Tuesday, October 21, 2008

It's Official. I'm Unique!

American Title V.

This is an unashamed plug from Evonne for her American Title V entry Never Coming Home. Those of a nervous disposition should look away now.

Right -- we have the voting schedule. The roller coaster starts on 10 November, when all eight finalists will be out for your vote. But why am I unique? Because no one else has ever been in the final of American Title for a second time.

There are some ladies on Title Magic who have said, in the kindest possible way, that I'm a couple of letters short of a keyboard to want to go through all that again. I prefer to think of it as true Welsh grit. Then I remember those Monday mornings, either waiting to see what the judges have said about your precious baby, or worse, finding out who didn't make it. Then I think I might agree with them. But it's too late now.

To get into the final twice, I must be doing something right, mustn't I? And don't you want to read a book by a two times American Title finalist?

Well – the answer to that one is to vote for Never Coming Home and keep voting. I'm counting on you.

All the contestants are desperate for your vote, but the competition is about fun too. All the finalists are appearing on Sylvia Day's blog, for the next few weeks, talking about their book and interviewing one of their characters. There will be prizes for comments, donated by some fabulous authors. A new finalists’ blog, Love Conquers, has just been launched at http://loveconquers.wordpress.com And here on Title Magic we will be interviewing each of the candidates about their writing life, and their entries, kicking off on 27 October. Be here to find out who is first up.

As there are only eight finalists this year, Fridays will still be guest days on TM.

On Friday the 31 of October, what will we be doing to celebrate Halloween? Keep guessing as at the moment we don’t know either.

On Friday 7 November, we have a guest who could give you a new twist on your writing habits, when Giselle Green, winner of the UK's prestigious New Writer’s Award 2008 for her novel Pandora's Box, will be blogging with us about the book that first saw her in print -- The Writer's Guide to the Zodiac. Want to know if your Aries hero will get it together with your Pisces heroine? The solution could be right here.

And don’t forget -- voting on American Title V starts on 10 November and goes through to November 23. You could mark it on your calendar. And you could write Never Coming Home underneath it.


Trish Milburn said...

Congrats again, Evonne!

Edie said...

Evonne, you are unique! LOL about the plug for your book.

Savanna Kougar said...

Evonne, great plug. Had me smiling. Cool about your new finalist blog. My only problem, where do I get the time? Which I know is everyone's problem.
Oh, and congrats. Let that Welsh grit carry you through.