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My Sexy Saturday ~ WAITING FOR A FILLY GIRL ~ like stallions fighting

Sexy Saturday kisses, everyone, and have a wonderful Easter weekend. 

This week’s theme: Sexy to the Rescue

Drev is a man who will fight for love no matter the cost. When his Keina is abducted by the sleazeoid prince, he dives through her world's portal to save her. 

Tagline: Ex super-soldier boy meets winged filly girl. Will they live happily ever after? In Wolf Peak territory anything is possible. 


Setup: Drev is fighting the prince to win his Keina. 

Seven paragraphs ~  

Seconds before the knife would have stabbed into his side, Drev deflected it. He barely heard the clattering sound as the blade hit the glistening marble beneath his feet. 

"Knife!" Keina screamed. "Do something." 

He and Tretorff lunged at each other. Like stallions fighting over a mare, their chests crashed together. The collision resounded throughout the courtyard. 

They locked arms and planted their feet, both of them enraged titans shoving against each other. As Drev sought the advantage—wanting to throw the royal ass on his horse-shifter ass real fast—he realized Tretorff channeled his equine power. That somehow being in his own realm increased the Prince's strength, beyond when they'd first fought each other. 

However, the oxygen in his Keina's world far surpassed Earth. The advantageous effects super-fueled him. 

Pretzeled together, he and the odious Prince strained mightily against one other— two oak trees fighting for the same spot. 

"No. You will not interfere." Drev heard the King sternly command the Prince's cohorts. "Retrieve the knife. Bring it to me at once." 


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~A ShapeShifter Seduction Erotic Romance~  

BLURB: Drev Zander, ex super-soldier, built a new life in Wolf Peak Territory. His traumatic past is fading. On the Guardian Team, he battles sinister enemies threatening the shapeshifter community. After a mysterious Pegasus ruins his T-day plans, Drev finds the woman he's been waiting for. Will she rule his heart? 

Keina Svonj, winged horse shifter, is banished from her realm—the dastardly Prince has convinced the King. Flying above the Montana forest, Keina interferes with a hunter. She mind-melds with him, and realizing her mistake, makes amends. Passion explodes between them. Love follows. Will Drev save her from a forced marriage?  

Keina and Drev invite you to read their love story ~ 
Ex super-soldier boy meets winged filly girl. Will they live happily ever after? In Wolf Peak Territory anything is possible. 

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