Monday, October 15, 2012

Angelic Forecast from Volcano ~ October 15, 2012

Weekly Angelic Forecast from Volcano

Straight from the Carnal Cherub himself...

Angelic Forecast ~ #215

The Implosion, Explosion ~ the end of the Age is here. Land changes, societal changes... a world gone both mad and sane, as the new world rises fueled by the power of the Awakening.

On the truth front, the invincible Dragon of Truth rises on wildfire wings, and spares no one of corrupt heart and soul. 'Those' who fabricate and lie, who deceive and manipulate for the purpose of doing great harm, will burn in the flames of their own evil acts.

These 'corrupt ones' will also find themselves blurting out the truth for the sake of the people. During this time, the cosmic frequencies are creating the impulse to reveal the TRUTH, no matter the consequences.

On the personal front, listen for this 'truth', listen for your inner truth, then take action to take care of yourself and those you love. This week is, once again, about organizing your household. Preparing for the winter months is more important than ever, regardless of how the future plays out.

It is also crucial to remain AWARE of what is going on around you this week. Whether at home, or out and about, stay alert.

This is also a great time to find bargains for whatever it is you need, and want to stock up on. Consider too, creative uses for whatever you have, or can find at a good price. This will only help you as the year comes to its climactic end.

On the AWAKENING front, the time has come to use your creativity at a higher level. This will not only assist you, but everyone else, in overcoming the relentless social manipulation of the soulless ones.

For, the uplifting desire for art and beauty can never be totally suppressed, or completely twisted toward the dark side, despite the ongoing attempts made by the evil-side social engineers, who are in control of the BIG MEDIA companies.

Hollywood is run on corp-gov welfare, for the most part. This 'dirty little secret' means your tax dollars, your consumer dollars, and the endless supply of monopoly money, is paying for a carefully-crafted propaganda machine -- NOT true creativity. Sadly.

On the paranormal front, behind the scenes, FACTIONS of what is known as Earth's breakaway civilization *THOSE who travel the solar system and use 'real' stargates* are engaged in a war for control of the planet and humanity's future. And 'they' aren't the only groups battling to own our world.

At this point in time, there will be a few from this 'breakaway civilization' who come forth in various guises to speak directly to the public. Out of compassion, they want to offer a glimpse of what is really occurring -- all courtesy of the 'mad scientist' military industrial complex.

And, not to forget the ramping-up Halloween vibes, as stated in last week's forecast: "with Samhain on the proverbial doorstep, all things spooky, supernaturally strange, and paranormal-wonderful will emerge as never before in known history. Beware, take care, and turn the tables with your own boo-scare, if needed."

On the economic front, Monopoly Money is King ... or is that Cyber Play Money? In these horrific financial times for many -- IT'S CALLED A 'DEPRESSION' --  money *really a fiat currency* and now cyber play money *all those zeroes added electronically*, is being is whipped up out of thin air by the bankster gangster crowd.

Meanwhile, the people are told this 'monopoly money' becomes their backbreaking debt. Meanwhile, the global dark elite is buying up everything worth buying... huge tracts of land, water rights, luxury goods, art, heirloom seeds, gold, silver, rare earth minerals... anything tangible and of REAL VALUE. All with fake money. All with fake cyber dollars.

This includes most everyone's mortgage in America -- mortgages which are currently at the mercy of the unholy mess known as the derivatives market. Thus, using their made-up monopoly money, the corp-gov creeps now believe THEY own your house/property.

Also, by design the American dollar is on its death bed, and will likely NOT be taken off life support -- at least, as the future stands now. What has been known as the 'petrol dollar' is being usurped as the reserve currency. Other nations are now trading in their own currencies for oil, and other goods.

Out of this massive economic betrayal, the new underground economy continues to grow, and many of the people will rebel in creative ways.

On the war front, to no one's surprise the proxy wars in the Mideast heat up in terrible ways, and it is the innocent who pay with their lives. At this time, there are so many prayers from the people, to bring about peace, that it is mitigating some of the 'false flag' attacks and the beyond-cruel strife taking place.

As before, the push-pull continues between THOSE in the new world order mafia who want to initiate WWIII as an all-out global war, and the faction who does not. Because of this, the waters remain muddy about actual events.

However, this week Russia will play a key role on the world stage. Meanwhile, China lurks in the background like a stalking tiger, waiting for its prey to weaken. All the while, the White Hat super soldiers, as well as off-world groups called the Beneficent Ones, intervene in strategic ways to keep the blazes of war contained.

On the home front, with the hype-promotion of race riots and class warfare, the psychopathic Controllers intend to bring in hard martial law, once major cities go up in flames. These false-flag-provoked race wars are also being used to influence the presidential election.

This strategy could easily backfire if 'the people' stand with each other against this diabolical manipulation. For, now more than ever, the human race must join together, or be picked off by the zombified minions of the bad-cabal-guys.

After all, the last thing the SYSTEM wants is all of us banding together, and helping each other out. Also, in opposition, many now become renegade leaders for freedom.

On the food front, now the GUARDIANS ARISE -- 'those' who have incarnated on Earth at this time to save the seeds, save the animals, and save the lands. It is also their mission to help protect Mother Earth from the dark powers that be.

From this point forward, anything you do to assist these GUARDIANS will be a sacred act, and to the benefit of us ALL.

With winter around the corner, remember to stock up your larders big-time. Purchase as much good food as you can manage. Also, if you can grow herbs and veggies indoors, do it.

On the land changes front, an *explosion, implosion* of weather across the globe. Volcanic ash levels in the atmosphere will become significant during the next three months.

Likely strong earthquakes will keep rocking the planet, and tectonic plates will continue to shift dramatically. These events will be under-reported unless the loss of life is catastrophic.

While the caldera in Yellowstone will not erupt, it is active, and will now become more dangerous to the immediate area.

On the energy front, as is usual for the season, severe storms could knock out power for large sections of the population -- especially on the east coast. Do everything to prepare, prepare, prepare.

There is also an event of some type that 'could' knock out power for a significant time on the west coast, within the next three months.

On the really bad news front, the biggest drug pusher on the global block, BIG PHARMA, uses its sinister power to force flu shots and vaccines on the people. Before getting any shot, it is 'wise' to READ THE INSERT, since outright lies are being told that there are no harmful side affects.

As well, BIG PHARMA, is pushing drugs on 'the children' like never before with the falsehood that 'drugs' will increase their ability to learn. In reality, these drugs can shrink the brain, and cause permanent damage. Again, it is wise to investigate the side affects first, and look for kinder methods to assist in learning.

Remember, the FDA has become 'married' to their sugar daddy, BIG PHARMA, and will not be watching out for your welfare.

On the good news front, being creative in any way at all, is one of our salvations in overcoming the dark-side elite. For, we have the power to reclaim the paradise that Mother Earth is, and to reclaim our ability to 'live the renaissance'.

On the freedom front, as stated in a prior forecast: "Worldwide, protests and riots will continue, and will only worsen. Communities will break away, and form their own economy. All while the brain-drain media minimizes and continues the massive coverup of the REAL CRIMES perpetrated every minute against humanity by the bankster gangsters."

Trendwise, the heart rules, and romance blooms in new and wonderful ways from this point forward.

For the next month, fascism at its finest rears its ugly head, and rises worldwide. In opposition, liberty becomes the battle cry heard round the world.

In summary, as stated in a previous forecast: "One of their primary 'divide and conquer' weapons against us *the people*,  will be fostering race wars and class wars worldwide. These 'soulless ones' will attempt to light these 'wars' like bush fires in order to loose a firestorm of horror and chaos planet-wide. For, THEY must complete their evil endgame by the end of 2012 -- so they believe.

To this endgame, draconian measures against humanity will escalate. At the same time, LOVE and FREEDOM will soar on the wings of the angels lifting everyone toward a greater destiny. This destiny belongs to you. Grab hold and don't let go."

This week, dancing, music, and theater, is the perfect food for the soul.

Angelic blessings from Volcano & Sedona

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Savanna Kougar  ~ Run on the Wild Side of Romance ~



Savanna Kougar said...

So, I'm going to have to talk to Volcano about these LONG forecasts.

Pat C. said...

On the Hollywood front: one thing I expected when Obama was elected was the rise of TV shows -- dramas, not those insultingly crappy comedies -- with black lead characters. You know, the standard cop and doctor shows, but with a black guy as the focus, possibly with a white sidekick. Remember all the "old people" shows that were on the air while Reagan was in office? But for some reason this didn't happen. It's still white leads and token blacks. The only show I'm aware of that's different is "Last Resort," the renegade submarine with the black captain. I was sure there'd be others by now. Maybe America's not as ready for social change as I thought.

But we picked a black man over a white woman. That doesn't surprise me at all.

Pat C. said...

Only a week to get my house organized? Surely you jest.

Savanna Kougar said...

Yeah, I see your point about black leads in TV dramas. I wasn't aware since I don't watch.

The problem: If the BIG BOYS controlling Hollywood, and also controlling Obama, had wanted black leads in drama, you betcha, it would have happened. Look at 24 with the very handsome black president, forgot his name, but he does those insurance ads. No, he wasn't exactly a lead, but his role was damn powerful.

The big joke though. Obama/Barry Soetore ain't black. Even if you go by his supposed but proven-fake birth certificate, he's only 1/16th black, and mostly Caucasian and Arabic in heritage.

Hell, he doesn't even look black to me. If you look at the Egyptian Pharoah, Akhenaten, they look like twins.

search: obama egyptian pharoah

But, yeah, black man over white woman... the Bilderberg group couldn't sell Hillary to the American public.

Honestly, I can't stand *ANY* of the current puppet politicians, except a couple of real uncorrupted ones. That's it.

Savanna Kougar said...

Naw, lol... not just one week. This is just a good vibes week for organizing.