Monday, August 27, 2012

Angelic Forecast from Volcano ~ August 27, 2012

Weekly Angelic Forecast from Volcano

Straight from the Carnal Cherub himself...

Angelic Forecast ~ #208

Courage, or the Great Heart of humanity, is the theme for the following week. The Dragon of Courage soars for the clouds while the cowardly dragon nips at his tail in a final struggle to win and destroy all that is GOOD on Earth.

During the upcoming week, there are likely to be major and explosive events on the planet -- both good and bad. For, another evolutionary leap of humanity is here, and all that occurs at this time, will reflect this physical and spiritual transformation.

As always, prepare for adversity. Prepare for the superstorms of life.

Also, emotional superstorms and a contentious attitude will permeate this week. As always, there are two sides.

For many, their contentious words will signal a strengthening of their spine. This is because humanity's courage is being reactivated. Also, many people are simply fed up with the bully corp-gov, and they are standing their ground -- they are saying 'no more'.

On the other hand, someone else's contentious attitude will indicate they are clinging tightly to their blinders. For, reality, as it is now, has become their enemy.

On the personal front, once again, this is a crucial week for many. A key, or key decisions will confront a whole lot of us. The best approach: unless, it's an emergency situation, take a step back and evaluate the pros and cons. Once you've made your decision, take action, and go forward with confidence.

Also, now is the time to watch your backside as never before. The system is paranoid, and fighting like a cornered dragon about to be slain.

Realize that anyone who gets in the way -- anyone who is targeted by the system -- 'do not' expect any mercy.

Remember, at this point in history, it is time for 'the people' to band together in groups, and protect each other. Carry cameras at all times, and for those who are tech-savvy, have a way to upload immediately to a site far away.

On the economic front, the mega-monster banks writhe like agitated leviathans as 'the people' wake up to their heinous and endless crimes. Now, the 'banking spanking' begins as their time comes to a close.

However, likely the process will drag on for the next six months, at least.

In reaction, there will be veiled threats by the self-appointed economic kingpins. THEY will use their political and military might to force us deeper into the Orwellian world. At the same time, these bankster gangsters will offer 'incentives' for anyone who goes along with their tyrannical system.

Also, look for the stock market to take some wild dives this week, and/or next week. In part... only in part... this Wall Street manipulation is about making 'the people' fearful so they will acquiesce and conform to 'authority'.

On the truth front, during the next couple of weeks, there will be several whistleblowers who break the political system wide open, exposing major crimes. However, it remains to be seen if what they reveal will reach the front page of the brain-drain media.

On the war front, factions of the dark-side global elite continue to battle for supremacy in the Mideast and throughout the world. This means violent conflicts escalate worldwide. And there 'may' be a serious confrontation with a warship.

At this time, nations who have stayed in the background since WWII, may arise, and take a side in this international chess match of war. This strategic move will be made to remove the focus from the collapsing economy.

As the human race AWAKENS, fewer and fewer of 'the people' will show up for any war put on by the establishment. Yes, the so-called world leaders can throw a war like you throw a party. But, there's no guarantee anyone will show up.

On the AWAKENING front, from this point forward, the awareness of energies, what are sometimes called 'subtle' energies, will dramatically increase for many of us. It will be easier to know how someone else is truly feeling, for one example. Also, tuning into the so-named 'psychic' frequency will become much easier.

On the paranormal front, there will be more sightings of unusual crypto creatures such as the 'manwolf' and 'thunderbirds'. They have decided to make themselves known to humanity.

Space, the final frontier -- the truth now arrives step-by-step as has been stated before. To keep this 'truth' hidden, desperate and despicable measures will be taken by the soulless ones. However, it is time for humanity to awaken, and know their real heritage.

On the home front, with the ever-sinking economy taking its toll on 'the people', there will be vast changes in how many choose to live their lives. Inventiveness rises alongside resourcefulness. For some this is the opportunity to become self reliant in a new way that benefits everyone else.

On the food front, a civil war of information begins between those who desire natural foods and those who believe in or sell GM/GMO. Eventually however, the TRUTH will prevail, even with obscene amounts of money spent to bury the facts.

On the land changes front, due to the faster pounding ocean waves, the erosion of 'certain' beach areas around the planet quickens. Superstorms will also sweep over coastlines all over the world now, rearranging the land.

As is currently happening during the writing of this forecast, earthquakes will continue to shake, rattle, and roll Mother Earth. Volcanoes rumble and spew, becoming ever more active, especially under the oceans. As well, with the arrival of several planet-like bodies in the solar system, the topical features of Earth are undergoing a rapid change in certain areas of the world.

On the energy front, an under-market for off-the-grid energy devices is developing as people wisely look for any way to become energy-independent. With the closure of coal plant after coal plant, with the stranglehold of the oil cartels, and the ongoing failure of nuclear plants, there is likely to be a shortage of power. This also means the price could be out of sight for many.

Consider setting up a backup energy system -- any kind you can manage.

On the really bad news front, to create a state of FEAR among the population, and to keep control, the dark-side elite is using bio-warfare agents against 'the people'. THEY want a limited pandemic scenario for now.

Also, THEY are poisoning certain places/cities here, and worldwide, in the same manner as the Gulf of Mexico.

Obviously, it is wise to keep your immune system strong. By staying as healthy as possible, and by learning about natural healing alternatives, you and your loved ones can withstand this onslaught.

On the good news front, new and incredible opportunities arise for those of us who are able to think outside the 'establishment' box.

At this momentous time, freedom lovers become a force, one to be reckoned with. Now, many more champions for 'the people' come forth.

Trendwise, preparation and resistance is the theme for the rest of 2012. Take heed because the times they are a-changing.

~~~The Year of Dragon Darkness and Light... with whipping writhing strength, the ultimate in revelation arrives, creating chaos while spiraling through chaos... during this make-or-break year use the fierce frightening power of the dragon, or it will use you ~~~

This week take some time to daydream. Remember your days as a bright-eyed child. What did you daydream about the most?

Angelic blessings from Volcano & Sedona

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Savanna Kougar ~ Run on the Wild Side of Romance ~



Savanna Kougar said...

daydreaming... the wave of the future...

Pat C. said...

Now that the humidity's letting up I can go back to riding the bike. That'll get me healthy and save me some gas money.

Holy cow, summer's almost over. In two months I won't have to mow the lawn any more!

Savanna Kougar said...

Yeah, unless global warming kicks up a few notches... I say that sarcastically. Of course, with how overall crazy the weather is, who knows?