Thursday, January 3, 2008

The Magic of One Spirit

The new year, 2008, is the magic of ONE. 2+0+0+8 = 10 = 1+0 = 1, ONE. Simple if you’re familiar with numerology, originally brought forth by Pythagoras. No, he wasn’t just a math genius guy. He was also a man who studied the sacred vibrations of numbers, the harp string vibrations of our world. Or frequencies, what our universe is composed of, what we are all composed of at the subatomic level, according to the quantum physics’ geniuses, the ones who speak of other dimensions as reality now.
The magic of ONE. What’s your vibration, baby? Sort of like my boomer generations’ what’s your sign? ONE is the pioneer’s spirit, those who built our beloved country. Now those who adventure into space, those who roam over the globe and beneath the oceans searching for what has not been discovered yet. Hey, Bigfoot is still out there. Or as Fox Mulder of the X-Files said, the truth is out there.
ONE, ambition and drive and aggressive focus for getting done what needs to be done, for bringing forth your dreams, for achieving the new world, whether it’s your personal realm, or contributing your magic to our world. ONE is bringing forth the renaissance, born from what has been, and born from all of us, the ONE SPIRIT of us all. Yes, it’s the magic of our words written as novels, the magic of brushing art upon the canvas, the magic of a sculptor’s hand as the clay is shaped. It’s the magic of shaping and creating life. Your life and the lives of us all upon this world, upon this Earth.
ONE is also about winning. The year of ONE is the time for all of us who have worked hard toward our goals to gain whatever is rightfully ours. Yeah, on a side note, this Title Magician is more than eager for this welcome turn of events! To state it with excessive mildness. Yes, now is the time to ask yourself, what victories do you want in your life? And what victories do you want against the current dark forces running this world? BTW, Darth Vader is resurrected, and very much alive, in case you haven’t noticed.
ONE is also about wanting to be heard as an individual. Your individual voice. Your individual ideas. Everything you value most – mind, heart and spirit. Everyone’s voices raised up to the heavens – for, the tidal force of ONE SPIRIT will be heard this year.
ONE will be fast-paced. The hyper speed of a starship, I ask? Can any year be faster than last year? I ask in personal reflection, my head spinning like an out of control gyroscope. No, not exactly unusual, but how fast can a head spin?
This year of ONE is also about regeneration, the regeneration of the human will, the magical regeneration of our imaginations into higher, more rarified fantastical realms – those other dimensions out there. Picture this writer rushing to explore even more of her fantasy otherworld realms.
Another key aspect of this ONE year is our ability to reclaim more of our personal power, more of our personal magic to create our lives. Always a good thing IMHO. For, it is this personal magic, this new sorcery creation of our lives which will bring forth our highest-inspired renaissance upon the world, and within our own individual realms.
May I humbly suggest we bring forth more playfulness into our ONE year? Ever turkey leg-enjoy the merry and ribald atmosphere of the Ren Festivals? Yes, my fellow magicians, there is a great and sorry dirth, or dearth, of playfulness upon our Land (except as I’ve read, at the Romantic Times Conventions, fairies and vampyres and mermaids and all wild things, where all manner of jolly and naughty wildnesses ensue). As well, there is a tremendous and sorry dearth of the regal color-sumptuous gowns of the Renaissance in our world. Okay, I admit it I just want more excuses to wear them.
Playfulness, imagine puppies tumbling and frolicking with each other. Imagine kittens racing like mad things, wrestling with each other – playing. And here, I whisper into Sparkles, our resident fairy’s tiny petal ear...fairy dust, fairy dust over one and all...wave, wave your purple star wand, so delicate and so shimmery...playfulness, yes, more – much more playfulness, I say.

And now, there are Four Title Magicians remaining in the American Title IV contest.
Congratulations on your advancement.
I shall tempt the goode and generous-hearted readers with the hope that all of the American Title entries may be posted for your enjoyable reviewing.

Happy One Spirit year to all! Savanna Kougar


Mel Hiers said...

I love Ren Fairs! We go to the Tennessee fair at least once during its annual run. Although, I admit, I've never dressed up for it. Maybe this year I should!

And it's strange, I've been thinking about numbers all day. It's been a 32 day. For example, when we counted up the fine money at work this morning, all the amounts had 32 in them. $132.00. $.32. $13.20. That number has popped up all day long in various places: audio book prices, overdues, sale table purchases. Even Dewey Decimal numbers! I wonder if someone's trying to tell me something!

Savanna Kougar said...

Oooo, Mel, how fascinating since January 3, 2008 or 1+3+1 = 5, and your 3+2 = 5. Of course that doesn't acount for the One, unless we want to get woo-woo and think in terms of the ONE year.

I used to wish I could live at the Ren Fair!

Anitra Lynn McLeod said...

Great post Sav! I often use numerology in developing my novels. Every novel has a number and that helps me set the tone, theme, and overall voice of my work.

And Mel, I've had days like that too. My personal number seems to be 7. It just pops up all over. :)

Savanna Kougar said...

Hi Anitra, ahh seven, of the spiritual ethers *seven*. That's a cool idea, using numerology that way. I just end up trying to get the 'numbers' to click with my life path number.