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Angelic Forecast from Volcano ~ July 22, 2013

Weekly Angelic Forecast from Volcano 

Straight from the Carnal Cherub himself...

Angelic Forecast ~ #255

The Sun Lion Roars Into Being Bringing a Ferocious Energy

On July 22nd the sun enters the astrological sign of Leo. The year 2013 initiates a lion-warrior energy within each one of us. For now, our true fierce power awakens, and it is mighty.

How this new power expresses itself will be unique to each individual, yet there will be an over-arching connection between us. This means that many more of us stand together for the sake of liberty, truth, and justice.

On the magickal, mystical front, with the rise of the leonine frequency, the true magickal past of the human race not only continues to reveal itself, but ROARS into the public AWARENESS. The emphasis will be on the Age of Leo, however, back in time to approximately 10,000 B.C.

This week, the 'Mages of Ages Lost' wield their sun-glistening, mighty blades dispelling monstrous cyclones of evil -- the latest attack against humankind by the dark-side magicians. These age-old destroyers would obscure their true natures from the eyes of the people. For, once known to the public at large, their days will be numbered.

On the land changes front, this is the story not really being told to the public, what is really happening on Mother Earth. As the volcanic, superstorm, and earthquake activity increases, the presstitute media will continue to downplay the true statistics -- only focusing on certain catastrophic events.

This week, this month, look for more serpent-lashes from the sun. Also, there will likely be more 'unexplained' cosmic events, including mysterious fireballs and trumpeting sounds. 

Closing in on the Fall season, flooding rages across the planet, and seastorms become far more violent on average. And likely, the Earth's rotation will be disturbed by a large passing object.

Further, if you are in a firestorm area, or a potential wildfire area, be extra careful in watching out for yourself, and your neighbors.

On the personal front, a wacky week ahead that will likely fly by at quantum speed, for most of us. Finish up those projects that are calling your name. The rewards will be a very good thing.

Also, of importance, take time to organize your financial situation. And, as unconventional opportunities come your way to improve your finances, take advantage.

As well, learn new skills, new ways of thinking, seeing, and hearing. For, the renaissance path continues to emerge for all of us. 

On the paranormal front, UFOs litter the skies, according to the ongoing reports at the National UFO Reporting Center.

UFO DISCLOSURE to the people continues. HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "Edgar Mitchell Tells Bloomberg News: UFO Coverup Must End ~ Wednesday, July 17, 2013 ~ In an article on Bloomberg News, Apollo Astronaut Edgar Mitchell was asked about the Roswell incident, and replied that he had been contacted not only by the man who delivered the coffins to the base for the bodies found in the wreckage, but by descendants of other original Roswell observers."

This week, look for more 'strange beast' stories in the alternative news, and only minimally covered by the brain-drain media.

On the economic front, this week, this month, hang onto your hats, tails, and anything else you've got. It's a cyclone-wild descent into hell for the world economy, then a reach for heaven. All to fool and control the people.

The Gold and Silver Wars between the dark-side global factions escalates crazily. The manipulation of the stock markets goes into hyper gear, and the people desert the markets in droves.

Now the Bankster Gangsters pirate from each other more than ever, as well as plundering what's left of the people's wealth. Meanwhile, corruption, scandals, the worst of the worst, continues to spew forth into the public domain.

Eventually, this leads to a wholesale turning away from the establishment's monetary system, and a reliance on self and community.

On the truth front, scandalous 'revelations' stumble over themselves in a race for the spotlight. What has truly been happening behind the scenes for the last century, the last decade, now explodes into view. This, despite the diabolical, high-tech diversionary tactics used by the dark-side elite.

Be on guard with your emotions, and take care of yourself. Some of these 'truths' will shock you down to your deepest soul, and change your world forever.

On the war front, worldwide, another nasty week of bombing the innocent, destroying people's lives on a mass scale, and brutalizing Mother Earth with war machines. However, the new world order criminals are still failing in their bid for all-out world war.

This is due to many factors, as stated before. Intervention by the Divine, actions taken by the White Hat force, and the dominant will of the people for 'no more war'.

This week, on the world stage, the war-chessboard moves will be more blatant, and new players will emerge. Also, there could be a confrontation on the high seas. 

On the tyranny-at-work front, the people fight back. The outbreaks of shooting wars between Americans and establishment agencies will become more widespread. There has been an iron clamp down on news about these battles. However, that lid is about to come loose, to some extent, that is.

Now the TSA spreads across America like a fast-growing cancer. While some in the population comply and become more zombified, other Americans will say enough is enough, and zero tolerance becomes their battle cry.

On the AWAKENING front, at this point in time, now begins the human being's ability to ascend beyond drugs, or to transcend nearly all addicting substances. With the cosmic DNA upgrades taking place, and the massive spiritual AWAKENING happening, in twenty years time approximately, most drug usage will become passé. This is already occurring to a degree within small segments of the population.

On the communication front, censorship spreads its reprehensible tentacles with the removal of key public documents, as has already occurred. HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "CDC Sends Fact Sheet Linking Polio Vaccine to Cancer Down the Memory Hole ~ Adan Salazar | Page admitting 10-30 million Americans received contaminated doses removed."

On the home front, the Old West spirit continues to rise in America. Here's one example.

HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "Colorado town considers licensing bounty hunters to shoot down drones ~ The tiny town of Deer Trail, Colo. — barely more than a wide spot on Interstate 70 about 55 miles east of Denver, population 546 — is considering an ordinance that would authorize licensed bounty hunters to shoot down unmanned aircraft violating its “sovereign airspace.”

On the food front, once again, it's an excellent time to stock up on food and supplies. With several dynamics colliding, prices are likely soar this coming Fall.

Now, this trend will only tsunami across the world, and the mass demonstrations against frankenfoods will increase. GMO HEADLINE from Natural Society: Italy to Ban Monsanto GMO Corn with 80% Public Support

On the energy front, continue to prepare for power outages wherever you are located. Those of you who are able to build alternative energy devices, and those of you who make alternative energy fuels such as alcohol, will be in demand sooner rather than later.

Now begins another major shift in planetary energy. Not only is the leonine frequency here, but a higher level of creativity is being cosmically triggered.

For now, the artist in you is being liberated beyond your wildest imagination.

On the really bad news front, doctors and other health care professionals will desert the medical system en masse in the near future for several reasons. While record numbers are already 'retiring' due to "ObamaCare", two of the precipitating events have not yet occurred.

On the good news front, a fundamental understanding of how 'mind control' is being used against the people by the dark-side establishment, will become common knowledge, especially among the youth. This will cause a HUGE backlash.

Two results: Cyber warriors turn the tables on the sky-net system. Meanwhile, others of us return to the land becoming a new generation of farmers, ranchers, and those who can naturally live off the land.

On the global mafia cabal front, fierce discord remains between several factions. This is hampering the dark-side cabal's plan to pull the world into a horrific and long-lasting war.

Gold, as mentioned above, is also wreaking havoc in their rank and file. Watch for the European technocrats to solidify their control over the EU, and make major moves next week.

On the heroine front, Dr. Sherri Tenpenny, longtime vaccine researcher, and author of "Saying No to Vaccines".  Coast to Coast am blurb: [She] "talked about alternative medicine, viruses, and the hazards of vaccines."

On the hero front, Ben Swann. Coast to Coast am blurb: "Sat 07-20 ~ Investigative journalist Ben Swann joins John B. Wells to discuss how our culture has become truth deficient. According to Swann, the historical centers of truth have broken down, and the average US citizen has lost their voice to monied power, and voters are disenfranchised from the party system." 

On the freedom front, this will be a critical week in several key ways. The chasm between those devoted to liberty, and those who yield to, or choose to embrace tyranny, will widen dangerously.

The administration will likely make Machiavellian moves that further inflame those who live by the Constitution. At this point, there will be *no* turning back from the game-changing events that follow.

As well, another American journalist could be targeted as an enemy of the state. 

Trendwise, the 'true ancient legacy of North America' continues to be a hotter than hot trend for a lot of us. We deeply hunger for this truth because the time has come for all of us to know.

For, it is absolutely critical to our future, to the decisions that must be made.  And necessary for our very souls.

HEADLINE: Vikings Possibly Carried Native American to Europe

As well, like a ball of snakes locked in brutal battle, this week will be a complex collision of trends that mostly involve the political scene. Several congressional situations are coming to a head, and a disaster 'could be' the end result.

Meanwhile, the society continues to fracture beyond repair. The rich get richer and the poor get poorer. For now, the dark-side establishment's recipe to bring America to it's knees, is boiling, and about to bubble over.

However, many more Americans now stand together, heart to heart, mind to mind. And, more important, they stand for each other. This is the real key to our evolution-revolution, to overcoming the dark force.

This week is, once again, about dreaming our futures anew. Take time to listen to the music of your choice, the music that touches your heart, and moves your soul. And dream.

Angelic blessings from Volcano & Sedona

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Savanna Kougar ~ Run on the Wild Side of Romance ~


Savanna Kougar said...

We all need a lion angel guardian...

Pat C. said...

I'll be living off the land this week when I cross the street to pick the wild raspberries I found growing in the woods that border the Cocalico Creek. I had no idea there were so many bushes over there. I didn't know that house and mill were part of a borough-owned public park and not a private residence. Hey, I've only lived here six years ...

More good news! The SyFy Channel ran a Buffy marathon yesterday. Justice prevails!

Savanna Kougar said...

Oh, you lucky gal! Wild raspberries, I had some years ago when they grew on our two acres. I'd like to get them started here, but my energy only goes so far. More Mulberry trees are growing, though... which are really good.

Yay! Buffy. Justice does prevail.