Thursday, February 21, 2008

Lunar Eclipse Magic

I had planned to blog only about the magic of our lunar eclipse last night, when Mother Earth separates Lunabelle (my pet name for the moon) from Sol's light. And thus, we earthlings are separated from the bright light enchantment of Diana for a short time. For those astrologically inclined, during this eclipse the sun moves into the dreamy water sign of Pisces while the moon shines her full silvery beauty in the virgin earth sign of Virgo.
In the bone-chill cold, at about nine-thirty, I watched the spectacular and hypnotic lunar eclipse. The heavens were a deep black. The planet, Saturn, and the star, Regulus – and another snow-brilliant white star in the constellation of Leo – formed a triangle to the north side of the moon. So entrancing was this picture, so beautiful was the moon in her finery of radiant red-gold, her veil of transparent smoke, I remained outside far longer than I anticipated, freezing my you know what off...and every moment worth it.
Plans change, as if tapped by a magic wand, however. Yep, an over-the-moon surprise arrived in my e-mail! Upon this day of the lunar eclipse. My fantasy romance e-novel, All Shades of Blue Paradise, coming from Siren Publishing, has been given a release date. March 10, is the lucky day. Okay, it has to be lucky since St. Patrick’s wearin’-of-the-green, shamrock day is just around the corner.
Indeed, the happy, happy dance on cloud nine beneath the dark eclipse of the moon, then beneath Luna’s brilliant luminosity, ensues. Ahhh, perhaps, Sparkles and the other fairies will join me in the glade or behind the barn. Does my golden unicorn await the gaiety? Are the St. Pats’ leprechauns lurking?
Enough...enough! Of such word-sorcery and gushing-spillage. And more about the opportunity of the lunar eclipse.
From my research this is a time to gaze at our personal situation in the world with a realistic eye, then use the tools of Earth to make changes. Or simply make some practical improvements in your life. For example, your home – what would you alter to have it suit you, your particular preferences? A new bookshelf? New writer’s furnishings? Or perhaps, find new ways to organize which will assist you in writing that best-selling romance novel.
Any new works-in-progress being penned out there? Share a small working blurb with us. And if you have a question we can help with, just ask.
'Shamanic Astronomer' AJ McGettigan writes for all of us on the public domain of the website:
The darkened Full Moon with Saturn highlights an opportunity for those willing to take stock of their true situation and act accordingly. Saturn is still roughly trine with Pluto— an arrangement which promotes regeneration and renewal for all conditions ripe for change. Additional details are available at
From the darkness
Rings a tone of new potentials
Karma need not bring fear
When seen with attentive eyes
Old shapes take new form
New choices and new strength
Emerge in opportunity’s light

Lunar Eclipse Magic...yep, the synchronicity is obvious as the full white-shimmer moon above. Since my fantasy aristocratic realm, World of the Blue Pearl Moon, is the series title for All Shades of Blue Paradise. How truly moon magical is that?
Blurb: [Erotic Paranormal Romance]
Beneath the blue pearl moon, Lady Sheridan's fiance, Baron Zaggry, broke her heart into unbearable pieces. Ten years later, she becomes his love slave. Baron Zaggry never discovered why his Sher broke their engagement. Now, he has ten years worth of denied pleasures to enjoy her however he chooses.
For wonderful love scenes, each one with it’s special brand of magic, click on over to Romantic Times. Heart-savor the final two entries of Helen and Trish in the American Title IV contest. Then vote for your fave!
This is the big one. Winner takes all, the whole publishing contract enchilada with Dorchester Publishing.


Trish Milburn said...

I popped outside for a few seconds last night to see the eclipse. I couldn't find it at first because the moon was behind a bank of clouds. So I was standing in my front yard freezing, turning in circles looking for the moon. Then it appeared. I was like, "Cool! But I'm freezing." Yes, I'm a wienie. :)

Savanna, congrats on getting a release date for your story from Siren!

Evonne Wareham said...

I would have liked to see the eclipse, but last night was very foggy over here - creepy, with the moon appearing and disappearing in mist and clouds - lots of atmosphere, not much visibility. You brought it vividly to life.

Do we get cyber champagne on the day that 'Blue' is released?

Savanna Kougar said...

Thanks, Trish.
Absolutely, cyber champagne all around. Of course, it would be much more fun to share a flute if we all met at the RT convention.
Hope you all can get to together and make a real event out of it.

Lexie O'Neill said...

What a beautiful pictures, and what a wonderful description. I had all the good intentions to go out and see the eclipse, but my 14-year old son challenged me to ping-pong and when your teenage son actually wants to spend time with you, even an eclipse pales!
Thanks for sharing!

Anitra Lynn McLeod said...

I missed the whole thing! I had to work and just couldn't get outside for even a glimpse. They showed it on the news but it's not the same... I was bummed because I have great memories as a child watching a lunar eclipse with my mom and dad.

I'm am thrilled to hear you have a release date! YAH! :) We will have to do some serious cyber champagne! :)

Savanna Kougar said...

Lexie, definitely ping pong with your son is the priority.

Anitra, thanks. Cyber champagne bubbles to tickle our noses, and please our digital palate. Holo deck memories of Star Trek are raging in my imagination.
Sorry, you missed the eclipse. Life just gets in the way sometimes. Hope my description helped some.

Helen Scott Taylor said...


Congrats on getting a release date for your story. Blurb sounds fascinating.

My dh mentioned the eclipse and then we forgot to go out and look.

Savanna Kougar said...

Thanks, Helen, it is exciting.