Thursday, June 30, 2016

Yep, Disclosures About UFOs Just Keep On Rolling Out

Hi Title Magicians... the drip-drip revelations around UNIDENTIFIED FLYING OBJECTS is turning into a waterfall of info these days. All you have to do is be on the lookout.  But, hey, the *big bad powers that be* just don't WANT YOU TO KNOW ***what is out there***

Have a wonderful FOURTH OF JULY weekend.

Watch: Secret NORAD UFO Files Released

A Canadian UFO researcher has released nearly a dozen NORAD documents pertaining to unidentified flying objects and dared the agency to arrest him!
Speaking at the Alien Cosmic Expo in Ontario over the weekend, Victor Viggiani shared eleven pages of material which he obtained from NORAD via Canada's FOIA.
The documents contain insights into the defense agency's tracking of suspicious objects in the atmosphere, dubbed by NORAD as 'Tracks of Interest (TOI).'
According to the documents obtained by Viggiani, NORAD averaged a whopping 1,800 such operations each year over the last five years.
The defense agency also had an average of 75 intercepts of these objects throughout the same time period.
Although what exactly that means remains open to debate, since NORAD opted not to share that information in the documents.
Despite receiving the documents via official government channels, Viggiani was apparently forbidden from sharing them due to national security concerns.
Nonetheless, in the name of UFO disclosure, the researcher opted to take the risk and release to the media during the event along with a bold challenge to the 'powers that be.'
"It appears that I have been threatened with indictment if I release the NORAD files in my possession," he observed.
Undeterred by the warning, Viggiani declared "I dare the U.S. government to charge me."
Whether the United States government decides to take Viggiani up on the challenge remains to be seen, but the publicity which such an arrest would cause make the scenario unlikely.
Coast Insiders can hear more about Viggiani's pursuit of UFO answers by checking out his 12/14/2014 appearance on the program.
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Source: Inquisitr

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