Sunday, January 13, 2008

Shameless Promotion--but not for me, but my RWA Chapter

One of the topics I promised would be on my agenda for this blog was the LowCountry Romance Writer’s Association. I have been a member of LRWA since 2002—the same year I came back to writing and the same year I joined RWA.

The story of how I learned about LRWA is a bit paranormal in itself, or at least made up of a series of small coincidences. I’m an avid reader (aren’t we all?) and took my children to the library very regularly when they were younger (now they prefer to spend my money at Barnes & Noble). The local library very wonderfully sells used books on the cheap, sometimes a quarter a romance. I picked up one of those paperbacks and found it to be autographed. Cool. The story took place in Goose Creek—my hometown. Cool again. So I read it, and told my husband about it. Within a week, Books A Million advertised a book signing with the author of said book as one of the featured authors. Hubbie showed me the ad. I went.

And such is history. The author of that book was Carolyn Davidson, one of the wonderful ladies in our group. She has been a kind and wonderful mentor, as has Nina Bruhns (watch for her as a guest blogger in February), Dorothy McFalls, Bonnie Joyner, April Alsup, and so many more. D’Joy Foster took my picture for the American Title contest since I had no inkling I’d final and no professional picture. Joining a RWA chapter is good.

Now, the shameless promotion part. LRWA is a very small chapter and right now we’re struggling on the membership side, but we do some wonderful things. Throughout the year, we host online courses by wonderful instructors. Starting last year, we now host two a month—for very nice prices. In the fall, we host a Beach Retreat on the Isle of Palms. And, again, starting last year, we increased our offerings here as well—there are two hermit weeks where authors just write with socializing at meals (if you choose). And, drum roll, please, there is a Master class the week before the retreat—where both Jenny Crusie and Alicia Rasley are scheduled as teachers for 2008! I’m signing off now to reserve a spot before they’re all gone—and Good Writing to All!


Trish Milburn said...

The support in local RWA chapters is awesome. I love mine.

I've always wanted to attend the LCRW beach retreat. Maybe one of these years.

Holli Bertram said...

A beach retreat sounds fabulous. I also like the sound of a hermit retreat - a place to go to just to write. Sounds like heaven right about now.

Savanna Kougar said...

Trish and Holli, my sentiments exactly. I would luv to attend your Beach Retreat, Lexie. It does so sound like heaven. Writing and socializing and just getting away from it all. Maybe we all need a big dose of magic and miracles.

Mel Hiers said...

I'd be so on board with a hermit retreat! :P

Lexie O'Neill said...

Please check out the retreat and hermit week at Maybe one or two of you will be able to swing it, since it's in the fall--after you've paid for RT or RWA. If not, hope to see you at one of the others!

Helen Scott Taylor said...


I have a soft spot for LCRW because the Jasmine contest was the first contest I entered with the first story I wrote, and I miraculously reached the final. I just checked the website and my name is still there for 2004 under short contemporary with Je Taime Encore. (Haven't thought about that story in a while!) It came third, but I was over the moon.


Anitra Lynn McLeod said...

Wow, Helen, you and I have lots of contests in common! I finaled in the Jasmine in 2005 but I noticed the contest is on a hiatus--why? I got great feedback from the prelim judges.