Friday, March 10, 2017

My Sexy Saturday ~ Waiting For a Filly Girl ~ Come Hell Or High Water

Sexy Saturday kisses, everyone. 

This week’s theme: My Sexy Warrior

Drev Zander, is an ex-super soldier living in Wolf Peak Territory, my fictional shapeshifter-supernatural world at ShapeShifter Seduction.  He has a rather mellow nature EXCEPT when a dangerous situation calls for an alpha male. 

While this is a combat snippet, there's lots of erotic romance happening in Drev and Keina's love story. 


Seven paragraphs ... 

Chapter Eighteen: 
Come Hell Or High Water 

Savagely determined to beat the fucking Prince to a begging pulp, Drev concentrated his mental and physical force. Come hell or high water, he'd kick Tretorff's *in blue tights* ass back through that weird portal. 

Drev squeezed ever tighter, using the image, then tapping into the essence of Wolf Peak's own boa constrictor shifter, Lando. Anything to enhance his ability. Once, Drev had observed the monstrous snake drop from a tree branch, rapidly coil around a tiger ninja's neck, then spiral around his chest. 

The cat-beast shifter had gone to the dark side, and was threatening Lando's lover, Rilessa, a red corn snake shifter. Despite the ninja's manic gyrations, and his attempt to transform to shadow, Lando ruthlessly crushed him until the brute of a tiger lay limp—but not quite dead. 

Still calling on Lando's power signature, Drev's arms strengthened. The a-hole prince's ribs compressed enough to restrict his breathing. With a coughing grunt, the stallion shifter yielded, his clamped arms releasing Drev. 

Tretorff twisted powerfully to one side, kicking Drev's stomach like a mule. Psi-sensing the attack, Drev rolled avoiding the full force of the hoof strike. 

Launching to his feet, Drev whipped around. With all of his might, he ploughed his fist into the bastard prince's jaw, just as a hoof grazed the side of his face. 

Tretorff reeled backward, but sprang as Drev shot his fist into the prince's solar plexus. Landing the blow squarely, Drev followed with a fist-sidewinder to his temple. Simultaneously, the horse shifter kneed his groin. 


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