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Angelic Forecast from Volcano ~ June 10, 2013

Weekly Angelic Forecast from Volcano 

Straight from the Carnal Cherub himself...

Angelic Forecast ~ #249

The Cleansing Time or the Great Purification is upon us.

Now corruption, and scandal after nightmare-brutal scandal relentlessly rocks the world from local and regional scandals to the highest realms of governing bodies like the U.N. -- all while earthquakes continue rocking the planet.

From a September 2011 forecast: "...Love Conquers All. This is only true, however, when personal love is aligned with Divine Love. Or, at this time, the more we wish for good to come into the lives of those who ‘truly’ deserve it, the more we align with Ultimate Good, and receive goodness ourselves.

Thus, as we wish good upon each other, the human community is more and more in alignment, and creating an ever-rising spiral of GOOD. This alignment in LOVE, becomes crucial as we move deeper into the time of the Great Purification."

On the land changes front, superstorms, the weather violence continues, and for the coming month flooding situations will increase, most likely on the East Coast, as well as around the world -- Europe being particularly hard hit.

If you are in danger of being flooded, prepare, take all precautions. Some of the flooding will not be predictable or manageable by any agency.

Also, there are a few large tsunamis on the near horizon, which 'could' develop. The Earth is gradually tilting into a new position as is her destiny. Meanwhile, the sun is serpent-licking the atmosphere with powerful energies -- plasma and particle frequencies meant to bring forth new, benevolent forms of life, and enhance our spiritual natures.

***VIDEO: Shock: North Pole Shifted 161 Miles in Last 6 Months
Activist Post - The magnetic north pole has shifted a staggering 161 miles in the last 6 months. This puts its arrival in Siberia in less that 2 years, and when it arrives there... it will have migrated 40 degrees across the northern hemisphere.*** 

On the magickal, mystical front, 'knowing' the time has come to play their final sinister hand against humanity, the dark-side serpent magicians rise like saviors. They will offer empty promises, empty dreams to humanity. They will pretend to offer bread, the staff of life, but all they hold is the withered, useless chaff from wheat consumed long ago.

This week, the 'Mages of Ages Lost' slay and slice the remnants of evil dreams once cast as a spell upon the whole of humanity. Whirling through the ethers, these powerful magicians bring more harmony into existence. As well, they bring forth a new justice that will strike down the evil ones more swiftly.

On the personal front, the stress goes hyperdrive-high for many now. This is because the robber-baron elites are turning the proverbial screws, turning up the heat, most noticeably in the financial system.

Now is the moment to embrace your most creative self, that part of you who thinks and feels and lives 'out' of the establishment box. Your best solutions for surviving and living well, in the upcoming times, will emerge when you drop out, then tune into yourself.

It follows that any intuitive and/or psychic ability you possess needs to be embraced, encouraged, and used as much as possible. This week is ideal for becoming more aware of your abilities.

On the paranormal front, the massive exposure of the supernatural side continues -- or, what's really been behind the curtain. Watch for a plethora of news stories on alternative news sites. Mexico and South America are likely to be the most prominent.

Of note, now begins the massive flybys or flyovers by UFO craft similar to what occurred over Phoenix, and stretching over the Las Vegas area. "Original Phoenix Lights - UFO footage 3|13|1997 - YouTube ~ On March 13th 1997 over 10000 Arizona Residents witnessed lights hovering over Phoenix."

On the economic front, disaster city, get prepared as the bankster gangsters stick it to the people, once again. First, the gold wars heat up, and go certifiably insane. Every nefarious and totalitarian strategy will be used to deny gold and silver coins/bullion to the people.

The housing market, limping along in most areas of the country, will be intentionally undercut by the federal reserve's policies in the coming weeks, and months. This will be done as a severe measure of control, and as a way to force the population to accept minimal housing and a serf-like existence.

'Think' the peasants in the legend of Robin Hood. That's what the new world order crowd is bringing to your neighborhood, or a neighborhood near you. Sadly, obviously, this terrible poverty is already being done to Detroit. In the future, Los Angeles is in on the chopping block.

On the bright side, more will realize that the entire economic system is a diabolical fiction based on nothing but fraud and more fraud. Read "The Creature from Jekyll Island" for insight if you haven't.

As stated before, wisdom dictates that everyone should keep a sharp eye on their bank accounts, etc., in these walk-a-tightrope times.

However, new systems of thriving will be, and are being created. From last week's forecast: "If you're in a position to speak with others about trade and barter in the future, do so. There are groups who have successfully formed their own communities, created their own script to use like cash. Be aware, and participate if you can."

On the truth front, the mystical and sacred interconnection between us all, this is one secret the dark-side cabal doesn't want you to know. Ever. For, this would mean they would fall from their lofty tyrannical perches in flames.

On the war front, major changes will be occurring in the Middle East war theaters. The chess pieces are being re-arranged by the dark-side powers that be. So far, their Armageddon plans have failed in key ways, and they have been effectively stifled. For now.

This is partly due to worldwide prayer, and the opposition of the White Hat Force.

Russia will continue to play a dominant role. However, most of their negotiations will take place behind the scenes, and it may appear as if they've taken a step back. This won't be true.

As well, look for a political outcry by bought-off politicians to unleash absolute destruction in the Middle East. This will backfire in a big way.

On the tyranny-at-work front, major moves take place to severely limit what liberty remains, especially in the cyber world. There will also be an obvious strategy to take out the rising freedom movement on the web.

On the AWAKENING front, Arrives the Great Coming Together... now, the alliance-community begins, expands for those already tuned in. For, not only will those of like mind continue finding each other, gathering together to create dynamic, heart-centered cultures...but, also, people, animals, and plants of 'like energy' will be 'coming together' to form bio-sanctuary communities. Thus, for the benefit of ALL.

Once again, know these Winter Stargate 2012 vibes intensify this week: "...gather in the golden goodness the Divine is sending to us All. Drink in the sacred sweet LOVE that fills every dark corner of your heart -- the LOVE purifying your soul. For, you are the Beloved."

On the communication front, a new language develops, one that both reflects and creates the Aquarian Age. In opposition to this language of 'awareness and well-being' the dark-side social engineers continue to the gut the language in an attempt to bring it down to the basest, child-like level.

The deterioration of the language can be observed in some TV programs. Plus, the addiction to e-devices, instead of real social interaction is another weapon in their arsenal.

Further, this will be a huge week for communication as far as events happening on the world stage.

On the home front, the IRS continues to take it on the chin. While this is righteous poetic justice... however, these endless scandals are hiding a far more important truth -- one the IRS *does not want you to know*.

While everything about the IRS is fraudulent, including the agency was never ratified by enough states... however, here's one of their major, on-purpose deceptions. It goes like this:

Most of us have believed that income includes wages. Actually, this is not true by IRS code definition. Wages are not income. Income is 'only' defined as profit.

On the food front, HEADLINE: "Monsanto faces third lawsuit regarding rogue wheat ~ St. Louis Business Journal | Two lawsuits were already filed against Monsanto in Washington regarding the unapproved GMO wheat."

At this point in time, there are plans to openly use food as a weapon to divide and conquer the people. This will be happening all over the world, courtesy of the giant food cartels who were represented at the Bilderberg meeting in Watford, England this past weekend.

On the energy front, the energy matrix of the Earth is being charged up with cosmic frequencies. This means, in part, that our DNA is now being activated in new and different ways. One of the primary transformations will be thinking on a global level while remaining intensely involved in your local community. This microcosm/macrocosm strategy will become the norm.

On the really bad news front, similar to the "Men in Black" movie, there is an amnesia beam in the works, and likely operational. How convenient would it be to wipe your enemy's memory? How convenient would it be for agents of the establishment to do their dirty unconscionable deeds, then wipe their victim's memory?

On the good news front, with the collapse of confidence in the administration, the people stand against their oppressors, their voices stronger and stronger. As well, their varied and inventive actions will alter history toward the GOOD.

On the global mafia cabal front, dissension continues at a high level between those who crowned the cyber kings at Bilderberg, as the future, and those who believe transhumanism, or man as immortal machine, is the lesser path to ruling Earth.

However, while some details were hammered out, the battle resumes over who will ultimately control the one-world currency. Look for roller coaster gyrations in the world's stock markets, and financial dealings. Japan could be front and center.

On the heroine front, this is one very amazing woman, Carmen Boulter.

From Coast to Coast am ~ Sunken Artifacts & Atlantis ~ "First hour guest, author, filmmaker, and teacher Carmen Boulter talked about an underwater discovery of Egyptian period artifacts... Boulter announced that she's working on a new documentary series called The New Atlantis-- she believes the main land mass of Atlantis (about the size of Texas) was submerged in a location near the Azores, after an asteroid hit in 13,660 BC."

On the hero front, HEADLINE SNIPPET: "Student Suspended For Saving Fellow Students Life ~ - It was a study period. While the teacher was on the far side of the classroom, one student began to bully another student. The student saw the bully grab his victim and place him in a headlock when he heard the distinctive click of a knife opening up. That's when the student instinctively reacted and got between the two students and pushed the knife-wielding bully away, where he was quickly subdued. Later in the day, the police were called in, not on the knife wielding student but on the student that helped out."

On the freedom front, once again, a pivotal week for the cause of liberty. There are several key trends forming. Even with the barbaric crackdown on whistleblowers by the administration, Brave Ones come forward, and the truth telling continues.

Ever more of the population turn their backs on anything government related. This will be spurred on by the establishment's ongoing cruel attacks against the people.

Also, as the brain-drain media becomes dumb and dumber, the revolution against big-corp media goes superspeed. The people take over creating their own news services far beyond what is currently known as alternative media.

Trendwise, this week is an initiating time for the revolution-evolution, for the spiritual tsunami that will spread an even greater AWARENESS & AWAKENING across the globe.

For, now comes the chance to reclaim your 'true power' as a human being, what has been kept hidden, and denied in the past. This will mean reclaiming your true feelings and your natural, powerful intuition from the system's dark hold.

As vital, is the return to Nature, to being with the land. For, that connection with Mother Earth will empower you, and assist you to become what you were always meant to be. This soars beyond what you can even imagine at this point.

This is the week to walk the trails of nature, and sing inside with all that you experience. Simply being outside in the sunshine will tune you up, will open up new ways of thinking and being. 

Angelic blessings from Volcano & Sedona

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Savanna Kougar ~ Run on the Wild Side of Romance ~


Savanna Kougar said...

Time to get some shuteye...

Pat C. said...

I heard about that field of mutant wheat in Oregon, I think it was. They went to clean it out and it just refused to die. Chemicals didn't bother it. How exactly are our stomachs supposed to digest something that tough? Or will that slice of wheat bread just sit in your tummy until Judgment Day?

Savanna Kougar said...

Yeah, and it will be joined by all the McDonald's hamburgers that never spoil... gee, I guess we super digestive enzyme now... only problem, they could eat through your stomach.

I always remember the article that reported about the GMO corn stalks that turned into spikes, and the farmers had to get kevlar tires to turn it under their fields... yeah, that's what they want us eat.

I wish, if the good ETs are here, that they would use their tech or abilities to vanish everything designing frankenfoods.