Monday, September 15, 2008

How Often Do You Update Your Website?

Last week, I had a friend mention about my website. She commented that it was far past time I had a new layout, and she was surprised I haven't changed my website yet.

Alright, so I could be a little better with updating the information on the website. I haven't done any major updates to it since the end of ATIV. But what she really meant was that it was time for a new look.

Maybe I should begin first by saying that as a web and graphic designer, I used to change the look of my website every year. I get tired real fast of looking at the same thing for a long time.

I had been meaning to revamp it . . . Especially since the layout now has a contemporary feel and I'm trying to get back to a historical, magical feel.

So taking her suggestion to heart, I've been working diligently -- if you can call for the past 36 hours diligently -- on a new look. Here's a sneak peek.

So, who often do you change your website layout? One a year? Every other year? Every ten years???


Savanna Kougar said...

Hey, Mai, from what I can tell I like your new design. Although, I also like your contemporary design. Both.

Me? Since I don't have an actual website, I never update it. Unless it's ideas in my head.

I'm so overwhelmed, my blog and the MySpace page only get updated when my brain is too frazzled to do any writing, and I can figure out what I want to accomplish.

Plus, I doubt I'd have time to even keep up with a web page, even though as an author, it makes good biz sense to have one.

Unfortunately, I'm only one person. And I can't get it all done. Nor can I afford to have someone else manage it.

Evonne Wareham said...


I don't have a site either. I'm still in the thinking stage - but your idea about keeping it fresh seems a good one. From what I have seen, top sellers have a revamp to match the colour scheme, etc of their latest book. And if it's good enough for them ...