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Angelic Forecast from Volcano ~ March 3, 2014

Weekly Angelic Forecast from Volcano 

Straight from the Carnal Cherub himself...

Angelic Forecast ~ #287  

Buck Rogers meets Atlantis meets the ancient myths meets Star Trek
On the AWAKENING front, this is a crucible week. The great tide of humanity reaches a new AWARENESS turn-point. This will be around the reality of the UFO and ET phenomena.

Humankind's true amazing past collides *boom-bam-bang* with the 'now'. Over and above the centuries of lies told to the common people, the truth comes tumbling out, and tumbling down. For those with the eyes to see, and the ears to hear -- Buck Rogers meets Atlantis meets the ancient myths meets Star Trek. Stay alert, stay tuned. 

On the land changes front, a HUGE three month period ahead. Prepare and take care. Even with the record number of now active volcanoes, the activity will only increase, most likely in the northern latitudes. This is due to the lashing CMEs of the sun, and the land changes Mother Earth is currently undergoing as part of her growth cycle.

Also, earthquakes and quake swarms will shake certain areas of the planet like a pitbull with a ragdoll. Most of these will be natural occurrences. However, some will be induced by Tesla technology as part of the ongoing war between several global elite factions.

Winter superstorms, flooding, and cyclone-spinning winds will continue raging over the planet.  This will cause more migrations as people seek safer areas.

HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "On Wednesday, February 26, a bright object was spotted over Madison, Wisconsin. Squad car video captured the event, which shows a fast-moving fireball seemingly fall straight down from the sky. The officer who recorded the footage attempted to locate the object but found nothing where he thought it might have crashed. More details at"

HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "Meteor that 'looked like a plane on fire' lights up East Coast A meteor so bright onlookers mistook it for a burning plane lit up the skies across the East Coast last night. — Mail Online"

HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "Sinkhole epidemic Terrifying holes that are opening up all over Britain: They’re appearing at FIVE TIMES their normal rate" 

On the magickal, mystical front, this week the 'Mages of Ages Lost' spin a new vortex of trapping frequencies. With civilization on the edge of collapse and chaos, they are siphoning away more of the dark-blood, evil sorcery that has been keeping the human race from progressing more rapidly -- toward the true renaissance future.

Also, the mask of transhumanism will be lifted with more revelations of what that cyber-borg future truly means -- the death of the human soul on Mother Earth. For, this is a war against the magnificent human spirit

On the personal front, likely a tough weather week for many. The more prepared you are, the better. For, the times of ferocious-wild weather is here. Hunker bunker down where you are located, or immediately find another more suitable location. Also, the superstorms of life are about to cascade over most of us.

On a more positive note, opportunities abound to create your life anew, to discover creative ways of living that never occurred to you before. Live and learn, and keep on going.

As well, those of like mind will come into your personal orbit. Now, it's all about forming good relationships and watching each other's backs. 

On the paranormal front, as reported on by Peter Davenport of the NATIONAL UFO REPORTING CENTER he is being "bowled over" by UFO reports, and is also receiving reports about strange BOOMS.

Also, given the volcanically-driven escalating temperatures, and the rapid changes happening beneath the oceans, civilizations -- both ancient and current -- will be revealed. However, every effort will be made by the dark-side controllers to keep this TRUTH hidden -- brutally suppressed.

To keep the lid on the pressure cooker of TRUTH, snippets of this ocean-civilization reality will be tossed to the public like scraps to a dog. This strategy is also being deployed when it comes to the planet, Mars. Tidbit news stories are being tossed to the public about our celestial neighbor. Or throw tons of muddy water over reality, thus burying the facts.

On the economic front, this week, a mixed messy picture of lies, subterfuge, deception, and more lies. The further collapse of the 'big banks' will be blamed on cyber-attack problems, and other nonsense mumbo jumbo meant to numb and dumb the public.

This slow-moving avalanche gathers momentum as the Super Robber Barons vampire-suck out more of the people's wealth, raid pension plans, and seize more commodities.

On the bright side, more of the people are inventing ways to get out of the system, live off grid, and create-build their own local economies. This trend is sprouting up like giant weeds across the country.

Sadly, however, many are in the crossfire of poverty. That is, the same dark-side secret societies who diabolically orchestrated the Depression are moving the game pieces, and playing the same endgame -- only on a much larger monopoly board. 

On the truth front, the Viper elite agenda to make an ET race 'gods over humanity' will be exposed from this point forward. Realizing this agenda will be an individual process of discovery for many -- and, a spiritual journey for others of us.

However, the push is on to propagandize this as *the truth* about humanity's origins, when in TRUTH, it's merely another deception among pancake-layers of lies and deception. For, no one can create you but YOU.

On the war front, look behind the world-stage curtain. Or, the Machiavellian moves that are playing out behind the scenes on the war chessboard. This is the real key that unlocks the current strategy of the dark-side controllers in their bid to completely rule-dominate this Earth realm.

This week, the real war is the battle to take over the global economy. Or,  dethroning the petrol dollar, and establishing a new reserve currency. Then, out of this transitory move, bringing forth the one world economy. Thus, the final enslavement of humanity.

However, the 'powers that be' behind the petrol dollar fight to be the ruling faction. Look for major moves by the Chinese government to expand their markets, and use gold as their ticket to the top of the world-financial heap.

On the tyranny-at-work front, not good from this point forward. The militarization of law enforcement goes into serious overdrive. There will likely be several 'police brutality' incidents over the next two weeks that will cause a civil uprising in the near future.

To keep the people oppressed, the constant drumbeat of war will be used as cover and misdirection -- like the magician's trick of pointing to the lovely assistant. Of course, anyone who dares stand against the corrupt, jackboot establishment will be labeled an 'extremist'. 

On the communication front, with the planet Mars going retrograde, the cyber wars will flare up and firestorm across the world wide web. It becomes a battle royale between topnotch hackers -- the good, the bad, the ugly.

Out of this, glitches in e-device communication and on the internet are likely to occur. This will be played down in the presstitute media, and disguised as other so-called technical difficulties. Or, blamed on other enemy nations.

Further, this week, heart-to-heart communication takes another giant spiritual leap forward. Compassion rises in the midst of wholesale, decaden greed -- in a world on the brink of desperation and disaster.

On the home front, the following week will be like two teams of horses pulling against each other. One team is freedom, the free spirit of humanity. The other team is the slave who wants to remain a slave to the system.

Further, there 'could' be another false flag event designed to justify the confiscation of guns. Because those in the mafia-establishment are pitifully desperate to get the guns out of Americans' hands. 

On the food front, with the overall shrinking food supply across the country, remember to keep stocking up as much as possible.

HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "Activism is Destroying Monsanto & Other Corrupt Mega Corps ~ Monsanto and other corrupt mega corporations are falling to the power of activism and consumer awareness."

On the other side: HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "Despite Majority Opposition, GMO Corn Gets Green Light in Europe ~ Waking Times - Corporations, backed by influential lobbyists and western governments, dealt major blows this month against activists who are fighting to limit the cultivation of genetically modified organisms (GMOs)."  

On the energy front, within the population there is a spreading awareness that free energy devices are real -- that they have been, and are being, ruthlessly suppressed. Given the tipping point is near, the corp-gov establishment will mount an all out attack against those on the forefront, and will ridicule the very idea.

Meanwhile, bio-alternative fuels like alcohol, wood gasification, and cooking oil will become one of the new under-markets. Innovation, and the will to survive, cannot be stopped.

On the really bad news front, what the establishment scientists calls geo-engineering -- or what is known popularly as chemtrails -- has been ramping up, but now goes hot and heavy over most of the planet. This means more gray, pale, and overcast-looking skies.

At this time, several whistleblowers will come forth, who will reveal the true beyond-horrific effects of this geo-engineering on humanity, on Mother Earth, on her creatures and plants. This is a Divine appointment.

On the good news front, the strength of the American spirit rises and rears up, a fierce untamed stallion reclaiming his territory. The opposition will be monstrous, cruel, a hellpit beast loosed upon the people. And, the battle begins.

On the global mafia cabal front, the bugaboo of unintended consequences now slams like the fist of Hercules into the jaw of the Viper elite. Of late, they have not been diligent in telling the full truth about their sinister plans against humanity, before executing them. As is required for their dark magick to work.

How this plays out is yet to be determined. However, the luster on certain celebrities and faux leaders will wear thin in short order.

On the heroine front,  Robin Speronis ~ HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "Won't Back Down: Robin Speronis Says She'll Continue Off-The-Grid Battle~Her case could impact off-the-grid citizens and families from coast to coast... Robin is trying to live off the grid in Cape Coral, Florida – no utility electricity or utility water – but the city says she cannot and is trying to force her out of her home. It's using "international" code, and even went so far this week as to dig up her yard and cap her sewer line." From: Off the Grid News 

On the hero front, In Memoriam: Philip Coppens, Lloyd Pye, and James Allen.

On the freedom front, this week is a 'turning' among many turning points in the revolution-evolution toward freedom, or naturally self-governing ourselves. For, this is one of the great opportunities of the Aquarian Age -- to race beyond 'authority'.

As our divinely given rights are crushed beneath the stampeding hooves of tyranny, many will come to trust themselves, to KNOW their decisions for themselves are far superior to any so called state-authority. Once this REALIZATION reaches another turn-point, the downfall of dictator-regimes accelerates.

As well, any authoritarian system will be challenged, ignored, left to rot, or crushed out of existence. This is a long ongoing process, however.

Once again: Rear up, and seize the day! This will be the meme-motto of those who stand up for the right to freedom, for those who stand down and refuse the beast-system -- and, for all those who stand tall against the dark-side establishment, saying NO... no more.

Trendwise, sadly, the BRAVE ONES who have spent their lives in the search for hidden truths -- those truths that would have revolutionized society in untold beneficial ways -- these heroes and heroines who have given the world their discoveries with the hope that humankind will live in the light of these TRUTHS, then thrive, and live among the stars... they are being murdered.

This state-sanctioned *trend* of assassination will continue. Unless humanity gets off their high horse of dogmatic belief, and demands TRUTH, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth.

From Coast to Coast am

"Troubling Deaths

First hour guest, UFO disclosure activist Stephen Bassett detailed a troubling pattern involving the recent deaths of ET/UFO researchers. Not only did fast acting cancers kill both author Philip Coppens and Starchild researcher Lloyd Pye, but the documentary filmmaker James Allen (who recently completed a film on alien propulsion with Mark McCandlish) appears to have been poisoned to death with heavy metals (toxicology report), Bassett reported. He warned that there could be a campaign to silence people who're getting too close to the truth about the ET presence." 

THIS WEEK: Share the treasures of your heart with those closest to you. Listen to their heart-shared stories. For, this will elevate both of you in good ways.

Angelic blessings from Volcano & Sedona

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With a period of cooling happening now, and the volcanic ash in the air, there could be a sort of mini Ice Age.

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