Einarsson, a meteorologist at the Icelandic Met Office, points to a satellite image that clearly shows how far the concentration of sulfur pollution has traveled."

HEADLINE: "Two Indonesian volcanoes undergo multiple eruptions – evacuations ordered"

Forecast from two weeks ago: "this week, volcanoes are likely to rule, and Yellowstone National Park will become more magma-dangerous. However, flooding will continue to take center stage in many regions of the planet. Killer temperatures are also on the near horizon for some parts of the world.

Meanwhile, earthquakes, and quake swarms, escalate in number and  intensity worldwide. Also, America's Midwest region will likely shake, rattle, and roll during the next three months.

As the year 2014 ends, superstorm weather hits more frequently. Remember, dare to prepare. Further, CMEs from the sun lash the Earth's atmosphere, causing significant communication glitches."

On the truth front, The Medieval History 'they' Don't Want You to Know ... or the first recorded history of how and when the 'military industrial complex' was begun, then set into motion. Think the Templars, the Vatican, and the Crusades.

BLURB: "New on Dreamland: Joseph Farrell - The Secret Machineries of Our World ~ Thrice-Great Hermitica and the Janus Age. What can that mean? How does it relate to the way power works in our world? Joseph Farrell goes deep into the underworlds of power in this explosive interview. He starts by explaining to us what the Janus Age means, then goes on to describe the all-important structures beneath the surface of our world that make it what it is. Why are we always off balance while a wealthy few seem to get richer and richer on the shoulders of the rest of us?

On the economic front, Buddy Can You Spare a Dime... as the economy worsens for most of us, poverty becomes even more of a plague. HOWEVER, the innovative-creative spirit of the people rises like the proverbial phoenix from the financially collapsing ash, and many of us will come together to form  viable local economies.

HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "Taking an exit from the labor force: Over the last ten years 16 million Americans have dropped out of the labor force.'Americans are simply broke and their version of retirement includes working until you drop'."

HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "Small Business Ownership In America Is At An All-Time Low ~ Michael Snyder | According to the Federal Reserve, the percentage of American families that own a small business is at the lowest level that has ever been recorded." 

Money, money, money, as the song lyric goes, now plays a big role at this point in history. For, this is the endpoint of gratuitous, criminal greed. To a large extent, the year, 2015, will be about this trauma-drama... this transformation into the Aquarian Age where giving and living from the heart will become the norm.

In the meantime, diabolical chaos ensues around the world as the global economy wobbles like a drunkard. As usual, the bankster gangster crowd looks for more ways to rape, pillage, and plunder the people... while taxing them to death... even as these psychos fight amongst themselves.

Because, in the end, there can be only ONE world financial order.

On the war front, this week, a mishmash of monstrous events ahead on the global war fronts. Meanwhile, the Bear prepares and positions himself on the world war chessboard to take final control of eastern Ukraine. This, as Europe rips apart at the seams economically, socially, and becomes victimized by the dark-side's 'orchestrated' clash of civilizations.

Oh, and Canada bares its teeth at the Bear over the Arctic.

On the U.S. front, the endless lies meant to rally the sheeple into accepting a 'kill them all' Middle East war will continue this week -- all courtesy of the bimbo media and the dictatorial regime. This, while the military is being gutted every which way but loose, and the top military brass are being replaced with incompetent boot lickers.

However, the civil war behind the scenes takes a nasty turn which *could* force the administration and the congress to take several steps back from the brink of more and more war.

On the tyranny-at-work front, as has been said: "Mass murderers agree. Gun control works."

Now, the campaign to villify gun owners -- to defeat the rapidly growing gun culture -- jumps into serious overdrive. This will get ugly real fast. For, the establishment bullies are scared to death of the American people rising up, and saying NO MORE.

HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "Facebook Bans Gun Owners, Allows Kitten Torture Video
Kit Daniels | Uploading burning kitten video won’t get you banned, but talking about guns will."

On the communication front, the tech advancement in communication devices is a double-edged sword... or freedom through instant, worldwide communication *versus* big-brother surveillance and thus, enslavement.

With the release of iphone 6 the knock-down, drag-out battle between freedom and enslavement is upon us.

On the home front, the battle against Common Core, the fed-designed curriculum being forced on schools, is about to spread like wildfire and become explosive as more and more parents say NO.

HEADLINE-SNIPPET: YOUTUBE ~ "Watch: Second-Grader Reduced to Tears by Common Core Math Homework
Breitbart - My daughter is a banner roll student who has always had a passion to learn. Loves school and hopes to be a teacher when she gets big. She now spends hours each night crying, hiding and begging to not have to go back to school. Said that she doesn't want to be a teacher anymore because she doesn't like it anymore, school makes her cry and took the fun out of learning!"

On the food front, the continuing drought in California will diminish food supplies. Once again, it is ever-wise to grow what food you can, and stock up on the best quality foods you can find, and purchase.

HEADLINE: "California rice farmer: Drought may make us 'quit'."

On the energy front, or what is going on in the hidden cyber world of bits and bytes and super computers? There's an AI [artificial intelligence] war raging.

What if you knew as a super hacker-programmer about the emergence, the existence of a black-ops AI? Perhaps, even that several of these 'new world order' AIs are running the world.

What would you do? Why likely, you'd create your own battle *on the good side* AI. Maybe even a team of AIs.

Think about it from this perspective. With the deployment of machine-thinking drones now flying-patrolling above us, it's not when, but now. SKY NET, and similar 'futuristic' stories aren't in our future. It's here now. You're just not being told about it.

On the really bad news front, CONTAGION is the watchword. For worldwide, the dark-side controllers are not only unleashing war, but also unleashing germ and bio warfare against humanity. Yes, depopulation is 'one' of their sinister goals.

HEADLINE-SNIPPET: Bombshell: Journal of Pediatrics—fraud, brain damage, follow the money
Jon Rappoport | The hits keep coming in the CDC whistleblower scandal."

HEADLINE-SNIPPET: Legal historian makes case smallpox was intentional 'biological warfare' ~ By CAITLIN THOMPSON ~ September 12, 2014  9:32 PM
Tom Swanky is an unassuming figure. A humble, soft-spoken gentleman in his sixties, he believes he's uncovered some of the most compelling evidence on the spread of smallpox in decades. A lawyer and legal historian by trade, Swanky has worked for over 10 years on what he calls a 'detective story.'

HEADLINE-SNIPPET: Chimerix Wins $17M Award For Development Of Smallpox Treatment ~ By C. Rajan, contributing writer ~ Chimerix last week announced that it has extended its contract with the Biomedical Advanced Research and Development Authority (BARDA) for the development of its broad spectrum antiviral brincidofovir to treat smallpox infections.

HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "(NaturalNews) Based on its current rate of spread, the West African Ebola outbreak is expected to surge in the coming weeks, according to a new study published in the journal PLOS Currents: Outbreaks. Researchers from Northeastern University in Boston have projected that as many as 10,000 cases of Ebola will be confirmed by September 24, with about 5,000 of these resulting in death."

HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "US State Dept Orders 160,000 Ebola HAZMAT Suits – What Do They Know That We Don’t Know?"

On the good news front, the rebellion against Big Pharma and the Medical Industrial Complex is on, and will go supernova in the near future. Many now return to natural treatments and supplements in a bid to improve their health, and remain healthy -- despite the enormous challenges facing humankind.

The good news is that there are abundant methods, means, and ways to heal *any health condition* 'and/or' any disease that is caused by a spreading epidemic-pandemic.

Research out what works for you and your loved ones. The information is out there.

Further good news, there are WHITE HAT teams, and other GRAY HAT groups, who are 'intervening' -- doing what they can to contain all the loosed contagions. As well, the mass conscious will of the people to stop epidemics-pandemics is a force unto itself.

On the global mafia cabal front, a fractured picture of cooperation among the top factions while they backstab each other, and jockey for position -- especially when it comes to being king of the crooked financial world.

This week, look for quick switches in policy by the leader-puppets on the political stage as they dance attendance on their dark-side puppet masters. Schizo, manic, and psycho, that will be the appearance of their *dance to their masters tune* behavior from this point forward.

On the heroine and hero front, all THOSE who are preparing like their lives depend on it.

On the freedom front, Get Out of the Major Cities or Prepare to Leave Very Fast ... that is, if you want to keep any freedom of movement, or any freedom whatsoever. With the looming civil war, the possible riots over food and civil rights issues -- and the contagion-attack, it COULD be now or never.

Dare to prepare.

HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "U.S. ARMY REPORT URGES PREPARATIONS FOR TROOPS TO OCCUPY NYC, OTHER 'MEGACITIES' Army could be called to act in one of these places tomorrow"

Trendwise, The Easy Way to Instigate Class Warfare

HEADLINE: "Desperate Californians steal water from fire hydrants as rich community pays half a million dollars for overwatering lawns"

HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "The New “Water Barons”: Wall Street Mega-Banks are Buying up the World’s Water ~ By Jo-Shing Yang ~ Global Research, May 22, 2014
A disturbing trend in the water sector is accelerating worldwide. The new “water barons” — the Wall Street banks and elitist multibillionaires — are buying up water all over the world at unprecedented pace.
Familiar mega-banks and investing powerhouses such as Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan Chase, Citigroup, UBS, Deutsche Bank, Credit Suisse, Macquarie Bank, Barclays Bank, the Blackstone Group, Allianz, and HSBC Bank, among others, are consolidating their control over water."

On the fascinating front, the RISE of the Cryptids continues.

HEADLINE-SNIPPET: Is this the Loch Ness monster?
Is this the Loch Ness monster – spotted 150 miles from its traditional home?
Photographer Ellie Williams captured this amazing image of what she believes to be a creature from the deep while taking snaps in the Lake District.
The 24-year-old had set up her camera tripod to automatically take photos throughout the day at Windermere.
It was only when she reviewed the images, which were supposed to be of the colours of the changing seasons, that she came across the shocking snap.

THIS WEEK, indulge in the type of learning that gives you the most joy. This is nutrition for the SOUL. 

  Angelic blessings from Volcano & Sedona

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