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Nina Pierce ~ Blue Moon Rising

Hi Title Magicians, it’s no secret I have a yen for those furry, fluffy and wild shape-shifters, since I write stories about them myself. And it’s no secret to Nina I love her title, Blue Moon Rising, and her story in the Furry, Fluffy and Wild anthology.
So, I asked Liquid Silver Books’ authoress extraordinairre, Nina Pierce, for her blurb and excerpt, even though she can’t be with us today.
The question of why so many of us authors and readers are fond of beastie shapeshifter tales has been asked and answered many times over. Yet, I’m always fascinated about what others have to say, and what they reveal about why they hunger for these kind of romance stories.
The power, the fiercer passion and the animalistic nature of the hero and heroines are the top reasons given. For example, what would it feel like to be a wolf or wolfess at the height of your physical strength, stamina and prowess? As a kid I would pretend to be different animals. I had no time for baby dolls, and not much time for Barbie. So for me, it’s natural to write about being human and animal, about being able to shift into various forms.
Of course, that certainly may not be true for other authors in the genre. I don’t know.
What I do know is that Nina Pierce has an absolute gift for creating a wonderful erotic love story, and writes with a lyrical simplicity that is awesome.
Nina first visited Title Magic, as a new author, with her very first published book, The Healer’s Garden, which has garnered the acclaim of reviewers. More importantly, the readers adore her futuristic story. Just as the readers have gobbled up Nina’s three-book contemporary series, Blind Love, Love’s Bounty and Arranging Love ~ The Tilling Passion’s series.
By the way, the three Tilling sisters’ covers are to seriously die for. Or, my suggestion, just swoon onto that lovely salon lounge, and wait mere moments for the perfect hero to arrive, smelling salts in hand.
Hey, it’s worth a try.

Blue Moon Rising in the Furry, Fluffy and Wild Anthology
ISBN: 978-1-59578-480-3
Publisher: Liquid Silver Books

Could a woman’s past decide a man’s future?

Tension between the cougar and wolf shifters in Lonesome Fork, Montana is spiraling out of control. With the full moon only days away and fear and the body count rising, Chief of Police, and head of the wolf shifter council, Cole Takoda is trying to bring peace to both humans and shifters alike. But with the head of the cougar council, Kurt Hansley, thwarting his attempts, it appears nothing will heal the growing rift. When orphan Jayda Kynslan strolls into town, rumors of polymorphic shifters come to life begin to circulate.
Two men want to claim Jayda as mate: one will stand with her and unite the shifter clans; the other will possess her and reign supreme over the human population. With the Blue Moon Rising Jayda’s decision will determine the future for all of them.

Adult Excerpt:
Cole stared at Jayda’s ass as she sashayed her way to the door. Damn, she had him hot under the collar. He’d wanted to follow her immediately, but the tented fly of his Levi’s would make their intention a little obvious. It wouldn’t do for the Chief of Police to be caught in a compromising situation. When she’d bent in close, the scent and heat of her overwhelming his senses, his body had jumped to attention. Decorum and judicious prudence aside, he needed to be with her. Had she known she’d have that effect? Was this some kind of setup?
He finished his beer in one great swallow and banged it down on the bar just as the door closed behind Jayda. She hadn’t even turned around to see if he was following. Maybe she hadn’t meant what she’d said. Part of him hoped that was the case. Then he’d only have to see her safely to her car, and this whole thing would be over. There was only one way to find out what she intended. His cock led the way.
"Hey, champ, it’s cold outside. You’ll need this." Aaron stood at the entry between the two rooms holding Cole’s leather jacket. The smile on his face was nonjudgmental.
"Shit," Cole said as he snatched the jacket and shrugged into it. They’d been friends since their days on the reservation. Aaron would be the only one who’d know it was lust as much as fear contorting his face.
Aaron smiled. "Shit is right. Be careful, man."
Now that he’d made the decision, Cole headed for the door. He wondered if he’d waited too long, and she’d left. That thought moved him more quickly. He’d have no way of finding Jayda if she walked out his life tonight. He had no intention of letting that happen until he knew exactly what had brought her to Lonesome Fork.
The night air slapped him in the face the moment he walked out the door. He scanned the lot, panic sweeping through him with each pass.
"Over here." Jayda’s quiet voice called from around a truck parked in front of the tavern and off to his right. He smiled at her from the other side of the hood.
"I wasn’t sure you’d come."
The brassy woman who’d propositioned him in the bar had once again morphed into a timid debutante. If not for her voice and the breathtaking smile she flashed, he wouldn’t have known the bashful person holding keys in her hands was capable of offering an uninhibited sexual escapade in her car.
"Jayda, why don’t we go sit in my car?" Reason found its way back to his consciousness. "It’s in the back corner away from the lights." Police Chiefs didn’t boff strangers in the parking lot of the local tavern. But no one could fault him for finding a place for a quiet chat with a suspicious stranger, and at this moment, conversation was all he intended.
"Sure." She lifted a shoulder with the lilt in her voice.
She came around the back of the truck, and he wrapped his arm around her waist. Jayda laid her head in the crook of his shoulder. She molded against him like her body had been made for his.
Cole’s body reacted again to her proximity; the blood rushing to his dick made it hard to think like a gentleman. "We don’t have to do this. I’d understand if you want to back out."
Stopping, she looked up at him. "You don’t want to?"
"No, I ... I mean, yes." Damn, this woman tied his tongue in knots. "What I mean is ... if you’re having second thoughts about being alone with me..."
Her hand snaked into the front of his jacket and pinched his nipple. "Not even sort of. Now, which car is yours?"
Cole hit the button on the remote starter, and the lights flashed.
Jayda clapped her hands and ran into the shadows. "Oh, such a shame, you have bucket seats, I guess we’ll have to snuggle in the back." She didn’t even turn around before climbing in, her curvaceous ass disappearing a moment before he reached the Saab.

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Also, I will be Nina’s guest author on her blog, Around the Writer’s Block ~ on November 10... uh, from the interviews I’ve big-time enjoyed, I know Nina’s not afraid to tie her guests up and use all sorts of inducements to gain their creative cooperation...uh-oh...


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