Monday, July 16, 2012

Angelic Forecast from Volcano ~ July 16, 2012

Weekly Angelic Forecast from Volcano

Straight from the Carnal Cherub himself...

Angelic Forecast ~ #202

Now the ANGELS OF LIGHT descend en masse upon our Earth, and many of us will sense and glimpse their presence. Often this spiritual force will be observed as unusual rainbows. For, at this time, the battle against evil permeates every layer of our material world.

In opposition to the angelic force, the dark-side global elite will bring forth the FEAR FACTOR. They will use tried and true tactics to punch the fear button inside humanity -- inside us all. There will be manufactured events and elevate-the-fear news stories brought to you courtesy of the brain-drain media.

Also, more CIRCUS CIRCUS entertainments will be doled out, as well as promises of 'bread' for the starving. However, large numbers of 'the people' will no longer believe, and will begin making every effort to get out of the system.

Know this, if you want to secure your personal freedom, and the freedom of the human race, there has never been a more important time to take action according to your conscience, and your skill and ability.

On the economic front, helter skelter rules. Behind the scenes the bankster gangsters consolidate their immense vaults of stolen loot, and plan their total takedown of the worldwide economy. However, there are forces that remain out of the soulless ones' control, and 'some' of their plans will not get off the ground.

For, those known as 'the white hats' have plans of their own. Their timely obstruction will give 'the people' more opportunity to stock up their larders, and prepare for the difficult times ahead. As well, the real *truth* about the major banks will rain down fast and furious now.

On the war front, there will be big nasty moves this week all designed to keep a high level of chaos, and to initiate World War III. With the rise of the drone, of the sky-net war machines, a robotic takeover of the military will occur sooner rather than later. For, the 'new world order' cabal knows a human army cannot conquer the people.

On the truth front, humanity as a whole is fed up with the deception and LIES coming from the top. Because truth is sacred, now THOSE who violate 'the people' with lies, fraud and deception are being exposed by THE LIGHT.

On the AWAKENING front, from this point forward, THOSE of us who truly love humanity will now be recognized. Far too many simply give lip service to caring about their sister/brother human beings -- too many say they care about each and every one of us, but don't.

Actions and deeds by those around you, and by THOSE on the world stage will begin to speak much louder than words. At this time, the cosmic energies are all about 'who loves you, baby?'. As well, the onslaught of propaganda casting humanity as the cause of all that's wrong with and on Mother Earth will continue to be exposed as one more major deception by the soulless ones.

On the paranormal front, once again, this is a complex picture. Basically, the extra sensory perception naturally part of the human race, now takes off like a rocket ship for a whole lot of us. It will be like looking into a darkened room suddenly flooded with bright white light.

As well, other dimensions become a general part of humanity's web of knowledge. This will play out in many ways, eventually coming together like a giant jigsaw puzzle. Nowadays, the lunatic fringe is the place to be.

On the personal front, this week is all about protecting what is yours, what belongs to you by divine right. This means guarding your spiritual nature because it is under attack by the dark powers that be. Also, it is time to protect both your good relationships and your possessions. This is important due to the negative societal forces determined to steal them from you.

Also, this is a perfect week to be on the lookout for golden opportunities. They will be as elusive as leprechauns. If you spy one, grab it, and don't let go.

On the food front, extremes in weather will continue across the planet, and more food crops will be lost. There is also the 'possibility' of catastrophic events which will shut down food, water, and medical supplies. Remember, there is only about three days worth of food in any grocery store. Also, it is wise to remain silent about how much food you have stored away.

On the land changes front, the dragon energy of Mother Earth writhes and twists this week, continuing until mid August. How this plays out on the Earth's surface will depend on many other factors, including assistance from benevolent extraterrestrials. However, these 'benevolents' are not allowed to halt certain needed changes. As always, dare to prepare!

Once again, the east and west coast of our beloved country could be affected by land change events, and by the current ferocious activity of the sun. Major flares and CME's will likely be bouncing off the Earth. This could cause superstorms and electrical grid problems.

On the really bad news front, the global green religion is being rolled out full force. Religious symbols have been, and are being co-opted to serve this bankster-gangster, manmade religion. In the name of FEAR and GUILT, you must now bow down to 'their' green god, and submit to totalitarian rule. From a historical perspective, this is the same ruthless strategy used by many regimes to subdue populations. Sacred symbols and sacred days were taken over by another brand of religion.

On the good news front, the true American spirit is being revived. As the UN crackdown on guns goes viral, more and more Americans will be openly and lawfully carrying their sidearms. Out of this return to America's roots, crime in general will lessen, and an independent, can-do nature will be established in certain outlying areas.

Trendwise, several trends heighten this week. Foremost is the 'rise of the robot technocracy' as it was described yesterday. Of course, this means THOSE warriors/warrioresses who know how to defeat the machines will rise in skill and prominence.

At this time, the virtual world is now in competition with the real world. This means some in the population have no idea how to interact with a group of people or how to have a one on one relationship. They are clueless about how to negotiate in the real world. This will have far reaching consequences for society.

Another trend, now corruption begins feeding on itself to such a degree, many who were oblivious wake up and take action. In the near future activism on a wide scale becomes the norm.

This is a great week to form a partnership either for business or personal reasons. As well, go have a fun with a special friend.

Angelic blessings from Volcano & Sedona

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Savanna Kougar ~ Run on the Wild Side of Romance ~


Savanna Kougar said...

I need a rain angel for the tame prairie...

Pat C. said...

But the real world is so boring. That's why we're all on our laptops.

In case of a true emergency, is it safe to boil and drink river water? I hope so, because I live up the street from Cocalico Creek. I won't die of thirst, at least. I suppose in a pinch I could trap the local squirrels and rabbits. Does skunk make good eating?

Savanna Kougar said...

You need a gravity fed water purifier like the Big Berky or Pro Pur... you can simply pour the water in over the purifying elements and it will get rid the bad stuff, most of it. Also there are purifying tablets you can buy. Putting in colloidal silver or grapefruit seed extract gets rid of the germs, viruses and parasites. Also distilling water is good.

Bet if you search how skunk tastes someone will tell you. I bet you could find out how to trap and dress them... ~sighs~ I so never want to do stuff like that.