Saturday, October 29, 2016

My Sexy Saturday ~ Black Cat Beauty ~ Year of the Cat

Sexy Saturday kisses, everyone. 

Halloween is only a few days away, and I'm revising-expanding the last chapters of my Halloween paranormal erotic romance, BLACK CAT BEAUTY. I'd hoped to be finished by know, in time for the spookalooza holiday...but, just too much to get done in my over-busy life. 

So, here's a SEVEN PARAGRAPH snippet ... and yes, Sable and Devon's love story is quite the sexy adventure. 

Tagline:  Seduction by cattitude, Sable Kiki's covert assignment is Devon Zant, rising movie star. Problem: she's captured by his super-powered passion. 


Sable was damn certain her father hadn't counted on Devon or D'Torr Zanuth Vyrexsur wanting her with his soul. 

Bastet, what now?... 

Toying with a man's carnal appetite—well, mound of mouse crap that only involved his ego, not his soul. 

Entranced and stunned, Sable could only wait as the Son of Super Ace, and his band, finished their impromptu instrumental of Year of the Cat. Mentally, she tried to shake free of Devon's hypnotic-like hold on her. But it was useless. For now. 

His virile smell enveloped her, while the too-sexy sight of him intoxicated her. Still branded by the feel of his steel-cut body, Sable couldn't put two intelligent *how to escape* thoughts together. 

Hazily, she wondered what would happen if she flipped her tail. What if she slashed its long black length along with the music? Would people believe it was a Halloween trick of her costume—merely the wizardry of current-day movie making? 

Lost in watching him perform, Sable didn't hear the panicked shouts at first. Nor did she smell the rising stench. 


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