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Angelic Forecast from Volcano ~ September 30, 2013

Weekly Angelic Forecast from Volcano 

Straight from the Carnal Cherub himself...

Angelic Forecast ~ #265  

Explosion-Implosion, the World Rocks To a New Vibration

Now the *old ways* combat the *new ways of liberation* in a cataclysmic struggle that covers the entire planet.

On the AWAKENING front, the old-order Vipers brutally battle those who are AWAKE AND AWARE, those of us who are tuned into the 'Great Aquarian Age Transformation' -- meant to lift humanity to our rightful place among the stars.

These ancient-cabal Vipers attempt to stomp out the fires of true freedom and prosperity with war and more war -- with catastrophic weather wars -- with mind-control lies and constant CIRCUS CIRCUS deception.

For, the battle between GOOD and EVIL goes into hyperdrive. Now, the war for souls, for the hearts and minds of the people, reaches its climactic endpoint.

On the personal front, during these coming weeks there will be major changes on the world stage which will likely affect your personal life. This may mean looking for other ways to handle important matters.

Your best bet is to look for unique and unusual options. Practice thinking 'way outside the box'. Also, join with those you love and are able to trust. It becomes more important than ever to help each other, to become a loving tribe again.

On the communication front, now comes the Time of the Whistleblower. With Divine encouragement *Those in the Know* come pouring out of the proverbial woodwork. For the world has arrived at a terrible crossing point.

While increasing numbers of people have told the behind-the-scenes TRUTH... however, now the floodgates open. And open wide.

On the magickal, mystical front, this week the 'Mages of Ages Lost' spin in a symphony of destruction. For, they would destroy the black cloak of sorcery disguising the evil ones.

Meanwhile, the dark magicians counter with the Alien ET card. That is, they will stir the cauldron of fear around the 'arriving space invasion'. Their minions use the cyber world as their tool, spreading massive disinformation about the visiting ETs while tossing out grains of truth.

On the paranormal front, spookier and spookier as the supernatural world comes alive within the AWARENESS of ALL humanity. Also, look for more who are in contact with other races to come forth and speak their truth. This will be showcased on the alternative news sites, on independent internet radio -- there, for those of us who want to know.

In opposition, the global elite Vipers attempt to force their false script about ET *contact* onto the people. This is where discernment, that truth meter in our solar plexus, becomes invaluable.

Remember also, the war in the heavens continues overhead with many races vying for Earth -- the good, the bad, the beautiful, the ugly. It's a wild wild galaxy and galaxies. Out there.

On the economic front, a big bad ugly week ahead in the worldwide economy. Likely the financial markets will yo-yo and 'could' become perilously unstable.

Cyber glitches will likely continue in banking systems across the world, all to hide the 'reality' of what is happening -- and to move massive amounts of money around in an extreme global Ponzi scheme.

At this time, TWO MAJOR FORCES on the planet now go head-to-head in an economic war that will shake, rattle and roll the financial realm even more than the past several years. This will be disguised by more media-screeching against enemies of the state, and by the pounding drumbeats for ever more war.

On the truth front, the *TRUTH BLAST* continues tidal-waving across the planet. The people now rise fierce and furious and fast.

This week's divine spotlight will be focused on the bankster gangsters and their black-soul crimes against humanity. For, TRUTH trumps the dark side.

As well, look for the exposure of certain so-called 'leaders', here and across the world. Their fall from falsely constructed grace begins. For, TRUTH triumphs over and beyond their *Wizard of Oz* schemes.

On the war front, a difficult and complex picture as chessboard after chessboard move fails to bring about a global war. Thus, to 'fool' the people into bringing about their own destruction with the machinery and poverty of war.

However, there will be a significant move made in the Middle East that will change the current landscape drastically. For, the revelations begin about 'who' is the true aggressor. This will shock many, and some will go into deep denial.

Plus, BEWARE of 'any' major negative event that affects the lives of millions. Believe NOTHING brought to you courtesy of the presstitute media. Search out  the real info on alternative sites, and rely on your 'inner knowing'.

On the land changes front, fireballs have been blazing across the skies of Earth. This will increase in the coming days. Loud unexplained BOOMS are also happening again, and will continue.

ONCE AGAIN: this week, and next, the sun will likely snake more CMEs, thus, affecting the overall weather patterns. Also, worldwide, there are so many land-change events on the near horizon, it remains difficult to forewarn humanity. On the good side, some of these 'changes' are being mitigated by the Beneficent forces.

To repeat from a prior forecast: "a mighty week of strange and wonderful weather. Look for more volcanic eruptions to begin. Earthquakes increase their tempo and strength. Around the world, sinkholes swallow up more and more land. Flooding lessens overall, but still continues to devastate certain areas. Firestorms rage, and there is no end in sight...

"During the next twelve months 'land change events' and 'superstorms' will rock and explode in various areas across the planet. Prepare to move if need be. Otherwise, hunker bunker down, and gather your loved ones close. This will be a more than BUMPY-SPINNING ride.

However, take heart in knowing these 'most likely' catastrophic events will NOT be constant, nor affect every area on Earth. As well, prayer and sending good vibes to Mother Earth will mitigate the damages."

On the tyranny-at-work front, TSA and tanks in the streets, the ongoing militarization of the police, more and more SWAT team raids on the innocent... this will now be forced down the throats of the American people... all to hide the paper-worthless economy. All to keep the dark-side global elite in power.

On the home front, a chaos-strange week and month ahead, especially around the economy. The landscape of America is changing rapidly and there will be several gamechanger events.

Preparation remains the key. Stock up on everything you need and use. Encourage others to do the same, and come together.

On the food front, selling good healthy food will become an underground market more than it is currently. For, many will no longer comply with the insanity being forced upon them by the 'powers that be'.

Also growing fresh herbs and produce, indoors and in protected areas, will become a popular cottage business in the near future. Join in if you are able. 

On the energy front, as more realize the lack of energy is meant to keep them enslaved and impoverished, rage builds. A breaking point is near.

Meanwhile, new energies from the galactic center reach Earth, beyond what has already arrived. These super golden vibrations will heighten the spiritual center within each of us, and help our hearts open to each other.

On the really bad news front, BEWARE and prepare for the upcoming 'drills' *Great ShakeOut Earthquake Drill Set Oct. 17* ~ *More Than 1,000 Banks Plan National Cyber-Attack Drill Oct. 16-17, Oct. 23-24* ~ *GridEx2 Nov. 13-14* 

TO REPEAT THIS INFO: ***On November 13-14, 2013, GridEx II will exercise NERC and industry crisis response plans and identify actionable improvement recommendations for plans, security programs, and skills. The scenario will build on lessons learned from GridEx 2011 and include both cybersecurity and physical security components.

Article: Power Grid Down Drill To Be Conducted By US Government An electrical grid joint drill simulation is being planned in the United States, Canada and Mexico. Thousands of utility workers, FBI agents, anti-terrorism experts, governmental agencies, and more than 150...***

On the good news front, this activist trend only becomes BIGGER... from a prior forecast: "The Spirit of the People Rise to the Challenge... this trend stated in last week's forecast only soars to new heights. The BRAVE ONES among us take their bold voices to the people, inspiring unprecedented activism.

Out of this, the spiritual ascension of the Aquarian Age ACCELERATES. In part, this means new ways of commerce develop, especially at the local level. For, the people begin taking back the power of the purse with innovative strategies."

On the global mafia cabal front, confusion reigns for some of the dark-side factions. For, they have lost control of their endgame. This makes these soulless power brokers even more deadly, more willing to take 'false flag' risks that should be avoided.

As well, the cabal controllers have *overplayed* their hand at this point in history, and are about to reap the consequences. *Exposure* of who and what they are, in the coming days, will be one of these consequences.

On the heroine front, Deborah Tavares ~ from (Stephanie Sledge) "In a shocking interview on The Power Hour with Joyce Riley on the Genesis Communications Network, ***Deborah Tavares*** from reveals more about the secret leaked documents outlining extremely disturbing realities as well as an official Declaration of War against the world populous. The discovery of a policy for total enslavement and genocide. The ultimate plot against humanity  has been operating behind the scenes for decades. We, the People of this nation can no longer sit back and be silenced about such horrific atrocities."

On the hero front, William B. Scott ~ Blurb from Coast to Coast am ~ "Joining John B. Wells, former NSA officer and author William B. Scott discussed his book "The Permit", a work of fiction based on the real murder of his son by police and its subsequent coverup. Scott revealed the epidemic of police brutality against civilians and how the system protects the bad guys in official positions."

On the freedom front, now the boots of the American people walk all over the new world order criminals, eventually stomping these super psychopaths into the dust of history. For, the passionate voice of the people explodes onto the worldwide scene.

The sedate intellectual 'voice' used to manipulate and control the masses is being replaced by the fiery speech of liberty. The spirit of 1776 is back.

Trendwise, the global revolution-evolution is here and happening at lightning speed. For, true liberation from tyranny seizes the hearts and minds of the people.

'Don't buy, don't comply' becomes the rallying point for many more of us in the coming months. Also, the great revolt against 'being licensed' begins. This will only go NOVA as small business are killed off by the endless rules and regulations of the system.

As has been stated before, the artistically-creatively inclined now come forth in ever greater numbers. They will become part of a future renaissance that is far more powerful than any such 'society-renewal' movement in recorded history.

This week is about sharing and caring. That is, sharing the love and caring of your heart with family, friends, and loved ones. Smile often, hug often, and let the goodness of life embrace you.

Angelic blessings from Volcano & Sedona

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