Monday, October 8, 2012

Angelic Forecast from Volcano ~ October 8, 2012

Weekly Angelic Forecast from Volcano 

Straight from the Carnal Cherub himself...

Angelic Forecast ~ #214

This week the Dragon of Awakening consumes the Dragon of Terror in a battle that firestorms worldwide.

Meanwhile, the golden cosmic light continues to pour thick as honey upon the people, and upon Mother Earth. Thus, we are caught between the beautiful emergence of our spiritual natures, and what has been life in this world.

Now, with the escalation of insanity all around the world, try a little tenderness as the song lyric says -- especially with your loved ones, friends, and pets. This means 'only' where it's possible to do so.

Also, given the quickening of the 'Quickening', animals will be particularly affected. At this time, a lot of wild animals want to be friends with those of us who are receptive. Be careful, however, since the opposite will be true, as well, and a few animals will turn vicious, attacking without provocation.

To be friends with an animal could be as simple as providing food and water. Or, it could be figuring out a way to co-exist together. When you do see a wild critter, saying a kind word puts those good vibes out. Blessings from you are always appreciated by both animals and plants.

On the personal front, if you have pets, this week, and next, they are likely to take center stage in your life at some point. Or, it may occur through someone who is close to you. If there's a challenge, look for the kindest way to act. However, remember, being firm could be the wisest option.

From this point forward, it's all about being responsible for your personal life at a 'creator' level. This will not be easy for many to understand, or accomplish. Small steps may be required.

Also, since so many of us have heavily damaged psyches -- courtesy of the so-called social engineers working for the dark-side cabal -- thus, high levels of healing must take place. Again, tenderness, and acts of kindness will go a long way for ALL of us.

Know too, the following week will be great for finding a new economic opportunity. Take advantage no matter how small because this will positively impact your future. 

On the economic front, it will be a rocky week, and there will be more problems with the BIG BANKS -- with financial institutions in general. More cyber attacks are planned and may cause nasty disruptions as the year comes to an end.

As well, one of the October surprises is likely to be the stalling, close-to-falling economy. Why? Because usually the opposite would occur during an election. This time, the Controller manipulators have another diabolical plan that will become obvious at the close of this week, or the beginning of next week.

In addition, with the institutions of liberty being burned to the ground by the corp-gov, the economy will take a nosedive. Even if this is 'not' reflected by the stock market, or the fake economic figures given to the public like so much pablum, 'the people' now know 'this truth' at a mass-conscious level.

Yet, on the flaming wings of the phoenix energies, new ways to do business arise. What are called 'cottage industries' now become the wave of the near future.

Take a look at your skill set, if you haven't lately -- what is it you can make, fix, create that will be in demand? Ask yourself, if the big box stores disappear, what becomes *your* business opportunity?

On the truth front, it's time to get down-and-dirty honest about the state of the world -- about the health of the planet. This knowledge will only serve you as earth changes and societal changes avalanche, and reach critical mass by the end of 2012.

At the same time, the benevolent angelic interventions continue on a large scale. Also, as has been stated before, MIRACLES of grace embrace many. These miraculous events will herald a magical way of living that has always belonged to the human race.

On the war front, *bombastic  insanity* describes the next month. Brought to you by the dark-side psychopaths, the 'covert proxy wars' now rage across the surface of the planet.

This is a scorched terrible wounding of Mother Earth, and a wounding of humanity's soul. For many the attitude will be: WAR, what is it 'ever' good for?... oh, yeah, evil likes it.

Of further importance, there will be an intense propaganda campaign, using the brain-drain media, to demonize anyone who is against war, and wants to stop WWIII. Now, anyone who stands on the side of peace, and peace through the rise of freedom, will be considered an enemy of the state.

On the AWAKENING front, the soul of humanity wings heavenward and also embraces the earth with a new strength. As children of the universe, the human race now matures toward a time when interacting with the galactic community will become commonplace.

On the paranormal front, with Samhain on the proverbial doorstep, all things spooky, supernaturally strange, and paranormal-wonderful will emerge as never before in known history. Beware, take care, and turn the tables with your own boo-scare, if needed.

From a prior Samhain forecast ~ “a powerful magick is arriving, once again, and is available for those bold enough in vision to claim it. There will be individuals who will emerge as magicians, that is, the use of magick as it was practiced by the Wise Women and by those like Merlin. Before the Turning toward technology was allowed, as a method to circumvent the dark force, Magick reigned as the true and natural force on Earth.”

On the home front, as the Great Divide between the 'aware and the unaware' grows to the size of the Grand Canyon, it becomes absolutely crucial to join together, and form alliances with those of like mind. As well, as a zombie insanity grips many in the population, those of truly sane mind must stand against the bankster gangsters, and reinvent the good life.

Regarding civil war, from a previous forecast: "there is a low-key civil war in progress which is being hidden from the public. This reflects the ever-growing division between those who cherish freedom, and those who have little awareness of what liberty means to the human soul."

On the food front, this week spotlights how 'poisoned' the food supply is and has been for decades. There will be revelation after revelation around this, most of it found on alternative news sites.

Out of this exposure, many of us will become more determined than ever to purchase, and grow good food for ourselves and others. Despite every despicable effort made by the corp-gov to destroy small ranchers/farmers, and the organic growers, this movement will not die. Also, on the near horizon there will be significant defeats of Big Agra.

On the land changes front, in particular, volcanic activity spikes, and earthquakes will be shaking the planet more often, and more vigorously for the next three months.

Now Nature rages, unleashed during these times of rapid earth changes. This week, and for the following month, the tremendous force of water is likely to show its power around the world.

However, per usual, some of these superstorm events will be the ongoing weather wars.

On the energy front, many groups of inventors/investors are working hard and fast behind the scenes, to bring alternative energy devices to the marketplace. It's a race now between the corp-gov oppressors and those who want to help free humanity with inexpensive power.

At this time, look for the manipulated, 'fraudulent' shortage of gasoline, and energy, to be used as a weapon against the people by the new world order mafia. For, absolute control of power corrupts absolutely.

Once again: "Consider setting up a backup energy system -- any kind you can manage."

On the really bad news front, with crime rates exploding, especially in cities, look for ways to responsibly protect yourself and your loved ones. Soon several big cities will become so horrific and  unlivable, anyone who can will flee. Sadly, this includes criminals and criminal gangs who are looking for easier targets. All the more reason to band together to keep each other safe.

On the good news front, oh how the mighty fall. Now, the corrupt elite among us are being recognized for who and what they are by so many of 'the people' their days are numbered. Eventually, THEY will be brought down, and brought to justice. Certainly, poetic justice will find them as divinely dictated.

For more good news, now innovation skyrockets. Encourage yourself and others to become bigger and better innovators. Simply ordering your life in a new and innovative way works to the GOOD as well.

On the freedom front, a breakaway group -- the new foremothers and forefathers of liberty -- now begin their rise to prominence. This will not only be in America, but the spirit of 1776 spreads worldwide. In the Age of Aquarius, it will be women leaders who bring this revolutionary fruit to bear.

Trendwise, just in time for Halloween, the good, bad, ugly, and beautiful of being *weird* becomes the norm in these times. This emerging trend will be showcased during the upcoming celebration.

For, what the soulless ones would squash in humanity -- what THEY would pound out of existence with a ruthless fist, now arises in all of us. In truth, we are supernatural beings.

As well, quoted from a prior forecast ~ "At this time, the ancient megalithic sites, Stonehenge and other on-the-grid sites across the globe, are in the process of reactivating as centers of power. This is due to the current rise in cosmic energies, to the energy storms on the sun, and also due to the intervention of humanity’s extraterrestrial brethren."

Awaken humanity to your true power. This is the week. This is the time. 

Angelic blessings from Volcano & Sedona

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Savanna Kougar ~ Run on the Wild Side of Romance ~


Savanna Kougar said...

I need a miracle -- like the old blogger restored.

Pat C. said...

"New economic opportunity," eh? Time to scour the market reports.

We've got plenty of stray cats around here I can feed over the winter. Or maybe I'm feeding the skunks, raccoons or opossums. No way to tell unless I catch them at it.

Funny observation about one of the cats. My neighbors across the street have an orange cat they let out to roam the neighborhood. The black and white stray got left behind when his deadbeat owners got evicted. The orange cat strolls nonchalantly through the neighborhood on his rounds. The black and white stalks through the yards like a tiger through the jungle. One has a home and food dish to return to; the other has become a wild animal. You can see the difference in their walks.

Savanna Kougar said...

Pat, yeah, I've noticed that too -- the different behavior. There was a stray cat around here that I've been leaving food for... but I haven't seen her for awhile, so I don't know what I'm feeding either. Not like I can invest in a wildlife camera right now. ~smiles~

Savanna Kougar said...

sighs... deadbeats or not, so many people can't find a job these days that former pets are suffering all over... and it's heartbreaking to hear stories about people who have to leave their pet at a shelter... in most cases they'll just be euthanized. ~sorry for the downer~ Another thing to blame the globalists bankster gangsters for, since THEY intentionally moved the jobs out of the country to break Americans.

Pat C. said...

No, these people were deadbeats. With their electricity shut off and behind on the lot rent, they tried to hit up their other neighbors for ... wait for it ... beer money.

At one point I caught the cat (it wandered into my shed while I was mowing the lawn) and returned it to them. Within a week it was back on the street. Maybe it got out of the house again. I suspect it had help.

Anyway, others are feeding it and it looks healthy and not too thin. I think it's living under somebody's trailer. (Can't be mine; the skunks, y'know.)

Savanna Kougar said...

Yeah, beer money, that was deadbeat behavior.

Heck, the cat might have made a dash for freedom. Glad kitty is getting along, and the skunks are ensconced.