Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Never too late to learn?

If you could sign on for a class to study anything you liked, what would you pick?

Mai blogged last month about this time of the year being a place for reassessing goals and planning the future. Part of that might be adding to skills, or learning something new, just for fun.

It’s strange how studying gets a lot more attractive when it’s something you choose to do, not something you have to, like school.

Here in the UK September is the month for signing on for evening classes.

Within five minute’s walk of my home I can register to learn about computers, or for classes in Tai chi, or belly dancing. In the town as a whole there is everything from photography to languages to cookery, and when it comes to the courses offered by Cardiff University – well, don’t get me started. Ancient Egypt, Latin, Medieval Warfare, (If that’s too bloodthirsty how about Medieval Art and Architecture?) Mythology, James Bond, Greek Philosophy, Identifying Bats and Moths, Life Coaching … and every kind of creative writing course you can think of.

I’m like a kid in a toy shop, not knowing which to choose. And added to that, part time students get to use the University Library, an even bigger toy shop, as far as I’m concerned.

If I could afford it, I’d be out every night of the week and my brain would be spinning. Perhaps other things too, if I sign on for that belly dancing course.

Welcome to September on TM

Next week is a big one for Title Magic friends and family. Trish has her first book out – A Firefighter in the Family, and guest blogger Melinda Hammond has her first e-book release from Samhain - Moonshadows. She’ll be visiting again on 19 September to talk about the experience.


Lexie O'Neill said...

Ah, I hadn't thought of this before. I've been so busy over these last years--with kids and work--taking a class never occurred to me!
Now, I realize in the last two years, I've been taking on-line classes for writing...my favorite this year was a Celtic Hearts class on Life of the Highland Clans up to the Clearances. Does
that count?

Savanna Kougar said...

Evonne, I know what you mean about being in a candy shop. If I could I'd be taking all those classes! Especially the belly dancing. Now it's mostly me and the internet.
However, that's why I went to college. I only took the classes I really wanted, except for a few basic classes. It was a blast!

Lexie, what a fascinating subject. And one of my faves. Wish I had the time for that class too.

Edie said...

Evonne, I want to move and live where you do! I live in a rural area, and my husband and I are thinking of moving to a city where we can walk or bike to places.