Saturday, July 20, 2013

My Sexy Saturday ~ Wolf Moon Dreaming

Sexy Saturday kisses, everyone.
This is from the WIP love story of Kitty, a white cat shapeshifter, and Dante, alpha biker werewolf and owner of the Pleasure Club.

Kitty was supposed to be roadkill when Dante's sire, and his pack, originally seized control of Talbot's Peak, and turned it into a werewolf town. However, White Fang Khent, super wolf reporter, rescued Kitty, the cat woman Dante is in love with. He and Dante have been pals ever since, and united in protecting the Peak from enemies of every paranormal type and stripe.


Seven Paragraphs from ~

Wolf Moon Dreaming

Kitty Gets Rambunctious, Even Naughty

Wanting to surprise his beautiful cat woman, Dante hadn't mentally communicated with her. As of late, he relied on his lonesome heart, then his nose to locate her.

Dante slowed his speed to a crawl once he reached the outer limits of Talbot's  Peak. His tamed chrome beast prowled the neighborhood street where his Kitty lived. Though, he knew she wasn't at home.

Catching her deliciously pungent scent, Dante followed the invisible trail. Howl to the Full Buck Moon that would be shining tonight! Was he raw with the need to buck inside his woman.

Dante handled his monster bike on automatic now. Closing in on Kitty's exact position, he rumbled a long growl. His impatient cock lunged against his leathers the instant his wolf gaze sighted her standing next to a good-sized oak tree.

What the... holy fuck? An apt expression since his little Kitty tossed off all of her clothes in a cat fit of absolute abandon.

Her fast shift struck him like a punch to the gut. Stopping his Harley, he hit the kickstand fast, then dismounted in one leap. Dante followed after her.

Concerned but amused, he watched her spirited run toward one of the food vendors. In hot pursuit, Dante was just in time to see his gorgeous white cat lap a rainbow snow cone.


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Pat C. said...

These two are the Romeo and Juliet of Talbot's Peak and their posts are always scorching. This is gonna be one hell of a sexy book!

Savanna Kougar said...

Where is that 'out of time' writing room I need???

Thanks, Pat!

Lynn Crain said...

Very interesting snippet, Savanna. I can't wait to see what they two are up to next.

Thanks for sharing and being part of My Sexy Saturday. See you next Saturday!

Savanna Kougar said...

Hi Lynn, thanks for stopping by!