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Angelic Forecast from Volcano ~ March 31, 2014

Weekly Angelic Forecast from Volcano 

Straight from the Carnal Cherub himself...

Angelic Forecast ~ #291 

Now the Human Spirit Awakens Unto Itself ... beyond the prison-planet construct of ages past.

However, the anti-human Viper elite battle to remain the global 'power behind the scenes'. Their tools are deception, lies, and the most heinous black magick.

On the magickal, mystical front, this week the 'Mages of Ages Lost' sweep their lightblades through a tsunami of attacking evil. For, the black-hearted Viper magicians loose a sinister dimension upon humanity, upon Mother Earth.

Meanwhile, the psi powers of humankind emerge stronger than ever beneath the AWAKENING's cosmic light. Look for heightened intuition in yourself, and others. This is the week the explosion of psi abilities begins.

On the personal front, this time is perfect for understanding the nuances of your life in a new, and a more productive way. It is as though many now emerge from a cocoon, and a blinding light suddenly reveals the path that was always there, but remained unseen.

At this point, many of us will alter the course of our lives significantly. This will be due to the rapidly changing social dynamics, as well as our inner, intuitive 'knowings'.

On the AWAKENING front, at an increasing pace, the over plasticity-artificiality of life will be rejected for a more earth-based connection. This will be especially true for the boomer generation and the younger generation, who come together in the Aquarian Age.

On the paranormal front, CONTACT... will increase as more OtherWorld races decide to bypass governmental structure and deal directly with the human population. Out of this, the ridicule factor diminishes. However, *disinfo* about ETs, and other races, hits the cyber world at light speed. Beware.

For a deeper understanding -- or a slice of what has occurred and is occurring -- check out this Art Bell FLASHBACK: "Date: 03-29-14 ~ Host: Art Bell - Somewhere In Time ~ Guests: Whitley Strieber Art Bell: Somewhere in Time returned to 10/9/02 when Whitley Strieber and other guests talked about alien sightings, the Dan Burisch story and an alleged ET exchange."

On the land changes front, extreme temperature swings will continue along with several superstorm events during Spring, and into early Summer. Earthquakes now rule the surface of the planet, and California will continue to shake, rattle, and roll as the year progresses. Also, volcanic activity only increases, especially on the ocean bottom.

Within the next two months, the Great Lion Star, flings forth more EMPs. Some will graze Earth, affecting the weather in particular.

HEADLINE-SNIPPET: 'Oregon quake swarms at Mount Hood, sinkholes, loud booms, shaking, landslides ~ Since Sunday, March 23, a quake swarm of at least 31 small quakes so far has been recorded on Mt. Hood. This quake swarm not only captured the attention of geologists, but it also rattled the nerves of nearby residents. Mount Hood in northern Oregon is an active stratovolcano, about 50 miles E-SE (80km) from Portland."

HEADLINE: "Recent Earthquake Near Oklahoma, United States:14 earthquakes today 26 earthquakes in the past 7 days 133 earthquakes in the past month 474 earthquakes in the past year"

HEADLINE: "Recent Earthquake Near Greater Los Angeles Area, California:82 earthquakes today"

On the economic front, a chaotic raging mess erupts worldwide, and nations engage in ruthless economic warfare. This week, look for move-countermove as countries disengage from the dollar, currently the world's reserve currency.  Likely, China will lead the way offering gold and trade deals other countries won't refuse.

All this happens in the giant shadow of relentless conflicts and looming world war. However, there are many good-siders working behind the scenes to put out these sinister brush fires.

Meanwhile, more financial-realm biggies bite the eternal dust under mysterious circumstances. Here's one HEADLINE: "JP Morgan’s Top Commercial Bankruptcy Lawyer Dead In Minivan Hit & Run"

Also, cyber currencies begin to spring forth like mushrooms. Further, WATCH OUT! The bankster gangsters go even more raiding-berserk on the people.

On the truth front, this week is all about revealing the TRUTH about humanity's past. This, in opposition to the centuries of secrecy and lies. Antediluvian discoveries especially will be included, along with humankind's ongoing interaction with their progenitors and otherworld races.

These revealed 'truths' will be muddied by troll-disinformation. They will also be diabolically used in a militaristic campaign to demonize space aliens. This *could* end in Project Blue Beam.

From a previous 2013 forecast: "On the dark side, Project Blue Beam is being brought forth by the 'new world order crowd' at an accelerated pace. This, in preparation to frighten humanity into compliance, and obedience. From a past forecast: "The message: the alien gods are here. Bow down, people of Earth."
On the war front, the drums of war now thunder. Certain elements of the bimbo media bang harder, demanding a hailstorm of bombs -- and demanding the youth march off to war and fight the supposed good fight.

However as a whole, weary but enraged humanity does not want world war. The cannon-fodder game is up. Because of this, devastating false flags are being *planned* by the dark-side powers that be.

HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "Scandal: Mass Media Censors Shocking Admission of Turkish False Flag ~ Corporate press brazenly lies about bombshell audio tape. ~ Paul Joseph Watson ~ March 28, 2014 ~ The mainstream media has spun, mischaracterized and outright lied about a shocking leaked audio tape in which top Turkish military and political officials brazenly plan to stage a false flag attack on their own country in order to create a pretext for war on Syria."

On the tyranny-at-work front, many will now attempt to evade the cruel lasso of tyranny, and bolt for freedom. Innovative strategies will be used, as well as tried and true 1776 strategies. Because, there are some who will simply refuse to give up their divinely given liberties.

This week, look for more scandals around the TSA. Also, there will be more major revelations about the super surveillance state. This will catapult many more toward guerilla activism.

On the communication front, as part of society's verbal and communications skills deteriorates at a rapid pace, now rise those in the opposite direction. Verbal and written communication becomes an art form, an expression of wit and intelligence comparable to the time of Shakespeare.

As well, government agencies begin cracking down with more and more censorship, and by shutting down alternative media news sites. All those with dissonant, free-spirited voices are on the targeted list for eventual shutdown.

On the home front, a yo-yo week of wonders and horrors. As the police state becomes even more nonsensical and savage, the rebellion by some of the people accelerates. A flashpoint is in the near future, if the current militaristic trend continues.

With the eventual death of the celebrity culture, grassroot artists -- the super creative ones among us -- now inspire the natural creativity inside all of us to an ever greater degree. On this ever-growing tide of creativiity everyone becomes a star in their own right. That is one gift of the Aquarian Age.

On the food front, turning Mother Earth into a paradise of food -- vegetables, fruits, grains, nuts -- now becomes the goal of those who realize growing locally and organically can and will feed everyone.

HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "New UN Report: Small Scale Organic is the Only Way to Feed the World ~ According to a new UN report, small scale, organic farming can create strong local food systems.

Meanwhile, on the villainous front ~ HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "Monsanto Threatens to Sue over GMO Labeling in Vermont ~ The citizens of Vermont want GMO foods to be labeled, but Monsanto and others will fight to stop it.

On the energy front, gamechanger energies inundate the planet this week. These vibrations emanate from a spiritually advanced world, and are in response to the distress cries coming from Earth at this point in history.

Now, the stranglehold of black gold, or oil and the petro dollar, starts to wane in several ways. Eventually, in the far future, this will give way to an agrarian culture, where a banquet of foods and seeds are traded for goods and services. This, because people realize nourishment is far more important to their lives than mere commodities.

On the really bad news front, this week the public education system here, and worldwide, begins a slow ugly implosion that will become a sudden explosion of 'truth'. That is, once people understand what has nefariously taken place -- or the sheer huge level of propaganda and lies designed into the educational system by the dark-side social engineers. Out of this how knowledge is taught will be transformed.

On the good news front, now comes a new respect for those Wise Ones among us who lead, and use their abilities to help, to assist others. For, this is one aspect of true wealth, a thriving heart-centered community where all give and share with each other.

This week, another octave of GOOD sings forth from the precious human soul.  These beautiful frequency-tones wave around the planet, transmuting the mass consciousness. Thus, we move closer to what we were divinely meant to be, powerful creative beings who know how to bring about an earthly paradise.

On the global mafia cabal front, the Viper elite are metaphorically taking on casualties. Also, the karmic backlash for their Machiavellian deeds only get bigger and badder.

This week, look for more EXPOSURE of how their evil decimates, then destroys the people. This will be particularly seen, and demonstrated by the failing financial system.

On the heroine front, HEADLINE-SNIPPET: ~Teenager Writes Police Officer A Parking Ticket ~ - When a teenager in Texas saw a police car improperly parked in her apartment complex's parking lot, she asked herself, "What would the cops do?" She wrote the officer a ticket."

On the hero front, Army Veteran STEVE HOUSE spoke on The Power Hour as a whistleblower about the massive amounts of Agent Orange buried at military bases all over the world. He also talked about the health destroying effects the toxin has had on himself along with countless other Veterans.

On the freedom front, this week heralds freedom from the Medical Industrial Complex. That is, a breakaway civilization is forming where the people no longer rely on the collapsing health care system.

Individuals and like-minded communities realize their responsibility for keeping themselves healthy. Thus, compassionate and innovative centers for healing will and are being created.

Trendwise, on the GOOD side, several major trends are coalescing into a juggernaut of societal change. This means across the globe, the people's activism will be on an enormous scale, leading the way into a future where liberty will 'eventually' reign.

On the bad side, the soulless bimbo culture pervading much of the media grows like a fast-acting cancer in parts of the population. In the long term, this will lead to serious conflicts in the major cities as those grounded in reality fight to reclaim society and their city.

Meanwhile, those who want to be false-god borgs, using what is called 'transhumanism', will attempt to override the whole of humanity. They will ultimately fail. For, their machine or cyber bodies cannot contain a full *soul*.

BREAKING FLASHPOINT: After a peaceful protest, a riot happened during the weekend in Albuquerque, New Mexico over the homeless man who was gruesomely murdered by the police for simply camping in a forest area. This police department has the highest kill rate in the country.

THIS WEEK, enjoy the awakening of Mother Earth, and dance with the springtime fairies in your imagination. Or, enjoy these nature people if you spy them out and about. 

Angelic blessings from Volcano & Sedona

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Savanna Kougar ~ Run on the Wild Side of Romance ~


Savanna Kougar said...

Springtime fun and frolic...

Pat C. said...

I reiterate: find an area with a large Amish population. They'll still be able to function when the power grid goes down. They can also raise a barn in nothing flat.

Looks like Stray Kitty got into a fight with something. He has a bald patch on his head with a cut in it. He looks like he had brain surgery. I'd better not try to pet him any more, just in case he's diseased.

Savanna Kougar said...

Yep. Totally agree about being close to the Amish, or similar groups, or any farm/ranch that is self-sustaining. Wish I was, alhough I do love this area.

Oh no! At least, Stray Kitty escaped. Diseased, as in being rabid?

Pat C. said...

Yeah. Rabies is the big scare. Not so much the cats, because they look pretty healthy, but we also have skunks, raccoons and such,and who knows where they've been. I'm betting he had a territorial run-in with the tabby, so he should be okay. We'll know in a few weeks.

Savanna Kougar said...

Rooting for Stray Kitty. Colloidal silver in purified water would likely kill off rabies... however, it's not like you could get him to drink it.