Monday, July 23, 2012

Angelic Forecast from Volcano ~ July 23, 2012

Weekly Angelic Forecast from Volcano

Straight from the Carnal Cherub himself...

Angelic Forecast ~ #203

This week brings the arrival of the Thunder Dragon energies. This means many of us will now AWAKEN to our inner power in a whole new way. Also, we will have the intuitive knowledge of how to use this ruthless and relentless power against THOSE who would destroy humanity and Mother Earth.

In opposition to this new power, the soulless ones will cause crisis after crisis meant to seize everyone's attention. Thus, tumult will take over the world stage this week.

Along with the Thunder Dragon energies, the rise of the Goddess Nature becomes obvious at this time. This rise in the feminine force will show up as both wrath and compassion. Goddess wrath against THOSE who harm and murder innocents. And goddess compassion for the truly innocent, the truly good among us.

Now, during the year, 2012, in the midst of unspeakable CHAOS and 'berserker' plunder by the bankster gangsters, it is time to open the gates to real peace and prosperity. If you keep yourself open to the possibility, you will discover the step-by-step opportunities that will eventually lead to a better life for you, your loved ones, and for ALL.

On the AWAKENING front, at this point in time, the movement to stop doing business with the 'big boy' corrupt corporations will grow by leaps and bounds. More and more, 'the people' will be coming together and doing business locally with their friends and neighbors. This includes banking. For, whenever the good mom and pop businesses are supported, the better off we will all be in the long run.

On the economic front, the deterioration of the worldwide economy continues, and the rage of the people rises sweeping non-stop across the globe. There will be mass movements to implement the solution used by the people of Iceland.

In this age of the *above the law* bankster gangsters, in this age of print money on demand, be aware of this recent Greenspan quote: "we can't guarantee the buying power of the money". Remember also, as one globalist stated, 'anything written on paper is worth the paper it's written on'.

For this week, and for the next week, THOSE at the top of the corrupt economic pyramid have several nasty surprises ready to be used against 'the people'. Specifics are difficult because there are many options on the table, and the situation is somewhat fluid. However, it might be wise to have cash on hand and as little as possible in the bank.

On the truth front, a war of division ensues. Those of us who know how valuable the TRUTH is, and are willing to know the whole truth despite the mind-blowing agony we face -- we will now be in direct conflict with those who choose to exist in the world as created by the new world order crowd and their brain-drain media minions. This 'division' will be similar to the American Civil War because it will cause brother to come against brother. At the same time, it will bring some families closer together.

On the war front, the buildup for World War III continues. Boom! Boom! In opposition, the GOOD angelic forces add their energies and strength to any individual and any group standing against the utter devastation of war. As well, the OTHERS who favor humanity are working hard behind the scenes to halt the dark siders as much as possible.

On the personal front, this is the week to pay particular attention to your health, and the health of your loved ones. Check out new strategies to improve your health, and try whatever resonates with your inner knowing. If you use supplements, begin stocking up on the ones you, and your loved ones, use regularly. Also, look for ways to work together with those you trust, so you can help keep each other healthy.

On the food front, with food rationing a 'possibility' on down the road, it is wise for you, and your loved ones, to stockpile good foods, and become as independent as you are able. Around the purchase of food, there are possible 'future' scenarios -- most of them false flags operations -- that will bring about police-state restrictions. However, this depends on how fast humanity AWAKENS, and says 'hell no!'.

On the paranormal front, right now all roads lead to the planet, Mars. The past, present, and future of the so-called red planet is now crucial to how our future plays out on Earth. This knowledge will begin to seep inside the mass consciousness of humanity as events around Mars unfold.

On the land changes front, more catastrophic events are looming beyond the manufactured drought and the weather-war caused flooding that is taking place in several countries. As well, with the active volcanoes beneath the oceans heating up the water, and the fierce activity of the sun, earthquakes, superstorms and volcanic activity will continue. Also, there could be some evidence of an asteroid storm.

On the really bad news front, every excuse will be used by the dark-powers-that-be to dramatically beef up the police state. More false flag events are scheduled to occur so this goal will be accomplished. For, the human spirit must be crushed under the heavy ugly boot of authority. Otherwise, the soulless ones will lose their control over humanity forever.

On the good news front, what was forecast last week will continue -- despite the major white-wash reporting by the presstitute media. To quote: "the real *truth* about the major banks will rain down fast and furious now."

As well, there will be more of a push to bring forth the energy technologies that will free humanity from the evil oil cartel. This 'push' should have occurred already in the timeline. However, several key people involved in providing these energy devices would have lost their lives too early, in accordance with the Divine plan.

Trendwise, as has been mentioned, the rise of the citizen reporter takes off like gang busters. For, the TRUTH will be carried to them by the angels most devoted to Mother Earth and the human race.

Also, guns and ammo will now become one of the new currencies.

Sooner rather than later -- instead of using currency -- any type of skill that benefits others will be in demand. These skills will be traded in many areas of the world, and in our beloved country. This includes the ability to read and comprehend.

This is a superb week to focus on beauty, and contemplate anything beautiful that calls to your soul, and sustains your spirit.

Angelic blessings from Volcano & Sedona

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Savanna Kougar ~ Run on the Wild Side of Romance ~



Savanna Kougar said...

This week take a walk on the wild side...

Pat C. said...

My beans have sprouted! Sort of. I put three pots out on the back steps. One sprouted, one's struggling, and the third -- on the lowest step closest to the ground -- looks like something dug into it in search of the seeds. Maybe the skunk, but I'm betting squirrel.

Since the skunk has already dug up part of the yard, I may transfer a couple of the budding bean plants to the yard (near the stump where the tree fell over two years ago) and hope nobody notices. The rabbits will probably make short work of those, but we'll see. I feel like those people who try to grow pot in their gardens. Can you be arrested for illicit green beans?

Savanna Kougar said...

Oooh, interesting about how your green beans are growing. Probably the squirrel, since they dig for goodies like bulbs.

Yeah, I know, it's getting to be like that... illicit gardening... okay, I don't know your local codes or restrictions... however, if they tell you to get rid the green beans and you don't comply fast enough... you damn betcha they can and might have you arrested.

Unfortunately, some people have gone to jail or been fined recently for growing gardens, even though they were legal according to the city code.

The world has gone utterly bonkers!

Savanna Kougar said...

Cute avatar angel squirrel... ~smiles~

Pat C. said...

The lease agreement does specify ornamental/flowering plants and shrubs, no vegetable plants. I'm wondering if this is to avoid attracting those cute little woodland creatures that carry diseases and chew on electrical wires. My air conditioner had to be fixed because mice had nested in it and chewed through some of the hoses.

I don't know if the neighbors who grew potted tomatoes stopped because they were told to, or because the tomatoes didn't taste good.

For the record, we're not allowed to put satellite dishes on our roofs either, and the whole park had to convert to natural gas heating to avoid the threat of oil spills. I'd better start looking for an affordable lot to move my house onto.

Pat C. said...

Oh Gil, you're such a little angel.

Savanna Kougar said...

Yeah, vegetable plants could attract critters. But so do ornamental plants. Yeah, mice ate through some wiring on my van during a stretch of cold weather. That was lovely.

It might be smart to look for a place with far less restrictions. I wouldn't be comfortable with natural gas myself. But then, I wish I had several backup energy systems, given the way things are going.